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R usage for oracle DBA presentation during UKOUG TECH 13

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  • 1. Bertrand Drouvot

2. Oracle DBA since 1999 OCP 9i,10g,11g Rac certified Expert Exadata certified implementation specialist Blogger since 2012 @bertranddrouvot BasketBall fan 3. Some examples of R usage with the oracle database From a DBA point of view Retrieve system statistics/wait events with some AWR queries Real time Data Dashboard of the database activity 4. R installation R programing R studio (powerful and productive user interface for R) 5. Because R is a powerful tool for statistical analysis with graphing and plotting packages built in. Furthermore, R can connect to Oracle via a JDBC package which makes importing data very easy. 6. http://www.r-project.org/ 7. library(RJDBC) drv = trunc(sysdate-&sysdate_nb_day_begin_interval+1) and s.BEGIN_INTERVAL_TIME 0 and e.instance_number=s.instance_number and e.snap_id=s.snap_id and s.BEGIN_INTERVAL_TIME >= trunc(sysdate-&sysdate_nb_day_begin_interval+1) and s.BEGIN_INTERVAL_TIME