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ISSUE NO. 1581 22 - 28 October 2015 YOUR P APER, YOUR VOICE, YOUR OPINION WWW.EUROWEEKLYNEWS.COM AXARQUÍA - COSTA TROPICAL BRIDGES collapsed, trees came down and roads flooded following the torrential downpours Emergency Plan activated as storm hammers the region A severe storm which hit the Axarquia and Costa Tropical areas in the early hours of Tues- day morning, October 20, caused numerous major incidents. Bridges collapsed, trees came down and water flooded the roads, following the torren- tial downpours, which pro- duced a significant 61.5 litres of rainfall per square metre. Motril Council has opened an office to attend to people af- fected by flooding, and has an- nounced it will ask the govern- ment to consider declaring the town a ‘disaster area’ after the emergency services dealt with 100 flooding incidents. First thing in the morning, Salobreña Council announced that local schools would remain closed as the area had been placed on orange alert and the municipal Emergency Plan was activated. The emergency services had to deal with a number of inci- dents from 5am onwards and a person living in a ground floor flat had to be evacuated. On the N340 road, a wall collapsed, although nobody was injured, and municipal and road maintenance workers were able to clear the rubble. In Almuñecar, the fire brigade was kept busy from 5am onwards as floods, land- slides and falling trees were reported. By Eleanor Hawkins

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Newspaper in Spain with the best local news in English from the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca North, Costa Blanca South, Costa de Almeria, Axarquia - Costa Tropical and Mallorca.

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BRIDGES collapsed, trees came down and roads flooded following the torrential downpours

Emergency Plan activated asstorm hammers the regionA severe storm which hit theAxarquia and Costa Tropicalareas in the early hours of Tues-day morning, October 20,caused numerous majorincidents.

Bridges collapsed, treescame down and water floodedthe roads, following the torren-tial downpours, which pro-duced a significant 61.5 litres ofrainfall per square metre.

Motril Council has openedan office to attend to people af-fected by flooding, and has an-nounced it will ask the govern-ment to consider declaring thetown a ‘disaster area’ after theemergency services dealt with100 flooding incidents.

First thing in the morning,Salobreña Council announcedthat local schools would remainclosed as the area had beenplaced on orange alert and themunicipal Emergency Plan wasactivated.

The emergency services hadto deal with a number of inci-dents from 5am onwards and aperson living in a ground floorflat had to be evacuated.

On the N340 road, a wallcollapsed, although nobodywas injured, and municipal androad maintenance workers wereable to clear the rubble.

In Almuñecar, the firebrigade was kept busy from5am onwards as floods, land-slides and falling trees werereported.

By Eleanor Hawkins

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Food bank calls forexpats to volunteer THE annual ‘big collection’ takes place at the end of November

BANCOSOL food bank is calling forexpatriates, especially English andFrench, to volunteer for its annual ‘GranRecogida’ food drive.

This year, a goal of 750,000 kilos offood has been set and an estimated 5,000volunteers are needed to help out at su-permarkets all across Malaga Provinceon November 27 and 28.

To sign up as a volunteer, please call952 179 579 (extension 2) or 671 458557 or email [email protected]

By Eleanor Hawkins

PUTTING Velez-Malaga’strams back into servicewould cost more than €2million, a new report byAzvi company has re-vealed.

Phase One of the projectwould require expenditure

of €1,328,717 plus IVAand Phase Two €368,403,Transport CouncillorMarcelino Mendez-Trellesannounced, and that is ifeverything works correctlyand no further repairs areneeded.

RINCON de la Victoria wantsto go animal friendly.

In a motion put forward bythe Public Streets Department,the town has proposed becom-ing an ‘animal friendly area’

and drawing up local animalprotection bylaws to rejectcruelty and improve relationsbetween people and pets. Theproposed measures includebanning circus animals.

Protecting animals

Tram costs rise

BRITISH former Foreign Res-idents Councillor for NerjaEmma Hall is to be sworn inas a Partido Popular (PP)councillor. Hall, who ran theForeign Residents Department

from 2003 to 2001, will betaking the place of Ana Gon-zalez, who has resigned fromher post after being offered ateaching job at the municipalmusic school.

Brit for councillor


FOOD BANK COLLECTION: Volunteers needed all across Malaga Province.


r by C


a Ci



750,000kilos is the goal Malaga Province’s

food bank has set itself for this year’scampaign

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3NEWS 22 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa EWN

Clock changeFall back

DON’T for-get theclocks changeon SundayOctober 25 at03.00, marking the end ofDaylight Savings Time foranother year. Following theold adage ‘Spring forward,Fall back,’ enjoy an extrahour’s sleep on Sunday.

Water cutsDeposits to be cleaned

WATER cuts and low pres-sure can be expected today,Thursday 22, in the Cajizdistrict of Velez-Malaga asAqualia public Water Com-pany is carrying out work toclean and disinfect local wa-ter deposits.

