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Product Features and Benefits Expense Claims ModuleThe economic costs that a business incurs through its operations to earn revenue is known as Expense Claims

It is money spent for business/official purposes and promotional activities that should be paid back to the employee post the expense is incurred

Usually the amount is paid back by the company, based on the actual bills

What is Expense Claim

Reimbursement claims are part of CTC

Claims can be made monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually based on a companys policy.

Reimbursement claims are paid for personal claims.

Reimbursement claims are withhold in payroll and are paid only once the bills are submitted.

Ex: Medical Allowance, LTA

Expense claims are paid when the expense is incurred

Claims can be made only when an expense is made

Expense claims are paid for business/ official purpose and promotional activities.

Expense claims are approved only after submission of bills and based on the actual expenses.

Ex: Air fare, Accommodation, Food bills

Reimbursement ClaimsExpense Claims

Difference Between Expense and Reimbursement Travel expense (Air fare/ train fare / bus fare) Accommodation ( Hotels, Guest house) Food (Breakfast /Lunch /Dinner) Cab/ Auto hire Local conveyance Communication

Types of Expenses4

Process of Expense Claim

Adding Claim ItemsAll options related to claims are available under Employee > Claims Claim categories can be created under Claim Items

Claim templates can be configured Workflows, entitlements and applicability can be definedThe claim can be associated with a project or advance paymentClaim Templates

Claim can be based on Quantity , Amount or ForexClaim Templates ItemsConfigure multiple expense heads, define limits and rules for claiming expensesClaims are normally processed in batches . This feature helps in creating the batches for processing Claims

Trip based expense claim or Advanced payments appears in group batchClaim BatchCreate batch for processing claims

This helps in deciding the workflow

Select the claim template and add the review workflowClaim Reviewer

The employee has the option to review and track claimsEmployee Login

Employee LoginOn the employee portal, employee can add new claims or withdraw previous claimswww.greytip.com @greytip /greytip

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