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THE SOCIAL NETWORK Presented By: Neha 2,CS-B

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This ppt tells about the technologies which are being used by facebook to handle the traffic.

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  • Presented By:
  • Neha
  • 2,CS-B


  • 1.More than500 Millionactive users.
  • 2. Around900 Millionapplications,pages & groups.
  • 3. Global Reach in70languages.
  • 4. Website integration through Its Social plugin:
  • 2.5 Millionwebsites integreted.
  • 5. 200 Million Facebook Mobile users.
  • 6. 1.2 Millionphotos/ sec .

3. Statistics continued... 7. 570 Billionpage views per month. 8.More than3 Billionphotos are uploaded every month. 9.More than25 Billionpieces of content (status updates, comments, etc)are shared every month. 4.

  • So Facebook is one of the highest trafficWebsites.

5. So how they handle this huge amount oftraffic? Is their any kind ofMagicbehind all this? Obivously YES it's the magic of OPEN SOURCE 6.

  • Facebook have more than 30000 servers to handle this
  • traffic and huge data.
  • But, Hardware is not everything!

7. WE POWER 8. HOW DOES FACEBOOK WORKS THE CORE PartLAMP(Linux+Apache+Mysql+Php) 9. MEMCACHED (We can cache TeraBytes of data) http://memcached.org/ 10. BigPipe Do you know what is pagelets? 11. THRIFT(protocol) We made them communicate http://thrift.apache.org/ 12. Scribe (Log-server) Https://github.com/facebook/scribe (We make Real-Time logs.) 13. Cassandra (Select Fun,Profit FROM Real_world WHERE Relational=FALSE) http://cassandra.apache.org/ 14. HipHop for PHP ('C++' is really Lightening fast) https://github.com/facebook/hiphop-php 15. Hadoop (We Analyse The Data)HDFS http://hadoop.apache.org/ 16. Hive (I am friend of Hadoop) http://hive.apache.org/ 17. Varnish (We Accelerate The Web) http://www.varnish-cache.org/ 18. HayStack (You upload we store) 19. Your Security is ImportantFacebook cares for you and your data 20. Security Schemes 1.HTTPS 2.One time password 3.Social Captchas 4.Measures to protect from cyber-bullying 5.Advance account settings 21. Queries?