Exploring the idiosyncratic nature of black and white photography

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Exploring the idiosyncratic nature of black and white photography

Transcript of Exploring the idiosyncratic nature of black and white photography

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    Exploring the idiosyncratic nature of black & white portrait photography

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    Exploring the idiosyncratic nature of black & white portrait photography


    The significance in this picture for me was the expression of the man he appears to be unhappy where the wrinkles around his face enhance this expression along with the deepness of his eyes. The deep cheek marks make portray that he is about to cry; the man possibly is looking at something upsetting him or thinking about something thats deeply worrying him. The photographer has gotten up close and personally with this shot either really close to the man or zoomed into his face from a distance, he wants us to feel with this man; focusing on the expression he is portraying deep sadness, the background is completely irrelevant in this shot and we are oblivious of where he is, so the photographer only wanted us to concentrate on the subjects expression.

    The man is quite hairy so he hasnt shaved recently this also adds to the idea of him having possibly having important things on his mind therefore finding it unnecessary or it just doesn't cross his mind. This also adds to his elderly appearance, he has rather deep wrinkled eyes depicting depression where his mouth is slightly open again I think this makes us feel he's looking at something/ just noticed something or realized something that has deeply saddened him or simply pondering on a sad thought.

  • For my first idiosyncratic idea I thought something that related in a way to a grayish tone, I felt cigarette smoke would make an interesting idea as the smoke obviously is an whitish grayish color. Smokers often tend to have a crafty expression and edge to them as they are taking in the smoke, I suppose I would consider this an type of idiosyncratic as they all share similar expression and posture while smoking. The man on the left I asked to behave as he would if I wasnt shooting him and he squinted his eyes while inhaling and exhaling , an odd expression most smokers pull. The composition, I specifically chose to base the subject central/left of the frame. The sky - I chose to block with his head; seemed to retain the sense of dark tones within the photograph( no strong contrasting light). The small smoke around his face is quite gentle and faint but rather defiant; while editing I attempted to enhance imagery of smokers expressions; increasing the harshness of the structure. I think the smoke surrounding his face is possibly why his eyes are squinted.

    The shot to the right the guy also appears to be pulling a similar expression though cant see his eyes his forehead appears to be slightly frowning. The angle I chose because I felt this way his frowning expression was more readable from a closer perspective due to his rather big ray bans covering up his eyes. There's a lot of sky in this shot contrasting with a majority of the shot. The depth of field I rather pleased with his in a lot more definition in comparison with the people behind him making him an a lot more strong subject point. The glasses give him a very mysterious edge again due to the fact they cover up an amount of his face, his appearance is partially oblivious to us.

  • I also experimented with a few profile shots as an perspective It was quite an fun angle to experiment with , people within brick lane particularly tend to have an very fascinating sense of style very diverse and unusual so I was always faced with an completely different appearance to the last. The guy to the left was one of the few people who had a very basic and simplistic dress sense and personality so he I focused in on more of his facial expression; nothing spectacularly unusual or odd he just appears rather simply and just focused straight ahead at nothing particularly, I only found him waiting at the bus stop.

    This guy on the other hand very different in comparison to the other guy, hes on his phone and has a hairy face we can see from his profile a lot more facial hair than the other guy. My chosen filter (harsh structure) had an greater effect on this shot mainly due to the different amount of tones in the shot due to the weather I took it in fairly sunny and bright skies allowing a lot more light on the different colors, this made everything very vibrant. Even in black and white we can really see the difference in the different colors. The detail in his shirt and around his shaved section of his head appears very sharp and vibrant really strengthening the impact of the image.

  • A very spaced out shot with the subject packed to the side of the composition, this I thought would create an more compelling shot particularly with the surroundings. Initially my take to this project was to work a lot with the surrounding of the shot descending into the distance reason being why tend to take portraits along the sides of buildings. The building in the background of this shot I felt fitted in nicely with this composition his placed beside the nearest section of the building to us, interestingly in a way looks like he is almost reacting to something like the broadness of the shot almost.

    Similarly here I attempted the same only along the side of a road with a lot more commotion and activity brick lance being a very busy place I thought it would be the perfect location for this; she's almost out of place, where the background is packed with cars buildings and road signs completely out of focus she is very defined and focused on. Her position allows us to see the broadness and wildness of her surroundings, almost her standing is like she is showing us this is the craziness here.

  • I saw she was quite an smiley person and her in this cityscape with the noodles in her hand I felt would make an interesting photograph, though the guy in the football kit didnt help he sort of added another element of contrasting with the cityscape. This shot almost reminds me of those pictures you get to show the representation of people within different traditions however interestingly here she isnt really suited up as youd expect. The pot noodles was a good addition as it gives us an additional sense of her personality because we only know what we see she was obviously eating and walking so she most of been hungry and also really enjoying it due to the grin on her face.

    Completely oblivious to the fact I'm taking a photograph this man is simply only concerned on the opening of his tangerine, I found this quite humorous. His presence in the shot however is quite effective he does capture my attention as a viewer when I look at the shot hes the main subject and the only person in the shot facing the camera which is what gives him such impacting prescience in contrast to the much less significant people in the shot.

  • I Found smell from this is England and she was very expressive , as you could see she has a very interesting comedic personality and her composition in the shot works well to express it. Working again with the composition of the background I let in a lot of the background to the shot . The emptiness of this particular shot makes her expression all the more comedic as there's no one around and she just looks like she's humoring herself or just posing for the photograph which as an audience viewers would just be oblivious to.

    I liked this portrait as he has a funny expression which can be taken many different way: chuffed, humored, slyly irritated almost any expression. His eye brows are slightly raised and but not frowned and the end of his lips are slightly raised but not a whole deal so his who expression is quite suspicious I suppose his head similar to smells also suggest some kind of impression in the case of smells just being silly and whacky but in his he just seems to be saying yo along with his slightly raised eye brows, or simply posing; trying to look cool.


    The location in this shot has a lot of complementing tones from the black and white filter which strongly helps bring out the focal point : the subject, her collection of tones from her head scarf to her gown which contrasts one another bringing her face out more. The shop window behind her has a slight reflection which blurs out the activity inside the shop, the bright white shutters either side of her enhance the darkness at the top corners of the shot which also seems to create a concentration on the subject. The top right section seems to have vague grayish white what seem to be scarf's they gentle become visible towards the bottom. The subject clearly posited for the photograph is posing for a photo shoot possibly, the black and white filters effect on this shot sets a idiosyncratic nature, the location has a slight mystical feel indistinctive objects and activities also hidden by the photographs grayish tones.

  • Focusing more on composition here for this shot I bent down from to an lower angle to have an dominating view of the subject but wasnt really dominating due to the fact he was sitting down and was profile to the camera. He seems almost oblivious of the camera even though he wasnt just concerned about what hes reading off his phone. His eyes appear closed but are just slightly opened, were not too certain of his expression and just seems to be having a sit down on his own possibly having a conversation with someone.

    This angle of composition unlike the above choice I chose to look down on the subject instead of leveling out with him, I really love this shot because of its contrast of themes: hes dressed rather formal casual and then in contrast to this you have to vandalism hes sitting beside which together works really well in my opinion looks really cool and edgy. Again the sm