Free WiFiNo charge at airports

AS of next Monday free,unlimited WiFi internet con-nection is available at 12Spanish airports includingMalaga-Costa del Solthanks to an agreement withEurona Telecom. In thepast, passengers had to payafter the first 30 minutes.

Docks openMinister visits

A NEW extension to Motrilport’s outer docks, whichwill allow larger ships touse the port, was opened onFriday, October 16, by AnaPastor, Minister for PublicWorks and Development.

Calendar starMayor poses

VELEZ-MALAGA MayorAntonio Moreno Ferrer willbe starring on the Octoberpage of FEAFES-AndaluciaMental Health Association’scalendar for next year. Vari-ous Andalucian mayors andactors have posed with as-sociation users for the sixthedition of the charity calen-dar.

Vehicle checksMobile unit dueTHE mobile ITV vehicleinspection unit will be sta-tioned in the Rastrillo areanear Nerja’s Avenida de laConstitucion on October 28,29 and 30 and November19 and 20.


JUST four months after social-ist Rosa Arrabal was sworn inas Mayor of Nerja, putting anend to the PP party’s 20-yearrun in office, crisis has hit thecouncil and the deputy mayorhas resigned.

Ciudadanos, which signed apact with PSOE to bring PPdown after the May 24 localelections, announced last weekit considered the pact brokenafter comments made byDeputy Mayor Jose Garcia Bel-

tran on Facebook.On Saturday, October 17, the

deputy mayor announced on hisown Facebook page that he in-tended to step down after re-ceiving a note from IU partycouncillors urging him to apol-

ogise to Ciudadanos.On Monday, after Garcia

handed in his resignation, IUspokesman Andres Jimenez ex-pressed his surprise at the reac-tion: “We weren’t criticising hispolitical work, just asking him

to reconsider his words.”Meanwhile PSOE secretary

Jose Antonio Aguilar said:“We’re going to sit down withhim and ask him to rethinkthis... he’s a hard worker and isdoing a great job.”

Nerja’s deputy mayor resigns

Celebration of Halloween hastaken off in Spain in recent yearsKNOWN as Day of the Witches where everyone dresses up

FAMOUS as a children’s celebration inthe USA where trick or treating hasseen hundreds of thousands of childrenacross the country dress up as ghostsand ghoulies visiting neighbours forsweets, Halloween has become increas-ingly more popular in Spain.

It has become part of a three-day cel-ebration running from October 31 toNovember 2. Halloween is known asthe Day of the Witches where adultsand children alike dress up and holdparties and is increasingly more popu-lar because November 1, All SaintsDay, is a very important public holiday

when people lay flowers on the gravesof deceased relatives and remembertheir own patron saints.

November 2 is All Souls Day whenpeople generally remember the depart-ed, whether family members or not.The entire three-day celebration is of-ten referred to as the Day of the Deadin Spain, although this title is more of-ten associated with Mexico.

Adults have definitely taken to walk-ing the streets dressed as vampires,werewolves and zombies with theirneighbours on Halloween night whichin parts of the north west of Spain is al-so known as the Night of the Pump-kins.

By John Smith

BRIDE AND GROOM: Dressed up as zombies for Halloween night.

It should not hitpedestrians, hope-


Scotland’s last witch

Helen Duncan was a Scottish medi-um who conducted séances duringthe Second World War. By luck orjudgement she channelled a sailorwho said he had gone down with avessel but there was no knowledgeof its sinking. She was considered athreat to security, arrested, tried andfound guilty of witchcraft in 1944.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on a new ‘autopilot’ system for Tesla cars.

67is the number of episodes

screened so far of the unex-pected hit The Walking Dead,

a TV series concerning theplight of a small band of

humans still alive after theZombie apocalypse.

Quote of the Week


o Cr



usz I





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THIS Sunday, October 25, the streets ofMotril will be flooded with runners com-ing from all over the world to take partin the 23rd edition of the InternationalCity of Motril Half Marathon.

The event , Sports Counci l lor JoseManuel Estevez explained, is becomingincreasingly popular as runners discoverthe chance to compete in the idyllic set-

ting. In addition to the draw of the raceitself, this year more parallel activitieshave been planned to enhance the expe-rience for competitors and spectatorsalike.

Before the start of the race, plannedfor 10am from Avenida Salobreña, therewill be a classic car exhibition and thereis also a mini-marathon for children andvarious athletics related conferences.

Part of the registration fees, Council-lor Estevez explained, will be donated to

the AECC Spanish Association AgainstCancer and also to buy a special wheel-chair for a local girl in need.

More than 300 local volunteers havesigned up to help ensure the day runssmoothly.

The sports councillor invited localand visiting runners to sign up for therace, explaining: “It’s one of the most at-tractive sports events held in our townand a splendid opportunity to get someexercise with friends and the family.”

