ExCLusIvE ExECuTIvE DINNEr by INvITATION ONLy Becoming a ...€¦ · a True Insight-Driven business...

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Transcript of ExCLusIvE ExECuTIvE DINNEr by INvITATION ONLy Becoming a ...€¦ · a True Insight-Driven business...

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    Becoming a True insighT-Driven Business

    connecTing The unconnecTeD

    TO rEGIsTEr

    JOIN us for senior-level conversations,

    exchange of ideas and networking

    at Select World Services’ Exclusive,

    intimate, by invitation only CXO

    dinner becoming a True Insight-

    Driven business – Connecting the


    This particular CxO Dinner would

    be of interest to executives with the

    following titles:

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Chief Customer Experience Officer

    Chief Customer Engagement


    Chief Digital Officer

    Head of Business Intelligence

    Head of Customer Insight

    And VPs, Head of Departments,

    and Directors with responsibilities in

    Marketing, Customer Experience/

    Engagement and Insight, Digital,

    and business Intelligence.

    The Executive Dinner - becoming a True Insight-Driven business – Connecting the unconnected - is an exclusive event created for executives

    to come together to discuss industry

    trends and topics in a high level, peer-

    to-peer environment.

    This exclusive event is limited to a number of executive guests.Participation is by Invitation only and free of charge.

    To register or further information, kindly send a quick email to [email protected]

    Forrester gauged opinion from 590 CEOs and senior business leaders

    working across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to produce a

    report entitled “The New Frontier: unlocking the value of Data”.

    Business models across the globe are rapidly changing, and

    organizations must not only survive; they should thrive and deliver

    memorable experiences to their customers.

    It emerged that while 77% of firms consider gaining better insights

    on their customers as a key priority, but the growth of rich-data, its

    complexity and variety poses a challenge to most of them. More

    than 52% of respondents say overall costs to serve customers have

    increased within the past 12 months – and are expected to continue


    You're invited to discuss emerging trends, challenges, insight and

    market impacts with fellow C-Level decision-makers.

    select World services (sWs) is a global, full-service event

    company offering complete 100% turnkey event planning

    & management services, programming & production,

    entertainment & special event coordination, and event

    promotion. Our services are available throughout the globe

    to assist companies in delivering highly-effective, result

    driven events, proven to deliver ROI.

    SWS works with global companies to achieve strategic

    objectives and deliver events which will save organizations

    time, money and resources. We pride ourselves on a high

    quality, executive approach to deliveries.

    Our experience and reputation for excellent customer

    service and returns on investment make us stand out for the


    The premier CxO dinners provide a platform for senior

    level Executives around the globe to come together in

    an intimate, controlled environment to exchange ideas

    regarding particular topics that are of immediate interest.

    Connect With us:

    WE WILL DIsCuss

    Forrester C-level research results

    What does an insight driven business look like today? building the augmented reality – linking your offline and online consumer

    Trends and challenges in implementing AI for improved customer insights

    Engaging the digital consumer

    Experience sharing – Share latest consumer trends and insights

    Cape Town (sA) October 26th, 2017