Facebook Earnings: 3 Things This Shareholder Will Be Watching

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No matter the length of your timeline, there's something for everyone to watch that's invested in Facebook. Here's a little something for everyone.

Transcript of Facebook Earnings: 3 Things This Shareholder Will Be Watching

  • Facebook Earnings: 3 Things to Watch
  • Short-Term Investors
  • Short-Term Investors Revenue: $2.8 B FY 2014: $11.9 B EPS: $0.32 FY 2014: $1.43 Wall Street Expectations
  • Short-Term Investors Though Facebook is a more mature stock in terms of its overall market cap, missing or beating analyst estimates can have huge sway over short-term price movements. This is largely because the stock trades for 62 times trailing earnings.
  • Medium-Term Investors
  • Medium-Term Investors Many will closely follow the companys daily active users and engagement metrics. Usage Trends
  • Medium-Term Investors Because investors want to see that Facebook is still popular with users, they will focus on two key metrics. 1. Daily Active Users. If the company is able to grow this figure by 18% to 825 million, it would mean continued ability to gain traction with users. 2. Using Alexa.com, you can monitor average daily time on site at any time. It currently stands at 28 minutes and 20 seconds.
  • Long-Term Investors
  • Long-Term Investors Listen in to the conference call to see how new acquisitions of WhatsApp and Oculus Rift are developing. Bigger Projects
  • Long-Term Investors Comments by businessmen I highly respect have made me excited for the companys two new acquisitions. Zuckerberg: [WhatsApp] could be as ubiquitous as Facebook one day. Our CEO Tom Gardner recently tweeted: I believe that [Oculus Rift] will be the most gamechanging consumer technology since the iPhone. The impact may be more profound.
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