By Eleanor Hawkins

International runnersin town for Motril race

INTERNATIONAL: Runners from all over the world are due in town for the race.

THE half-marathon will take place this Sunday


it: D



sta A


/ Shu




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A LORRY driver transporting300 kilos of hashish fromMelilla had a very bad daywhen his lorry was hijacked bytwo men armed with a Kalash-nikov and then he was arrested.

Witnesses phoned the policeto report they had seen armedmen leap onto a lorry on theMediterranean motorway in

Motril and threaten the driverwith a gun to force him to con-tinue driving towards Granada.

National Police were sent tolocate the lorry and a high-speed chase ensued. Once thelorry was stopped, both the dri-ver and the hijackers were ar-rested and taken to the stationin Motril, where a search re-vealed drugs hidden in com-partments in the lorry’s sides.

5NEWS 22 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa Tropical EWN

Drug-carryinglorry hijacked WITNESSES informed police

SchoolsnacksarriveONE month after thenew school year began,children in need inMalaga Province havestarted to receive theirfree afternoon snackbags at school.

The bags, containingfruit, juice, bread, sand-wich fillers and biscuits,were eagerly awaited byfamilies in need, whothanks to the regionalgovernment fundedSYGA scheme obtainthree free meals per dayfor their children.

Although it took amonth for deliveries tostart, leading to a num-ber of complaints, thisyear they began muchquicker than for the2014-2015 school year,when none appeareduntil January.

By Eleanor Hawkins

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NEWS22 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa Tropical www.euroweeklynews.comEWN6

MONDAY (October 19)marked the 453rd anniversary ofa tragic event during which 25Spanish Armada ships sank inLa Herradura bay and 5,000people lost their lives.

This year, the event wasmarked with a floral tribute onthe beach to honour those whodied on the fatal day in 1562with participation of pupils fromLas Golondrinas school andmembers of the local authorities.

An art exhibition, Latin Sail-ing, has also been launched atLa Herradura castle to mark theanniversary, with oil paintingsby Federico Tomas Vera on dis-play until the end of this month.Entry is free of charge and theexhibition will be open Mon-days to Fridays from 9am to2pm, the council announced.

The sinking of 25 ships cap-tained by Juan de Mendoza dur-ing the reign of Felipe II marked

an important part of the historyof Spain and especially its Navyand is detailed in a thesis writtenby historian Maria del CarmenCalero Palacios which was pub-lished in 1974 and has become areference guide for other literaryworks.

By Eleanor Hawkins

La Herradura will noEVENT marked with a floral tribute in remembrance

REMEMBERED: Art exhibition.

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TWO exhibitions currentlyrunning at La Herradura’sCentro Civico are aiming tohonour sportswomen andpromote and encourageequal i ty in the sport ingworld.

The displays, on loanfrom the Ministry of Health,Social Services and Equali-ty’s Women and EqualRights Institute are aimed toprove that the presence ofwomen in the sports worldis now an undeniable factand encourage women andgirls to make sports and ex-ercise part of their day-to-day lives.

Although prejudices andstereotypes have unt i lrecent ly t r ied to keepwomen out of the worldof professional sportsin Spain, they are nowbreaking their way in andnotching up achievementsmany men would be proudof.

The displays in LaHerradura te l l the s toryof women and sport ,f rom the end of the19th century and pioneersports women to modernday f igures f rom sports-women to umpires and fed-eration leaders.

7NEWS 22 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa Tropical EWN

Women in sports world

ot forgete of those who died

MAKING sports part of day-to-day lives

TWO EXHIBITIONS: To honour sportswomen and encourage equality.

Telling the story.

LA HERRADURA is hold-ing its first festival in aid ofthe AECC Spanish Associa-tion Against Cancer thisweekend.

The event has been or-ganised by local residentsand volunteers, who hopethe festival will become anannual event to allow LaHerradura to do its bit forthe cause on a yearly basis.

This year, local artists in-cluding Cosas Nuestraschoir, Cubanisimo musicalgroup, the Mora Diaz broth-ers, flamenco singer JoseAntonio Tello, guitaristRaul Ruiz and many otherswill attend.

The festival, supportedby the council, will be heldat Centro Civico starting at8pm on Saturday October24 and tickets at €3 areavailable from the AECCheadquarters at La Herradu-ra municipal market.

1st festivalin aid ofcancer

More bedsWORK is under way inTorrox to launch twonew hotels and increasethe number of beds by450 as the area works toreturn to its former glo-ry as a tourist destina-tion.

New arrivalWORLD VYPMAR, acardboard box suppli-er to agricultural busi-nesses in Granada andMalaga, was the firstto set up shop inMotril Port’s new busi-ness zone last week.


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TWO stands were set up in Almuñecar onby the AECC (Spanish AssociationAgainst Cancer) to raise awareness in thearea in preparation for World Breast Can-cer Day, Monday 19.

