Every Day barn & Kennel Uses of Essential Oils

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No barn or kennel should be without this special therapeutic grade essential oil kit. Within in the kit is an oil for use at some point in Every Day for Every Animal Owner. It doesn't matter if you are a competitor in a specific field or have companion animals. All of us compete every day to avoid health challenges for ourselves & our 4 legged friends. For more information on how to use these products with your animals or yourself, please feel free to contact me or a Young Living Essential Oil Distributor in your area.

Transcript of Every Day barn & Kennel Uses of Essential Oils

  • Escent-Oil Balance2014 100+ Uses in Barns & Kennels for Every Day Essential Oil Kit 100+ Uses in Barns & Kennels for Every Day Essential Oil Kit (Frankincense, Joy, Lavender, Lemon, PanAway, Peace & Calming, Peppermint, Purication, Thieves, Valor) Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) 1. Melanoma: Apply neat to area of concern or nd veterinarian willing to inject area 2. Sarcoids 3. Mast Cell Tumors 4. Respiratory Infections: inhalation & internal if pneumonia 5. Immune Stimulation: whole bottle internal mixed with 8 oz V6 Mixing Oil (aids to increase leucocyte activity) 6. Tumor Prevention: internal especially if a grey or paint horse 7. Depression: inhalation 8. Hormonal Stimulation: inhalation to stimulate limbic center of brain (memory & emotions) & hypothalamus (thyroid & growth hormones), pituitary, & pineal glands 9. Allergies 10.Wounds 11.Inammation 12.Scar Formation Prevention 13.Staph infection 14.Strep infection 15.Warts 16.Nervous tension Joy (Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Rosewood, Lemon, Mandarin, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, Palmarosa, Rose) (Note: Inhalation but not external unless no sun will hit area where applied) 17.Bad Attitude 18.Training Difculties: Inhalation to improve concentration & accuracy 19.Mental Fatigue due to training sessions or competitions 20.Chill Pill for owner/handler/rider 21.Depression: doesnt matter if due to illness, old age or rescue 22.Alpha Dog issues: balance male/female energies 23.Feeling of Well-Being 24.Lack of Condence 25.Little Man Syndrome 26.Lack of Enthusiasm 27.Liver function 28.Kidney function 29.Reproductive Hormonal Balance 30.Cushings Syndrome or other Adrenal Issues (apply in kidney area but only at night if animal goes outside during day) 31.Pain Relief: surprisingly it appears to input Joy where there is none 32.Poor Circulation: Apply to area of concern 33.Immune Support
  • Escent-Oil Balance2014 100+ Uses in Barns & Kennels for Every Day Essential Oil Kit Lavender 34.Wounds to increase tissue regeneration & healing rate 35.Rashes 36.Hives: Especially after rolling in ant hills 37.Eczema 38.Burns 39.Abscess or Boils 40.Scar Prevention 41.Hair Loss 42.Sunburn on white noses 43.Sun or Heat Stroke 44.Patience: Apply to both owner/handler & animal 45.Nervous Tension: Apply to owner/handler/rider & animal as 1 often feeds upon the other before or during a competition 46.Training Difculty: inhalation to improve concentration 47.Heart Irregularities 48.Breathing Capacity 49.Allergies 50.Respiratory Infections including bronchitis 51.Pain Relief 52.Fungal Infections including Ringworm, Pythium, Thrush 53.Convulsions 54.Poor Circulation 55.Inammation 56.Phlebitis 57.Cellulitis: Aids lymphatic system drainage 58.Muscle Spasms: Apply to area of concern 59.Swollen limbs 60.Insect Bites 61.Gas formation 62.Fluid Retention 63.PMS in mares or bitches 64.Throat Infection 65.Ear Infection: Apply to base of ear but not in 66.Stress of any nature 67.When in doubt -- try Lavender Lemon (Note: Apply where sun will not hit area of concern or apply in evening if goes outside) 68.Hooves or Nails Brittle: Mix bottle into 8 oz. V6 Mixing Oil for hoof or nail dressing 69.Lipoma: Apply to area 70.Immune Stimulation to increase leucocyte production 71.Liver Support 72.Tumor Prevention: Apply in V6 Mixing to food 73.Mammary Gland Cancers: Internal & external to area of concern
