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  • 7/30/2019 Excel Fastrack Course


    Advanced Excel - Fastrack (One day)

    PART -I (Advanced Excel)

    - Module 1:Importing and Exporting Data

    Importing Data Using the Text ImportWizard

    Different types of text filesUsing the Text Import Wizard

    Importing Text by Other MethodsLinking to a text fileCopying and pasting dataDragging data

    Importing Data from an Application or FileImporting from another applicationFormatting after the importImporting a Web pageHTML round-tripping a worksheet

    Querying a DatabaseCreating a database queryLinking the data

    Refreshing linked data

    Exporting Data to an ApplicationSaving a file as another typeExporting to an Access database


    - Module 2: Formatting Sorting and

    Filtering Data

    Formatting NumbersCreating custom number formats

    Using and Applying Conditional FormatsApplying conditional formatsFinding formatted cells

    Sorting and Grouping DataSorting dataGenerating subtotals

    Grouping and outlining data

    Using a Data FormEditing dataFinding data

    Using a Data FilterActivating AutoFilterApplying AutoFilterExtracting data

    - Module 3: Validating and Auditing Data

    Validating DataApplying data validationFinding invalid cells

    Using the Auditing ToolbarDisplaying the Auditing toolbarTroubleshooting the Auditing toolbarTracing errors and fixing them

    Tracing Precedents and DependentsTracing precedentsTracing dependents

    - Module 4: Working with Ranges

    Adding Using & Deleting a Named RangeAdding and deleting a named rangeUsing a named range in a formula

    Using Lookup Functions

    Using the Lookup WizardUsing the HLOOKUP functionUsing the VLOOKUP function

  • 7/30/2019 Excel Fastrack Course


    - Module 5: Analyzing Data and Using


    Using Goal SeekCalculating new results

    Running Goal Seek

    Using SolverChanging multiple input cellsRunning Solver

    Reviewing Solver's results

    Working with ScenariosCreating a scenarioManipulating a scenarioMerging scenarios

    Using Data Analysis and PivotTablesCreating a PivotTable

    Navigating in a PivotTableCustomizing a PivotTable

    PART-II (Macros)

    - Module 1 :Recording macros/form buttons

    Absolute and relative recording

    Where macros can be storedAssigning macros to buttons

    - Module 2 :The VB code editor

    Using Project ExplorerCreating modulesBasic subroutines and comments

    - Module 3 Messages and variables

    Input boxes and message boxes

    Declaring variables

    Option ExplicitScope of variablesConstants

    - Module 4 :Loops and conditions

    Simple IF conditionsMultiple IF and SELECT CASEThree main types of loop

    - Module 5 :Debugging and error handling

    Setting breakpointsStepping through macros

    ON ERROR statements