The stands were placed on Plaza de laConstitucion by the town hall and at theentrance to the market and were staffedfrom 9am to 1.30pm by volunteers whodistributed leaflets and pink ribbons.

More than 63,000 people in Spain areaffected by breast cancer every year. Fortyper cent of them required psychologicalsupport, which the association providesfree of charge both to patients and theirfamilies. “We want people diagnosed withbreast cancer to feel they are not aloneand know they can count on our support.We have volunteers who have won thefight against cancer and provide supportin hospitals, at centres and in home vis-its,” the association stated.

ALMUÑECAR volunteers manned stands

9NEWS EWN22 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa Tropical

Setting out stalls forBreast Cancer Day

Breathing new lifeinto historical centre VELEZ-MALAGA Council, the mayor has announced, intendsto bring new life to the historical centre and recover emblematicbuildings.

Mayor Antonio Moreno Ferrer, accompanied by Town Plan-ning Councillor Cynthia Garcia, paid a visit to Los Positos, an18th century building near Plaza de la Constitucion, to see howrenovation works were progressing.

LOCAL politicians joinedAmanecer de la Torre women’sassociation last week at aprotest outside the unused Torrede Benagalbon health centre todemand it be put into service.

The premises were built

more than three years ago with€600,000 of funds from the so-called Zapatero Plan, yet theJunta de Andalucia regionalgovernment has still not sup-plied resources or staff for thecentre.

Open health centre call

RAISING AWARENESS: Supporters handed out pink ribbons.

By Eleanor Hawkins

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ELIAS BENDODO, President of

Malaga Provincial Council, paida visit to the site of Nerja’s futurefire station last week.

The facility, which local resi-dents will be welcoming withopen arms, will take the place of

NEWS22 - 28 October 2015/ Axarquía - Costa Tropical www.euroweeklynews.comEWN10

NEW facility will provide service to a

Nerja fire stationfinished ahead ofBy Eleanor Hawkins

Motril police stopattempted suicideMOTRIL’S Citizen Security Councillor MariaAngeles Escamez reported that Local Policeofficers were sent out last Saturday to searchfor a man who had made an anonymous call toa health centre saying he was going to kill him-self.

After hearing reports of a man with bits ofrope entering a home in the eastern part oftown, the officers arrived just in time to stop

him from hanging himself. After receivingmedical treatment, the man was said to be in astable condition.

In another incident, officers saw a couple ar-guing on the street and as they watched theman punched the woman, knocking her to thefloor in front of their daughter. He was duly ar-rested and handed over to Motril’s dutycourt on Monday, the police force reported. SUIC

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GUARDIA Civil off icershave arrested a 21-year-oldMoroccan man with a previ-ous record for al legedlysnatching two women’shandbags in Almuñecar.

The first theft took placeon October 14 at about8.45am on Calle Baracoa.The victim reported that ayoung man on a mountainbike grabbed her bag, whichcontained €140 in cash andher mobile phone. Thewoman described the man asyoung, tal l and wearing adark brown jacket and awoolly hat.

Three hours later, a wit-ness phoned the police to re-port that a young man hadbeen seen trying to snatch awoman’s handbag on Paseodel Altillo.

A patrol was sent to thearea and spotted a manmatching the descriptionsgiven sunbathing on Puertadel Mar beach. There was abrown jacket next to the sus-

pect, and the mobile phonereported stolen by the firstvictim was found in one ofthe pockets.

Following his arrest, theAlmuñecar duty judge or-dered the suspect to be takento Albolote Prison.

about 48 people in several towns

11NEWS EWN22 - 28 October 2015/ Axarquía - Costa Tropical

Alleged bag-snatchercaught sunning himself

n work will bef schedule

the provincial fire brigade sta-tion in the area and provide ser-vice to about 48,000 people in

Nerja, Torrox, Competa, Frig-iliana and part of Algarrobo.

Nerja, Bendodo said, is a

growing town where the popula-tion and amount of tourists areincreasing steadily, meaning itneeds better emergency ser-vices. The work, he reported,should be finished by the end ofthis year, four months ahead ofschedule.

The fire station has a€934,858 budget, 56.7 per centof which was provided by theprovincial council and the restby the local council, to build ona 3,661-square-metre plot byAvenida Antonio Villasclarasnext to the access road into townfrom the A7 motorway.

Malaga company Sando,known for its pioneering workersafety system called SafePemp,which reduces the risk of acci-dents on elevating platforms, isin charge of the work.

IDE THWARTED: Local Police saved the day.

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NEWS22 - 28 October 2015/ Axarquía - Costa Tropical www.euroweeklynews.comEWN12

LOCAL schools in Motrilwill be hosting Romaniancourses for children to en-sure those of Romanian ori-gin do not lose their roots.

Education CouncillorMercedes Sanchez an-nounced the courses,arranged in collaborationwith the Romanian Lan-guage Institute and Ministryof Education, Investigation,Youth and Sports, and areaimed at children betweenthe ages of three and 18.

