Facilitating with excellence - 11 points for facilitators of all levels

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Through the author's experience in facilitating for more than 10 years, Leonard has provided an insightful, sincere look at how to facilitate with excellence for every facilitator. For the aspiring facilitator, the experience facilitator or the facilitator-trainer. For train-the-trainer Learning and Development staff; HRD staff; HR staff and teambuilding enthusiasts.

Transcript of Facilitating with excellence - 11 points for facilitators of all levels

  • 2. make (an action or process) easy or easier. to help (something) run more smoothly and effectively Analogy of a pipe Purpose is to carry liquid efficiently through the pipe system
  • 3. Return clients Set industry benchmark Pride in a job well-done Continuous improvement
  • 4. The following are 10+1 factors from the facilitators toolkit through his own experience of facilitating for more than 10 years.
  • 5. Confidence begets confidence The organizers want you to succeed as they want to have a good programme too confidence radiates Confidence issues a sense of credibility
  • 6. Sincerity causes the participants to open up, have fun and understand us Sincerity should be the very cornerstone for our interaction with the participants. Sincerity breeds sense of security
  • 7. Listening will enable us to ensure that our debrief is to the point and relevant for the clients organization. If we are able to listen well, we will be able to fulfill multiple roles with excellence host, facilitator, first-aider, Listen well = gain trust
  • 8. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. research into the organisations mission and goals, the core values which explain their market existence and other information which enable us to do a good facilitation putting in the extra mile will enable us to facilitate with a higher situational awareness and intelligence
  • 9. The management of expectations is an acquired skill. Expectations not set or set in an unthinking way will meet with obstacles along the way. Proactively seek to refer to expectations along the facilitation process
  • 10. Putting fun in the entire process of facilitation lowers the emotional barriers and will result in gutwrenching, floor-rolling moments of openness and spontaneity Fun releases the child in all of us once again Fun in itself is an objective of the meeting
  • 11. Safety should always be the foundation of a fun programme. Without this factor, the rest of the other factors cannot exist With good planning, risk factors will be minimised
  • 12. Check everything well in advance Indoor Outdoors Refer to point 3.
  • 13. 1. TIME is money 2. Being objective-oriented will create efficiency and time-saving 3. being objective-based will enable us all to focus on the issue(s) on the ground and not on the person(s).
  • 14. Analysis, observations from our reading enable us to speak with depth and understanding. Reading also helps us to build up a repertoire of narratives. Narratives are powerful tools which are capable of breaking paradigms and providing catalyst to change and transformation.
  • 15. This will prevent us from running on an empty tank, which can be potentially disastrous both for our health and wellbeing. Develop a hobby or passion. It gives meaning to our work and resting hours. Rest allows us to be reflective facilitators.
  • 16. If you would like to correspond with the author Email: [email protected]