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Library Redesign By Thajuana N. Pugh

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Page 1: Facilities plan

Library Redesign

ByThajuana N. Pugh

Page 2: Facilities plan
Page 3: Facilities plan

Summary of Southside

Southside Elementary was built in 1969. The library is approximately 1800 square

feet. The non-fiction books line the outside walls on tall book shelves while the easier fiction books are in the center of the library on shorter book shelves. The more advanced fiction selections or located on book shelves at the front of the library.

Page 4: Facilities plan

Library Policies

Students are allowed to check-out two books for two weeks. There is not fine for late books. However, the students can not check out more books until the late book is returned. Students only have to pay a fee if the book is lost or damaged.

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The Student Body

There are currently 430 students at Southside. The majority 80% of the students are African American. While approximately 60% of the students are in single family homes only forty percent of the students at Southside qualify for free or reduced lunch.

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Pictures of the Library

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A Closer Look

Page 9: Facilities plan

Student Opinion

“I wish there were more places to sit and read in the library,” stated a second grader.

“I wish we had more AR tests,” stated a third grader.

“The library is alright,” stated a fourth grader.

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Teacher Opinion

“I wish there was more space. Only one class can be in there at a time.”

“It’s difficult to do online research in the library because there are only six computers. Or when there’s a class in the library other students can’t come in and use the computers, for AR, because you don’t want to disturb them while they’re learning.”

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• According to the GA DOE the square footage should be increased because of the number of students.

• All of the areas have increased walk space to accommodate students in wheel chairs.

• The story center steps down to allow students with disabilities access. The size of the area has increase to allow more than one class access at a time.

Page 12: Facilities plan


• The computer lab has been enlarged and attached to the library to allow activities that include computers and the written word.

• The number of computers for AR tests and searching the card catalog has been increased.

• The furniture is being changed from wood to plastic and metal furniture.

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The New Library

Welcome to the new library, where the theme is The Land of Everywhere, Where Anything is Possible. This library is 3300 square feet to allow for student growth. Upon walking in your eyes will be drawn to the castle in the corner for silent reading. There are bean bag chairs, pillows and a plush carpet for the students to recline on. A portion of the castle is part of a mural and a portion is real.

Page 15: Facilities plan

The New Library Cont.

The mural covers all of the walls. It starts in the corner with castle and dragon. It continues around the room and flows into a night scene with a space shuttle flying towards a full moon. It’s easy for an adult to see across the room because the center book shelves are only four feet tall. If you look to the right you see the tables for class workshops. If you look to the left there are

Page 16: Facilities plan

The New Library Cont.

tables with computer s for looking for books or taking an AR test. Further down on the left is the circulation desk. As you continue to walk through the library there are more tables for students to use. Past the tables you will see the window seats under the large window. Under the window seats are book shelves. Once the window stops is the story pit. The story center is theater style to allow

Page 17: Facilities plan

The New Library Cont.

students with disabilities easy access to the area. As you continue on your tour you will see more short book shelves outside of the conference room and the computer lab. Continuing with the theme the carpets and chair cushions are in shades of calming blues and greens. The library and computer lab are connected to LAN and WAN networks. The hub has it’s own room outside of the library.

Page 18: Facilities plan

New Library Policies

• Only reading is allowed in the reading castle.

• Students may use the computer if it isn’t in use with a note from there teacher.

• Students may use the conference room if it isn’t in use with a note from there teacher.