“There is a considerablenumber of young people ofRomanian origin in Motrilwho are interested in learn-ing more about their ances-tors’ traditions, culture andlanguage,” Sanchez said.

MOTRIL believes Romanian children should not lose their roots

By Eleanor Hawkins

Toys for allchildrenCHRISTMAS is approachingand businesses in Almuñecar arethinking up ways to boost theirincome and help out at the sametime.

During a meeting with Com-merce Councillor Rafael Ca-ballero, local businesspeoplepledged to hold a raffle to raisefunds for the No Child WithoutA Toy charity campaign, whichworks to make sure no young-sters are left without a gift atChristmas.

The charity drive runs fromDecember 4 to January 4 andparticipating businesses will beacquiring raffle tickets to giveout to customers who spend overa set amount. These tickets willgo in for a draw on January 8 forprizes donated by the businesses.

Ways to liven up the streets forthe Christmas shopping periodincluding having music, activi-ties and Santa on hand, were alsodiscussed at the meeting, andbusiness-owners agreed to openon Sunday December 6 from10am to 2pm.

Keeping Romaniantraditions alive

MAINTAINING CULTURE: Councillor Mercedes Sanchez announced the courses.

IN an effort to boost use of thepublic car park at Velez-Mala-ga’s Plaza del Carmen, localbusinesses will be giving out1,000 vouchers for 30 minutesfree parking and locals can rentparking spaces at €50 a month.


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Page 14: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

and this was just one of the many tri-als that she faced.

Her long l i s t of achievements ,which include medals and awards forher work, has been reached bysteady, constant hard work combinedwith her strongest points - persever-ance, empathy, patience and compas-sion - which she refuses to refer to aswork.

“My work isn’t work. I love what Ido. I’ve got where I am by persever-ing through thick and thin, never tak-ing my eyes off my goal and alwayslooking ahead,” she explained.

So what was the hardes t par t?Swimming amongst sharks , she

quickly replied, and what she callsher greatest weakness: falling apartat the sight of children and elderly

people suffering.Having come so far, many would

now be happy to rest on their laurels

and admire what they’ve worked hardto create , but not Maria Jose. Shestill has a list of projects and dreamsshe fully intends to put into effect butshe also expects in five years’ time,to still be in her office with her teamand her family around her.

After such a busy life, there musthave been many moments worth amention, yet she firmly stated thatthe best part had been watching themiracle of life in action: watchingher children grow up and her busi-ness do the same.

Medals, thousands of lives saved, abusiness to envy, what is Maria Joseproudest of?

“The loyal people who love theirwork and walk by my side, my chil-dren and my mother,” she told us.

Maria Jose i s a ro le model formany women who know her, but shesaid she has never really tried to belike anyone else. “Our role is alreadyinside us; all I’ve done is look insidemyself and fight to always be myself.

“We can’t live through other peo-ple’s dreams or try to be like some-one else,” she said.


By Eleanor Hawkins

ALTHOUGH the name MariaJose Cañete may not mean alot to some people, she is theheart and soul of HelicopterosSani tar ios , Spain’s leadingemergency service and homemedical assistance company. Itwas the first in Spain to offerboth roadside and home med-ical assistance.

Money has not been the dri-ving force behind Maria Jose’sbrainchild. Launched in 1988,the company is the product ofher lifelong desire to help andcare for people.

Today, her innovation em-ploys more than 200 highlyqualif ied professionals whohave dealt with more than 1.2million medical emergenciesand directly saved more than14,000 lives.

When asked, Maria Jose toldus that her best achievement inlife had been managing to stickto her principles and gain therespect and loyal ty of thoseshe cares for. Preferring not tospeak of failures, she said hergreatest discovery was realis-ing that goodness and honestyare not actually part of humannature.

This taught her that decep-t ion and pain should neverstop her in her tracks, and toremember that even wheneveryone else seems to be run-ning past her, she should stillpersevere and keep putting onefoot in front of the other.

Amazingly, in order to setup the service, she had to fol-low all of the protocol requiredto run a full airline company

EURO WOMEN PAGE 22 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa Tropical www.euroweeklynews.com14

Our Euro Womenseries is featuringwomen who havemade a success of theirlives in Spain. Theseoutstanding ladieshave been shatteringglass ceilings whetherin business, charitywork or sports.

Maria Jose is a rolemodel for those whoknow her, but she triesto be her own person.

Do you know a Euro Woman? If you do please drop us a line at [email protected] giving full contact details and why you feel they deserve to be honoured.As well as being featured in the EWN a book is being produced for Christmas with all profits going to charitable organisations.

