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How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary text

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary text

Digi -packWhen planning what we wanted our Digi pack to consist of, we took into consideration many factors such as:House-styleTextTheme etc.Our main objective however was to make the artist the centre of attention, which allowed him to immediately allowed him to convey to audience his unique sense of style and genre.

The consistency of colours has been incredibly effective, we have been able to use the same house style for the Digi pack, music video, the website and even for the main character. This consistent branding allows audience to recognise the product, therefore it create branding recognition where audience feel comforted knowing and familiarising products. Therefore Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory comes to the fore where audiences need to fulfill their self esteem needs when it comes to accepting any form of media as they need to have a sense of belonging to a collective identity which is a form of acceptance and recognition.

The product and ancillary text matches also help construct effectively the image and genre of our main character and the type of music he produces.

Costume Based on our actual genre of music and the way the video itself was to be presented, we created a costume which conveyed a sense of a fun and young style. The costume itself was to aid increase the mise-en-scene of an urban environment.

PropsThe fact that we were making a skate video, the props we needed were of course skate related. Such asSkateboardInline skates Skate park These props were used in order to show a young, urban atmosphere that actually coincides with our chosen song. The prop itself actually aids in making a direct address to our target audience effectively

Colours and effects Looking at example videos such as Diggy Simmons Do it like you music video, we noticed that they used colour filters in the video to represent a more young and urban look. We decided to follow their example, through the use of Adobe After effects, we used colour correction in order to make it look more professional and convey a retro, vintage look. However when shooting our initial music video, we came across a situation where the weather was quite dull and gloomy, whereas we would have preferred for it to be quite sunny and bright, therefore this unintentionally created an binary opposition where our song and narrative in the video represents a summer feel where our mise-en-scene represents the opposite.

Camera shot types When using the camera we tried our best to use shots that focused purely on facial expressions, that showed our main artist lip synching, through the use of close up and mid shots. The reason being is because we wanted our camera shots to be able to have direct address with the artist and the audience and establish our character. Through the use of the camera angles that we used it was able to effectively capture the mise-en-scene, the graffiti in the background. All this enables the music video to further itself as an RnB music video.

The Website As part of the ancillary text, we created a website which promoted the artist and the song along with other products. The website is able to stay consistent throughout with purple and white colour scheme on the site. Once again this helps create brand recognition, as audiences begin familiarize themselves with our product. The website was also used to allow audiences to get to know the artist better and the type of genre he fits, this aids the overall purpose of the entire products.