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EWF – European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting 4 October, 2013 Lisbon, PORTUGAL

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  • EWF European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting

    4 October, 2013

    Lisbon, PORTUGAL

  • EWF

  • EWF

    The European Federation for Welding, Joining and

    Cutting, was created in 1992 by all the welding

    institutes of the European Community with the aim

    of updating and harmonization training and

    education in the field of welding technology

  • To provide world class, European focused, value

    added products and support services to its

    members and their communities in the field of

    joining, welding, cutting and related technologies

    on an international basis

    EWF Mission

  • Training of Welding Personnel

    Qualification of Welding Personnel

    Certification of Personnel

    Certification of Companies

    Collaboration Projects

    Technical Information

    Areas of Activity

  • The EWF/IIW Qualification System

    Professional Qualification

    Combined System EWF and


    Rules for the Approval of

    ANBs and ATBs EWF and IAB/IIW

    EWF System

    Qualification Levels /Guidelines: - IWE/EWE Engineer - IWT/EWT Technologist - IWS/EWS - Specialist - IWP/EWP Practitioner - IWIP/EWIP Inspection Personnel (3 levels) - IW/EW Welder (3 levels, 4 processes) - IWSD Structures Designer (2 levels) - Distance Learning

    Guidelines: - EAE/EAS/EAB Adhesive Bonding - EWS-RW/EWP-RW - Resistance - ETSS/ETSP/ETS - Spraying - MMA EW-Diver - EPW Plastic Welder

    - European Aluminothermic Welder -- (EAW),RAILSAFE/Guide/PU/SLV/TB/060227

    Special Courses at Specialist Level: - Laser - Robots - Reinforcing Bars - Weld Imperfections for NDT Pers. - Macro and Micro Examination - Heat treatments - Risk Management in Welding Fabrication

  • The EWF/IIW Qualification System Network

    ANB Authorized National Bodies: Organisation appointed by the National Member and Authorised by IIW/EWF to promote and supervise the system in the country

    The are 44 ANBs, the Network at the present is: Americas: Brazil and Canada.

    Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech R., Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

    Asia, Oceania and Africa: Australia, R.P. China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Rep. Korea, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and Tunisia.

    Applicant ANBs at the present: Egypt and Tunisia

  • The EWF/IIW Qualification System

    Audit Team for ATBs


    The qualification and certification of personnel and recording the relevant information

    The approval of ATBs to implement the courses in accordance with the Guideline(s).

    The management of the examinations.

    Governing Board Chief Executive Examination Board

    Organisational Structure


    Scope of activity 5 Years

    How To Become An ANB

    Grant Authorisation


    ATBs (Approved Training Bodies) conduct courses designed to prepare candidates for

    qualification/certification, as described in the EWF / IIW Rules


    ATB 1

    ATB n (other countries)

    The EWF/IIW Qualification System How To Become An ATB

  • The EWF/IIW Qualification System The International Training and Qualification System

  • The EWF/IIW Qualification System The European Training and Qualification System

  • The EWF/IIW Qualification System The EWF/IIW Training and Qualification System

    EWF / IIW Total Cumulated Diplomas Awarded






  • The EWF/IIW Certification System

    EWF / IIW

    System ANBCCs



    EWF / IIW

    System ANBs

    Personnel Certification


    Manufacturer Certification System


    (EN ISO 3834)

    Environmental (EN ISO 14001)

    Health & Safety

    - Certification System for Welding Coordinators

    PCS - Certification of Plastic Welders CEPW - Certification System for Arc Welders

  • EWF Income Statements 2010-12

    Source: EWF Anual Reports 2010, 211 and 2012

  • Collaboration with European Commission

    Training & Qualification

    EWF has developed strong working relationships with EU institutions, on relevant EU

    policy frameworks: EQF (European Qualification Framework); ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training) ESCO (European Skills/Competences qualifications and Occupations)

  • Collaboration with European Commission

    Research & Development


    Coordinated by EWF with assistance by TWI

    Coordinated by Fraunhofer

    Coordinated by TNO





  • Influencing Funding

    Research Collaboration

    Joining Sub-Platform

    Exploitation of Joining

    Collaboration with European Commission

    Training & Qualification

  • Value added and jobs resulting from joining

    technology European Study

    Sponsored by EWF, EWA (European Welding Association) and DVS (German Welding Society) shows impact of welding and joining technologies across the EU;

    Relevant findings:

    In 2010, the manufacture and application of joining technology represented 65.1 billion and provided employment to 1.2 million people in the EU(27);

  • Knowledge Transfer/Products

    EWF Technical Sheets;

    Distance/Blended Learning Tools;

    WELDPLAY Interactive Computer Game;

    Welding APP

    Examination Database

  • Welding Dictionary APP

  • Welding Dictionary App

  • 2 concluding projects in 2013:



    3 ongoing projects for 2013-14:




    2 new projects for 2013-13:



    EU Lifelong Learning Projects 2013/2014

  • One ongoing project in 2013:


    5 new projects starting in 2103:






    7th Framework Projects in 2013/2014

  • Since 2001, the EWF

    website registered a

    yearly visitor count of

    more than 1 million


    Dissemination, Communication Network and

    Media EWF Website

  • Dissemination, Communication Network and

    Media - Social Networking Tools

    Facebook As of October 2nd, 2013 EWFs Facebook page has 1478 likes. Visit the page on http://www.facebook.com/europeanweldingfederation

    LinkedIN EWF has made a great use of the LinkedIN professional network. The EWF profile has almos 3 000 connections and a combined network of more than 10 000 000 contacts

    EWF Contact network includes national members contacts, with a reach of more than 40 000 individual companies and organizations

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