Fact fileOur role is

already insideus; all I’ve done

is look inside myself andfight to always be

myself. We can’t livethrough other people’s

dreams or try to be likesomeone else

Name: Maria Jose Cañete

Age: Over 21

Profession: President CEO of Helicopteros Sanitarios

Where from originally: Born in Lucena, Cordoba

Lives now: Helicopteros Sanitarios, Marbella

Nature or nurture: Nature if you’re a genius, otherwise nurture

Pets: One rescue dog, another two small dogs and a beautiful

little cat

Languages: Spanish, English and experienced in understand-

ing the language of the heart

Book or TV: Good books AND good TV

Favourite title: Cinema Paradiso, ET, Hachiko

The big picture or the finer details: The big picture always

needs details adding in

The inspirational woman behind Helicopteros SanitariosMARIA JOSE CAÑETE: Still has a list of projects and dreams she fully intends to put into effect in the future.

Blessed with a caring heart...

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15NEWS EWN22 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa Tropical

Kids get on their bikes

PUPILS from Josefina Aldecoa Infant and PrimarySchool in Torre de Benagalbon will be cycling to andfrom school on Thursdays as part of a cycle to schoolscheme launched by the council and the Local Police.

The scheme aims to encourage cycling as a meansof transport and there will be two routes: one fromChilches and another from La Cala del Moral. Bothroutes run along the coastal path and will meet at LasGaviotas urbanisation and continue to the school

across the Macharaviaya roundabout.There and back the distance is about four kilome-

tres, the council reported, and cyclists will be accom-panied by two Local Police officers from Rincon de laVictoria.

Local Mayor Encarnacion Anaya said: “It is a pro-ject that will teach children basic road safety rulesand the Highway Code as well as promote sustainabletransport.”

Meetings will be held to spread the project to in-clude other local schools.

Fruity catchMOTRIL Local Police offi-cers arrested a 37-year-oldman last week for allegedtheft. The man was unableto tell the officers where the30 kilos of custard appleshe was carrying came fromor prove he owned them.

Cyclist diesA NERJA man died of aheart attack last weekwhile out on a bike ride.Witnesses called emer-gency services to attend toa man lying in the roadby Tamango Hill urbani-sation, but attempts to re-vive him failed.

Lotto luck TICKETS numbered24,083, which won€300,000 per number onthe Loteria Nacional onThursday October 15, weresold in Adeodato Altamira-no in Velez-Malaga, thelottery organisers said.

Malaga’sexports areon the upMALAGA is the Andalucian provincethat registered the largest growth in ex-ports over the first seven months of thisyear, reaching €1.05 billion, 16 percent more than the same period in2014.

The news was announced by regionalgovernment delegate Jose Luis RuizEspejo at an export event for small andmedium businesses in Malaga lastweek, which 400 people took part in.

Although Malaga is still sixth in An-dalucia for total exports, it registered amuch larger increase than Spain as awhole, where they rose 5.5 per cent, orAndalucia as a whole where they fellby 3.5 per cent.

Malaga’s ideal position within Eu-rope but near Africa and with relativelyeasy access to America, is helping it togrow in exports, Malaga City MayorFrancisco de la Torre declared, and therecession has encouraged local busi-nesses to look abroad for business in anaim to keep afloat.

By Eleanor Hawkins

READY: Teachers, parents and monitors before accompanying pupils on their two-wheeled school run.


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WHEN the final date and the finalwording for what is known as theBrexit (British exit from the EU)referendum are revealed, undercurrent rules there will be a wholeswathe of British passport-holdersaround the world who will not beeligible to have their say.

The irony is that anyone who hasbeen out of the UK for less than 15years, no matter where they areresident now, will be eligible tovote, as will Gibraltarians who arerepresented in the EU by the MEPfor South West England, as well asCypriot, Ir ish, Maltese and allcommonwealth citizens resident inthe UK.

Anyone who is British-born butleft the UK more than 15 yearsago, however, will be denied thevote.

The Liberal Democrat party isnow proposing an amendment to

the Referendum Bill , al lowingBritish citizens resident in the EUto vote in this referendum despite

the fact that whilst in Government,they were opposed to such anamendment. The British Govern-

ment has itself proposed a ‘Votesfor Life’ Bill to let all expats votein perpetuity at general elections

but only plan to bring this forwardafter the referendum.

Some will argue that if peoplehave turned their back on Britainand have moved away, then whyshould they be allowed to try to in-fluence a final decision. But otherswould suggest that pensioners inparticular will have contributed andpossibly still do to the economyand if they have the right to returnto their country of birth, then theyshould also have the right to casttheir vote with regards to its future.

Time will tell whether this matterwill be reviewed prior to thereferendum but with an estimatedone million people affected, ifpeople are sufficiently interested,they could consider setting up apetition on the 10 Downing Streetwebsite Or they canwrite to each of the political partiesinforming them of their wishes tohave the democratic right to vote.

Many British expats will not havethe right to vote in EU referendumBy John Smith

ANYONE who left the UK more than 15 years ago will not be eligible to have their say

GLOVES ARE OFF: Democratic right to vote will be denied to an estimated one million people.


o Cr









A MAN has been arrested in Rincon dela Victoria suspected of being behind awave of break-ins which had been wor-rying local residents and business own-ers.

