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Facebook Wants to Rule the World Introduction Capital & Control Threats & Opportunities Impact on You Conclusion how did it grow so fast? where does it go from here? who are the faces behind facebook? what is their vision? how will they achieve their vision? can anyone stop facebook?



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Facebook Wants to Rule the World

• Introduction• Capital & Control

  • Threats & Opportunities

  • Impact on You

  • Conclusion

• how did it grow so fast?• where does it go from here?

 • who are the faces behind

facebook?• what is their vision? 

 • how will they achieve their

vision?• can anyone stop facebook?

• does the facebook business benefit you?

• will it have a negative effect on you?

Page 2: Facebook Business

the network effect

5 years0 - 150 million users  10 months150 - 300 million users 3 months300 - 350 million users 2 months350 - 400 million users

Page 3: Facebook Business

the language effect

Page 4: Facebook Business

URL: Ubiquity first Revenue Later

Page 5: Facebook Business

The Facebook Oligarchy arch-conservative & anti-social

Peter Thiel angel investor $500 000

Jim Breyer Accel Partners $12.7 million

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook  $1000

an effort to build a state-of-the-art technological platform, plus the organizational infrastructure behind it, to enable a level of conservative activism  previously achieved only by MoveOn.org and Obama for America.

a bridge between the CIA and new technology innovators, to discover, adapt, and deliver leading edge commercial technologies that can assist the CIA and the U.S. Intelligence Community.

dumped; hack into Harvard's directory, download photographs of classmates, post them online next to photos of farm animals to rate who was more desirable. Warned for violating student privacy and downloading school property.  Celebrated in dorm with a bottle of champagne

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 Dollars follow eyeballs

Page 8: Facebook Business

The Social Graph

FacebookSymmetrical RelationshipFriendship RequestConfirm or Ignore?

TwitterAsymmetrical AttentionFollowing & Followers

Followed but not following(or vice versa)

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Page 10: Facebook Business

The new social norm in action

Page 11: Facebook Business

the hypocrite

Page 12: Facebook Business

Facebook Will Rule the World(if we let it)

• The men who control facebook will use the money they earn from you to pursue extreme neoconservative goals

 • Their grand vision for Facebook is to become the

world's most profitable advertising company • They care nothing for rights or feelings of the

individual user and will happily profit from them • Lock your privacy settings • Limit your exposure• Use other sites• Keep the Internet free