  • Escent-Oil Balance2014 100+ Uses in Barns & Kennels for Every Day Essential Oil Kit 74.Bacterial Infections: Diffuse for airborne bacteria. Internal on food stuff. 75.Nervous Tension or Anxiety: Inhalation 76.Training Difculties: Inhalation for memory, concentration & focus 77.Acid Stomach: In water or top dress food stuff 78.Gastric Cancer: Top dress food 79.Aatoxicosis from moldy food stuff 80.Squamous Cell (Skin): Apply to area of concern unless going outside in sun 81.Poor Circulation including veins 82.Parasites 83.Urinary Tract Infections Peace & Calming (Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Blue Tansy) 84.Stand!!!! Sit!!!! What part of Sit dont you understand? Inhalation for both you & animal 85.Chill Pill for everyone involved 86.Hypertension 87.Stand better for Farrier: Have farrier apply to him-/herself 88.Emotions running high: Inhale to balance mental & emotion as promotes grounding 89.Pig Exercise: Put on end of training stick & hold stick in front of pig - really works! 90.Pig Seizures: Inhalation & inside of both ear aps (not in ear) 91.Concentration 92.Crate, Kennel or Stall Anxiety: Diffuse or put 10-20 drops on old sock & tie on door/ wall panel 93.Tie, Trailering or Transportation Anxiety 94.Stress of any sorts Panaway (Helichrysum, Wintergreen, Clove, Peppermint) 95.Pain Relief including Dental & Bone 96.Deep Tissue Pain: May need to add more Helichrysum 97.Neck Stiffness 98.Arthritic Conditions: Substitute for Mineral Ice or Icy Hot products 99.Poor Circulation 100.Founder or Laminitis 101.Liver Support 102.Muscle Spasms 103.Muscle Strains & Sprains 104.Soft Tissue Swellings 105.Ligament Tears or Strains 106.Tendon Tears or Strains 107.Stie Strains or Swellings 108.Hock Strains or Swellings 109.Inammation 110.Healing rate increase 111.Bruising 112.Linament: Add to diluted Thieves Household Cleaner to cover larger area.
  • Escent-Oil Balance2014 100+ Uses in Barns & Kennels for Every Day Essential Oil Kit Peppermint 113.Heat Stressed: Add 1-5 drops to drinking water 114.Fever: May work better than Banamine or other pharmaceuticals to reduce fever 115.Colic or Bloat: Internal & on belly 116.Digestive Disturbances instead of Pepto-Bismol or Zantac 117.Fat dog: Inhalation & on food for appetite suppression 118.Parasites (Internal) 119.Halitosis: Apply diluted to tongue for bad breath 120.Gallbladder Stimulant 121.Viral Infections including Herpes 122.Liver Infections 123.Respiratory Infections including pneumonia 124.Fungal Infections including Candida 125.Dermatitis or Skin itchy 126.Scratches (equine) 127.Warts 128.Inammation 129.Vomiting: Inhalation & diluted on stomach 130.Muscles (strained or pull) in place of Mineral Ice 131.Tendons 132.Ligaments 133.Body Washes 134.Hot Feet Purication (Citronella, Lemongrass, Lavandin, Rosemary, Melaleuca alternifolia, Myrtle) 135.Bacterial Infections including anaerobic 136.Kennel Cough 137.Strangles 138.Distemper 139.Fungal Infections including Respiratory 140.Air & Skin Sanitizer 141.Insect Repellent: Add to diluted Thieves Household Cleaner for body application 142.Insect Bites Inammation 143.Pain Relief from Insect Bites (ant, spider, bee, hornet, wasp, mosquito): Apply to area of concern 144.Flea or Mite Infestation: Add to diluted Thieves Household Cleaner for body application or bedding spray 145.Immune Support 146.Wounds or Cuts 147.Rashes 148.Hoof or Paw Abscess 149.Ear Infections
  • Escent-Oil Balance2014 100+ Uses in Barns & Kennels for Every Day Essential Oil Kit Thieves (Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus radiata, Rosemary) 150.Bacterial Infection including MRSA, gram-negative or gram-positive 151.Viral Infection 152.Fungal Infection including Black Mold 153.Tooth Infection: Apply to area of concern 154.Disinfectant 155.Shock 156.Heat Stress or Stroke 157.Wounds or Cuts including Punctures 158.Immune Stimulant: Promotes leucocyte activity 159.Poor Circulation 160.Linaments 161.Body Washes 162.Founder or Laminitis: Apply directly to hoof 163.Hoof Abscess: Apply directly to area of concern 164.Stomach Ulcers: Apply to food 165.Parasites (Internal) 166.Cataracts: Apply near but not in eyes 167.Throat Infections 168.Respiratory Infections 169.Bleeder (Equine): Inhalation & to feed Valor (Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy, Frankincense) 170.Ligament tear or strain 171.Tendon tear or strain 172.Windpuffs 173.Stie Strains 174.Hock Strains 175.Spinal Misalignment 176.Arthritic Conditions: Apply to area of concern 177.Self-Esteem: Inhalation & on bottom of feet 178.Training Difculties 179.Courage 180.Condence 181.Anger or Frustration 182.Nervous Tension: Substitute for Peace & Calming 183.Anxiety: Substitute for Peace & Calming 184.Endurance 185.Little Man Syndrome 186.Founder or Laminitis: Apply directly to hoof Disclaimer: Information presented is for educational use only. No attempt is made to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure. Any medical conditions should be referred to a veterinarian of your choice. This is how I choose to work with health challenges with my own animals.