Since August, at least eight businesspremises and 10 homes including that of

a local policeman have been burgled,causing locals to worry about whowould be the next target.

Investigations, fingerprints and CCTVrecordings led the Guardia Civil to iden-t i fy the suspect , who has a previousrecord for similar offences.

Burglary suspect is arrested

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NEWS22 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa Tropical www.euroweeklynews.comEWN18

REGIONAL Councillor for the Treasury andPublic Administration of Andalucia, Maria Je-sus Montero, has announced the intention toincrease the overall regional budget by 3 percent to just over €30 billion, which amongstother measures, would allow for the employ-ment of an additional 218 doctors and 360teachers.

The proposal, which was agreed in principle

on October 13 between the PSOE and Ciu-dadanos, is expected to be approved by thegoverning council and then parliament.

Other good news included a decision to pro-pose a small reduction in regional income taxfor those earning less than €60,000, additionalassistance for the self-employed and the closingof 18 public organisations which are considereduneconomic or surplus to requirements.

A giantdatabasefor tourism

More teachers anddoctors for Andalucia

Local runners lead theSpanish group in London

PLANS to increase regional budget by 3 per cent

GOOD NEWS: Regional Councillor Maria Jesus Montero makes the announcement.

ANDALUCIA’S tourism sec-tor intends to create itsbiggest ever database com-piled from tourists’ commentsand habits on the internet.

The database, Tourism andSports Delegate for the Juntade Andalucia regional gov-ernment, Francisco JavierFernandez, has announcedwill be set up in an effort tomake the most of all the in-formation to spot trends andtake opinions into account toboost the industry.

The tool will be placed atthe disposal of both the publicand private tourism sectors tohelp create policies that givetourists what they want fromthe destination.

While the internet is so fullof comments on and refer-ences to the area that theywould all be impossible toread, Fernandez said, theright programs can do so injust minutes, as well as sortand analyse them.









ALMUÑECAR athletes Marite and Fernando Cabrera, Javier del Castillo and Jesusand Paco Salado (pictured left to right) led the Spanish participants at the RoyalParks Foundation half marathon in London.

This year a total of 21,000 runners took part in the event, which is held near HydePark every October.

COMPETING: Athletes from Almuñecar.

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NEWS22 - 28 October 2015/ Axarquía - Costa Tropical www.euroweeklynews.comEWN20

For more local news from our five other regions see EWN top for all the news from Spain.

Fire prevention in Adramade fun for children


FIREFIGHTERS demonstrated to hundredsof Adra children how to prevent fires and

protect themselves if they were ever faced withone.

The Pago del Lugar was filled with inflatable at-tractions and educational games which were usedto illustrate the steps that the children ought to takein the event of an emergency.

The Adra demonstration brought to an end the10th edition of Fire Prevention Week with a travel-ling display and activities that were aimed princi-pally at the young.

Some of the youngsters who attended the eventsaid it had been good fun and they learned a lot.EMERGENCY SITUATION: Seeing how it’s done through play.


AttractinggolfersTEN Norwegian tour oper-ators specialising in golfingholidays have been on avisit to San Roque to dis-cover what the town has tooffer for golfers and theircompanions.

Malaga pupilsget snack bags ONE month after the newschool year began, childrenin need in Malaga Provincehave started to receive theirfree afternoon snack bags atschool.

Jellyfish appgains users PEOPLE in MalagaProvince are increasinglyusing Infomedusa, a mo-bile app which reports onthe presence of jellyfishand other conditions on thebeaches along the coast-line.

Fatal crashA DRIVER died on Thurs-day, October 15, uponcrashing his car into a wallof the Churriana tunnel onthe A7 motorway nearMalaga City, the 112 Emer-gency Services Andaluciareported.

Lotto luck TICKETS numbered24,083, which won€300,000 per number onthe Loteria Nacional onThursday October 15, weresold on Calle Marques delDuero in San Pedro, the na-tional lottery organisers an-nounced.

Crop theft A MAN has been arrestedin the Guadalhorce Valleyfor allegedly stealing avo-cados and other crops fromfarms in Alhaurin elGrande, Alhaurin de laTorre and Cartama.


Mayor’s passingFORMER Mayor of Alicante, Fernan-do Flores, has died at the age of 95.He was Mayor between 1963 and1966 and President of the Chamber ofCommerce of Alicante from 1967 to1982.

Marble deathA QUARRY worker was killed in anaccident in the Murcian municipalityof Cehegin when a piece of marblefell and hit him on the head.

Forecourt hold-upA PETROL station was robbed atgunpoint in Fuente Alamo, Murcia.The amount taken has not been re-leased. There were no injuries butthe pump attendant was treated forshock.

Landfill protestRESIDENTS have protested at thegates of the Fontcalent rubbish plantin Alicante, denouncing the smell andhealth risk to neighbours of the land-fill site.

