Experimenting With Mastheads

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Experimenting With Mastheads Looking At Existing Covers And Designing My Own

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1. Experimenting WithMastheadsLooking At Existing Covers And Designing My Own 2. Empire Magazine The text used for the masthead of Empire magazine isbold and capitalised. This gives it a strong and powerfulvibe, as if it is one of the best magazines out there. Thered colour of the first masthead gives a sense ofauthority and almost relates to the colour of anewspaper masthead, suggesting it is full of the mostup-to-date film news. The white masthead in thesecond image has a more prestigious and classy feel toit, maybe relating to the film (James Bond) that isfeatured on the front. The tall, bold font also infers thatit is a dominant magazine and works well in making thecover stand out on the shelf, also relating to theconnotations of the word EMPIRE. The fact that all ofthe letters are capitalised shows importance and maysuggests its significance in the film industry. In thesecond image, although the main image overlaps thetitle, the size of it allows it to still be clearly seen. This issomething that many magazines do as the masthead isa way of branding the magazine and is one of its mostimportant elements. These are factors that I can takeinto consideration when I create my masthead. 3. Total Film Magazine The font that has been used to create thismasthead is fairly plain and bland but still bold.This gives the idea that the content of themagazine is obvious; purely film. Something thatalso gives this impression is the fact that the wordtotal is embedded in the word film and iswritten in much smaller text suggests that it is allabout film and everything about film is in themagazine, just as total is inside film. The coloursused (black and white) really stand out off of thebackground and draws the attention to themasthead. This is so it cant be missed when its ona shelf in a shop and they eye is instantly drawn.The colour black is also related to dominance andstrength, inferring that it is one of the most wellknown film magazines out there, which it is. Thisfont is one that I will take into consideration whencreating my masthead. 4. So Film Magazine The first image on the right is written in a red text,again showing dominance and power, suggestingthat it has lots of knowledge on the film industry.The way there is a cut through the word filmdraws attention to it, making us look at it andidentify that the magazine is related to films. Theletters are all capitalised making the magazineseem vital in the film industry and drawingattention when it sits on the shop shelf. Thesecond image is written using white text and thefont is less bold and more elegant. This mayrelate to the genre of film being advertised on thefront, telling me that magazines do change theirlayout to suit the main feature. The white stillstands out on the cover as the background is fairlydark. It is clear from all three mastheads that Ihave looked at that it is important that they arethe boldest thing on the cover and that they canbe seen despite a large main image. 5. Looking At Fonts For MyMastheadThe following list has been put together so I can consult others in thedecision I need to make over what font I should use for my magazinecover. I have picked out fonts that may suggest dominance andstrength, something that will enhance the look of my magazine.Adobe Gothic STD BimpactBroadwaySegoe UI BlackFranklin Gothic HeavyBerlin Sans FB