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  • 1. Q2: How effective is the combination of yourmain product andancillary texts?

2. Magazine PostersThis is my own design of the magazineposter, I placed the artist in the centreand made him fill the frame. This showsthe artist as a man attraction to the eyeof the audience. I edited the color ofthe image of the artist to make himstand out of the poster. Also the colorsused are the same blend of colors usedin a digipak another member of thegroup designed. The background of theposter has a black & white adjustmentlayer to again make the artist stand out,also the graffiti lines add more abstractto the poster. The graffiti gives off to theviewer a sense of the genre, which iswhat was the aim. This sells to the targetaudience (teenagers/young adults) asthe artist also sells the genre, thecostume seen with the flat peak cap isstereotypically seen in this type of genre(Rap/hip-hop). This particular cap is seenthroughout the music video, so theposter link to the video as well.The color of the font links to the colors onthe digipak, the white border aroundthe text makes the text more visual andabstract, and links with the white coloron the artist. 3. These posters are designed by another member of thegroup (Tee). The first one (top left), includes brightcolors by using an adjustment layer. The images of girlsshows the genre type for the music video also it maybe lead that the girls are the artist of the album. Thefont around the image is very abstract, it is clearlyshowing the album name and release date. One girl iswearing a flat peak cap which is a recurrencethroughout our project, this shows the target audiencethat this album is for them.This poster is my favorite poster for our ancillary task.The artist is visible to the audience, and the posteras a whole is very basic but still attracts theaudience. The costume used is seen in the musicvideo so the artist is straight away making a link. Thetype of font used is similar to what was used on thelyrics in the video. The text on the poster looks like itis fitted around the body shape of the artist, he isslightly blended in with the background layer colorwhich I think works well within the poster, as thename of the artists stands out more than he does sothe audience knows the name before they knowthe face. 4. D I G IThis digipak was an influence on my own magazine poster. The front cover is close to my Pdesign of the poster. The artist is in the center of the frame looking away from thecamera, the color used I also linked to the poster. The audience will use this as they willrecognize the album from the features of the poster. The mise-en-scene used in thisdigipak is different on the images, the clothing on the front cover is different to the posterit is not showing any hint of the genre (t-shirts, basic clothing) the artist is seen in a Awaistcoat and shirt. Although the color splattered on top almost hides that and still keepsthe album messy and like a rap/hip-hop album. k