Evaluation – question 1

EVALUATION – QUESTION 1 In what ways does your product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Harrison Radcliff

Transcript of Evaluation – question 1

EVALUATION – QUESTION 1In what ways does your product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Harrison Radcliffe

Harrison Radcliffe

This is my opening shot. In this shot there is clearly a well dressed man passed out. And it is obvious that he passed out from drinking nearly a whole bottle of rum. It is quite common to see the main character of an action film being a heavy drinker, to “drown their sorrows” as such. Films such as Hancock have the main character being an alcoholic. It shows the audience that the character might be troubled, lonely, depressed or that he needs to escape reality.

However Hancock is more of a superhero action film and my film does not have any supernatural flair involved. My film will be more similar to films like James Bond and Transporter with the main character being a well dressed male whom is never 10 minutes from a car chase or a gun fight.

Will Smith in Hancock with asubstantial number of emptybottles of spirits

Harrison Radcliffe

These are two more screenshots from my film opening and they show a bloodied hand of a person in a bath tub.

Violence and gore is a common occurrence in action films but there is usually a fight before. In my film opening there is a sense of mystery as to who the dead person is and how they died.

The above picture is a screenshot from Casino Royale’s opening scene. This scene is in black and white, to show it is a flashback, and mainly consists of a brutal fight between James Bond (Daniel Craig) and another person. Later on in the scene, Bond partially drowns the man in a sink. I used this comparison because both scenes have someone dying in a bathroom.

Harrison Radcliffe

My third screenshot is of Ephesian wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a black tie. Having the main character in a suit is common in action films as it makes the character look more important and dominant.

My fourth and final screenshot is of Ephesians car. Nowadays action films aren't action films unless they have a car chase involving fast and expensive sports cars. The more ostentatious the car is the more powerful the driver will seem.

In both Transporter 3 and Quantum of Solace, the main characters are in suits. Jason Statham is in an almost identical suit to my character.

The James Bond films are renown for having luxury sport cars. They are usually Aston Martins as they are the quintessential British sports car.