Evolution of a Standard Mom & Pop Shop into an International Corporation from DRS, 7.29.14

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Elly Deutch from Garrett Popcorn presentation deck from Digiday Retail Summit, 7.29.14

Transcript of Evolution of a Standard Mom & Pop Shop into an International Corporation from DRS, 7.29.14

  • 1.Evolution Of A Mom And Pop Shop Garrett Popcorn Shops By Elly Deutch July 29, 2014 #DigidayDRS

2. Garrett Popcorn is Happy Food! @GarrettPopcor 3. Show your love for Garrett Popcorn! @GarrettPopcorn #DigidayDRS @GarrettPopcor 4. Garrett Popcorn Shops has been creating handcrafted gourmet Popcorn since 1949. For more than 65 years, our secret family recipes have inspired an honest product that generates lines of historic proportions outside of our retail locations. We focus on fresh, delicious, comfort food handmade with the highest-quality, natural ingredients. 5. @GarrettPopcor n 6. @GarrettPopcor n 7. 1935 Each member of the Garrett family were challenged to create a caramel popcorn recipe. Ones flavor and crunch stood out it became CaramelCrisp 1935 The original recipes for CaramelCrisp and CheeseCorn were created just north of Chicago in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1949 The Garrett family opened its first Shop, the original Garrett Popcorn Shop, at 10 West Madison in the heart of Chicago, starting A Chicago Tradition that continues today. EVOLUTION OF GARRETT POPCORN SHOPS 8. 1958 Garrett Popcorn Shops develops its own Golden Butterfly Blend of kernels to begin using in all of our gourmet Popcorn recipes. 1977 Garrett customers unusual request for CaramelCrisp and CheeseCorn mixed in one Bag gives rise to our hero product, coined the Chicago Mix. 1983 Garrett Popcorn Shops opens its highest profile Shop located on The Magnificent Mile in Chicago, and queues start to form down Michigan Avenue. 2006 Garrett Popcorn Shops expands to New York 2010 International expansion begins in Singapore EVOLUTION OF GARRETT POPCORN SHOPS 2014 Garrett Popcorn Shops owns and manages over 40 Shops worldwide in the United States, Asia, South America and the Middle East 9. - 65 year old tradition founded by the Garrett family in 1949 - Secret family recipes - Unique brand that speaks for itself - Our Signature Flavor the Chicago Mix was coined by our fans - Each batch is handcrafted and made fresh throughout the day in old-fashioned copper kettles - Our locally sourced butterfly and mushroom kernels are hot air-popped - Made with natural ingredients and contains no preservatives, gluten or GMOs - Everyone who knows the brand has a Garrett story - Loved and enjoyed by fans worldwide - Gourmet snack food and luxury retail brand - Lines of historic proportion - Three generations of Handcrafted Happiness! WHAT MAKES GARRETT POPCORN SPECIAL? 10. The strength of the Garrett Popcorn brand is integral to our recognition success worldwide, which is why we train our Teammates and partners o our specific Garrett Popcorn speak, brand guidelines and social media standards. @Garre n 11. SAME EXPERIENCE IN SHOP AND ONLINE - 350m fans social media fans worldwide - Cohesive brand content and engagement strategy across every channel - Unique and diverse demographic of custo - Happy Food, Happy Customers @Gar n 12. WORLDWIDE BRAND, WORLDWIDE FANS @Gar n 13. THE FUTURE OF HANDCRAFTED HAPPINESS? @GarrettPopcor n #DigidayDRS 14. Questions? 15. Thanks! Now share your happiness: @GarrettPopcorn @EllyDeutch #DigidayDRS edeutch@garrettbrands.com LinkedIn.com/in/EllyDeutch