Facebook Fan Acquisition Playbook · 1 Facebook Fan Acquisition Playbook Many marketers chase Likes...

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Facebook Fan Acquisition Playbook
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Transcript of Facebook Fan Acquisition Playbook · 1 Facebook Fan Acquisition Playbook Many marketers chase Likes...

  • Facebook Fan Acquisition Playbook

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    Facebook Fan Acquisition Playbook

    Many marketers chase Likes as a measure of Facebook brand page success. But there’s not much value in a high fan count if it doesn’t translate to an active fan base. Active fans are users who frequently interact with your brand. By engaging with your Facebook content, active fans spread the word about your products and initiatives to their friends and friends-of-friends – ultimately driving click-throughs and conversions.

    Let’s look at the numbers: the average Facebook user has 130 friends. This translates to a reach of about 16,900 users through friends-of-friends. So if your brand page has 50,000 fans, the potential reach of your brand is around 6.5 million users. Creating a steady stream of compelling content that active fans Like, share and comment can drive the reach of your brand quickly and organically.

    This playbook outlines best practices for acquisition campaigns you can run to build a base of passionate brand advocates.

    We’ve included a guide to help you identify which tactics work best for your industry.



    Fashion & Retail

    Consumer Packaged Goods

    Media & Entertainment

    Small Business

    Online Services & Tech

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    EXCLUSIVE- Offers fan-gating for both desktop and mobile users

    - Supports unique promo codes and printable coupons, and automatically generates barcodes

    - Provides real-time reports, automatically archived and downloadable into Excel

    Kick Off Fan Growth with Exclusive, Relevant Content

    Grow your fan base by sharing exclusive, brand-relevant content and offers that capture your fans’ interests and encourage them to engage and spread the word.

    Offerpop’s Exclusive app allows you to reward your fans by giving them access to special offers, deals and/or content. Users must Like your page to participate in the campaign. An Exclusive Campaign is a great way to grow your fan base from scratch – on average, our customers experience 351% fan growth during an Exclusive campaign.

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    Best Practices from Top Exclusive Campaigns

    You don’t need big prizes to attract new fans. Require visitors to become fans to view exclusive branded content created just for them.

    ModCloth regularly offers their fans access to new stylebooks.A recent campaign acquired 37,000 new fans in just over a month.

    Tie engaging and helpful content to your offer to motivate more sharing with friends.

    Maple Leaf Prime required users to watch a recipe video before redeeming a coupon, and achieved fan growth of 94%.

    Use Offerpop’s single-use coupon codes to ensure your offers are truly exclusive to fans.

    Hostess offered coupons for their new Chocolate Crème Twinkies and acquired 19,700 new fans in just one month.

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    Run new offers every week or month for ongoing fan base growth.

    Big Fish Games ran a series of exclusive sales for fans, and achieved 43% fan growth in two months. They drove more participation by allowing fans to choose the next game they discounted.

    Help your fans feel like they’re part of the action with streaming video or passes to live events.

    MTV live-streamed the European Music Awards just for their fans, resulting in more than 37,000 views.

    To spark brand awareness as well as fan growth, try a sampling program or giveaway of low-cost items.

    Cellairis gave fans a Justin Bieber “Believe” iPhone case and grew their fan count by 178% in two and a half months – to over 125,000 fans.

    Leverage the draw of big-name brands that share your target demo-graphic by creating offers around their goods and services.

    Birchbox gave away Stila products and added over 25,000 fans – a 22% increase.

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    REFERRAL- Includes optional fan-gating (people must Like your page before participating)

    - Lets you control the number of friends a fan must refer to unlock the special offer

    - Includes customizable text fields, drop-down menus, opt-in boxes, and date selection

    - Lets you set fields as required or optional

    - Provides real-time reports, automatically archived and downloadable into Excel

    Run Referral Campaigns to Extend your Brand’s ReachNow that you’ve grown your fan base with exclusive content and offers, activate your new fans to refer their friends. Referral programs reward your fans for getting their friends to sign up for your sweepstakes or promotions. They’re ideal for brands that have established the beginnings of an active fan base, and want to tap into their existing fans’ networks to widen their audience.

    Offerpop’s Referral app allows you to quickly and easily run powerful viralpromotions. Your fans sign up for prizes, and can unlock more chances to win for getting their friends to sign up. Fans are motivated to select friends whothey think will actually sign up for the offer – driving the acquisition of qualified fans. On average, our customers achieve 371% fan growth during a Referral campaign.

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    Offer daily or weekly chances to win, so your active fan base is consistently driving reach.

    J.R. Watkins experienced a 29% fan increase in less than a month by offering weekly chances to win their products – keeping their loyal fans coming back and driving more referrals.

    Give away one of the hottest items from your store – you’ll drive fan growth and awareness of your products.

    Borrowlenses.com gave away a high-end camera and as a result more than doubled their fan base in two months, going from 105,000to 267,000 fans.

    Run referral programs that allow fans to share their opinions and style with their friends.

    Delia*s asked fans to identify their favorite One Direction band member before signing up for a concert tickets sweeps. It activated them to share their choices with friends and inspired those friends to sign up. The Delia*s Page acquired over 150,000 new fans during the campaign.

    Best Practices from Top Referral Campaigns

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    Set the unlock threshold low – you want your fans to feel like the next prize is in reach! Stella & Dot gave away an Ikat tote filled with their summer collection. Three referrals unlocked the chance for a top secret prize. They gained 34,000 fans – 20% growth!

    Your real fans are already passionate about what you do. Give them chances to get closer to the action – and incentivize them to share those chances with like-minded friends.

    TV Land’s Soul Man sweeps gave fans the chance to win a trip tothe sitcom’s taping, with extra chances to win for referring friends.This campaign generated 383% fan growth in 2 months.

    Draw fans with niche interests by giving away prizes that appeal to their passions.

    Seymour Duncan gave away a special set of guitar pickups and gave fans the chance to unlock an extra entry by referring two friends. The campaign drove 76% fan growth in a month.

    Reward sweepstakes participants with prizes when the people they refer win.

    Sonos gave away SB Bowl concert tickets to one participant and the person that referred them – so friends could attend together. They earned 25,000 new fans through his campaign – 51% growth.

  • Tips for Promoting Your Fan Acquisition Campaigns You’re now regularly sharing exclusive content and running referral programs – make sure that your potential fans know about them!

    - Include callouts for your Facebook campaigns on your website

    - Send emails to your database letting them know about your content and campaigns

    - Drive your existing Twitter followers to your Facebook brand Page

    - Write frequent wall posts and updates so your existing fans are aware of your campaigns and are compelled to spread the word

    - Pin and Highlight posts on your Timeline to draw attention to your campaign

    - Consider a Facebook ad campaign. We recommend Sponsored Stories buys as an effective way to spread the word. You can create and manage Sponsored Stories campaigns through Offerpop’s interface, making it easy to amplify your campaigns.

    Now that you’ve grown your active fan base, you’re ready to run engagementcampaigns. For next steps, refer to our Facebook Engagement Playbook.

    To learn more:Website: offerpop.com | Email: [email protected] | Twitter: @offerpopFacebook: www.facebook.com/offerpop | Tumblr: http://tumblr.offerpop.com