Facebook Mobile Strategy

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Facebook Mobile Strategy James Reed - @MiddleReed
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  1. 1. Facebook Mobile Strategy James Reed - @MiddleReed
  2. 2. James Reed - @MiddleReed How Have They Been Doing? Facebook reported that profit more than doubled and revenue topped estimates for the ninth straight quarter. 62% of Facebook's ad revenue now comes from advertising on mobile devices
  3. 3. James Reed - @MiddleReed How Have They Been Doing?
  4. 4. James Reed - @MiddleReed Mobile vs. Desktop?
  5. 5. James Reed - @MiddleReed Unbundling Zuckerberg calling features buried inside the main app second-class is a big indicator for how he sees Facebooks mobile strategy evolving.
  6. 6. James Reed - @MiddleReed Separating Big Blue
  7. 7. James Reed - @MiddleReed Messenger & Deeplinking It creates a web like experience on mobile and the fluidity is very engaging, further drawing users in
  8. 8. James Reed - @MiddleReed Constellation Advantages Creation of fluidity Powerful features arent hidden More time on Facebook Bye bye startups Easy sign in More apps, more use, more advertising opportunities Its scary to move a billion peoples furniture
  9. 9. James Reed - @MiddleReed Grow Now, Monetize Later Theyre like a free play in football. The referee has thrown the flag but will let the action continue. The team will get a do-over if they want it.
  10. 10. James Reed - @MiddleReed The Facebook Vision Our vision for Facebook is to create a set of products that help you share any kind of content you want with any audience you want.