Expose : Secrets and Lies

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Transcript of Expose : Secrets and Lies

  • 1. SECRETS& LIES Issue One e. What.When. How. Story. Direction.

2. What did you want to be when you grew up ? A Bin Man to The Little Mermaid, This issue focuses on different members of the public and their dreams from when they were younger. 1 3. WHO WILL YO 2 4. O L OUT H E L I T T L E M E R M A I D U 3 5. SECRETS& LIES CREATIVE DIRECTOR Grace Maleedy BA GRAPHIC DESIGN 2014 PHOTOGRAPHER & PICTURE EDITOR Grace Maleedy & Shaun Maleedy MODELS Ben Hughes, Rebecca Maleedy, Jason, John, Jenifer Watson, Jamie Worswick, Grace Maleedy, Beth Kelly, Shaun Maleedy, 4 6. EMILY BERTIE When I was little I wanted to be a vetmore specifically, I wanted to be a farmers wife and a large animals vet so that I could look after all the animals on our farm. Alas, I never met my farmer and gave up on biology in year 11however, Jessica my sister on the other handwanted to work with young children or be a primary school teacher. She is now an equine vet nurse and practically engaged to a farmerso we had a bit of a role reversal! exposure / e. KATY PARSONAGE When I was growing up I always said I wanted to be a midwife (like my big sister). I then put it to the back of my mind. I ended up leaving college after only a few weeks and I've worked in clerical jobs ever since. I'm now a sales negotiator for an estate agents. JOSH TYSON When I was younger I wanted to be a velociraptor and for some time succeeded, now I'm a writer and I'm whatever I want to be. BEN HUGHES When I was younger I just wanted to go to University. No one in my close family had ever been to uni, and so it was my ambition to get there and get a degree. I didn't care what it was. Im now a science teacher in high school. 5 7. EXP OS 6 8. When i grow upSE WHEN I GROW UP 7 9. 8 10. I H A V E A L W A Y S W A N T E D T O B E A C H E F 9 11. chasing visions of our futures CHASING VISIONS OF OUR FUTURES 10 12. PIT STOP I WANTED TO BE A ... girl 11 13. WE ARE THE wild youth WE ARE THE wild youthWE ARE THE wild youth 12 14. GRO -WN JOB 13 15. E X PO14 16. X OSE15 17. 16 18. DESIGN GAMES I WANTED TO ... 17 19. 18 20. W h e n I w a s i n n u r s e r y I w a n t e d t o b e a b i n m a n . I k n e w e x a c t l y w h i c h c o u n c i l I w a n t e d t o w o r k f o r a c c o r d i n g t o t h e q u a l i t y o f t h e i r w h e e l i e b i n s 19 21. 20 22. BIN MAN I WANTED TO BE ... beth 21 23. 22 24. 23 25. I WANTED TO BE A ... 24 26. 25 27. SO I WANTED TO BE A ... LDIER 26 28. 27 29. S & L28 30. 29