Polluted water WATER samples from the Jucar, test-ed at the University of Alicante, havebeen found to have traces of pesti-cides. The water is sent to theprovince for irrigation and drinking.


More flightsAIRLINE Jet2 Holidays will increasethe number of flights to the UK fromFebruary with new connections to Leeds,Manchester and Edinburgh, in an at-tempt to attract more tourists during thelow season.

Marriages overTHERE were 1,672 divorces, separa-tions and annulments in the Balearic Is-lands in the first six months of 2015. Ac-cording to the General Council of theJudiciary, there were 1,067 consensualdivorces and 532 non-consensual ones.

Bees removedFIREFIGHTERS attended a house inPollença to remove a large beehive. Asthe bees are a protected species, the firecrew from Alcudia wanted to remove thehoneycomb without them being harmed.

Dolphin foundA STRIPED DOLPHIN calf was founddead on the rocks at es Calo d’es Monjoin Calvia. The metre-long dolphin,weighing 15 kilos, was examined by bi-ologists from Palma Aquarium.

Runaway busTWO parked cars were damaged inSoller when a bus crashed into them. Itwas parked on a hill and the handbrakewas not on properly. No-one was hurt.


Gender violenceTHE Council for Equality of Women inBenidorm is organising events to com-memorate International Day for theElimination of Violence against Womenon November 25. So far this year morethan 30 women have been killed by theirpartners or former partners.

Medical advanceA NEW technique discovered at the Uni-versity General Hospital of Elche helpsreduce blood glucose and improve in-sulin resistance. The pioneering tech-nique improves the glycemic profile ofpatients with Type 2 diabetes.

Reality TV show A UKRAINIAN television networkhas chosen Elche’s palm groves tofilm a new reality TV show. The serieswill help promote the city in Ukraine,with the last series broadcast to over27 million viewers.

Monster showTHE Ciutat Esportiva Camilo Canowill host the Hollywood Motor Showfrom October 23 to 25, a spectacularperformance that will see the partici-pation of 14 Monster Trucks. Theshow will give spectators the thrill ofseeing action film stunts like those inthe movies up close and personal, withspecial effects, stunts, explosions,staged accidents and a lot more.


Tourist infoMOJACAR’S tourist information officehandled more than 1,000 enquiries overthe ‘Pilar’ long weekend, mainly fromSpanish visitors from Andalucia, the Va-lencian Community, Murcia and Madrid.

Taxing timeALMERIA senior citizens who haveworked abroad and now receive foreignpensions demonstrated in the city earlierthis week. They were given neither timenor help in resolving their tax position,they complained.

Bar brawlA VICAR resident received an 18-month prison term and was fined€3,200 for punching another man dur-ing an argument in a pub and breakingone of his teeth.

Moonstruck riderA COMPETITOR in a Padules cyclerace who mooned at jeering friends afterfinishing last has been cleared of exhibi-tionism by an Almeria criminal court.

Getting hitchedEIGHTY-FIVE of the 3,144 wed-dings in Andalucia last year were be-tween same-sex couples. Of these,206 corresponded to AlmeriaProvince whose three gay marriageswere all between women.

INFLATABLES and games made learning about a serious subject more enjoyable

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FEATURE22 - 28 October 2015/ Axarquía - Costa Tropical www.euroweeklynews.comEWN22

WINTER weather in Spain can vary fromyear to year and snowfall on the south coast isunlikely. However, if your car is parked out-side during the worst of the winter months,there are some simple steps you can take toprepare your car for winter.


Lights, heaters and wipers put high de-mands on the car battery and have to workharder in colder weather. If your battery isover five years old it may be time to shoparound for a replacement. Top up your wind-screen wash with a more concentrated mix ofantifreeze. Give locks and mechanisms aspray with WD40.

BEING PREPAREDMake sure you have a phone charger in the

car should you need to call for assistance. Inthe event you get stranded, there are someitems that will make a difference; carry someblankets, a folding shovel, jump leads, tow-bar and tow rope. If colder weather is forecast,make sure you have a full tank of fuel, as youmay need to keep the engine running to staywarm until help arrives. Check your insurance

policy covers you for emergency breakdownand recovery. Línea Directa provides for RoadAssistance in their car insurance policies. Thisensures that you receive immediate assistanceby phone 24 hours a day.

ROAD SAFETYDuring the winter, driving conditions can

become challenging. Winter tyres or coldweather tyres mean shorter stopping distances,reduce aquaplaning and improve handling.Road safety experts recommend 3mm of tyredepth as a minimum for winter driving.

WINTER DRIVINGBreakdowns are more common in winter.

For safe trouble-free driving we recommendgentle manoeuvres, as stopping distances are10 times longer in snow and ice. To avoidwheel spin, pull away in second gear, easingyour foot gently off the clutch. Maintain aconstant speed where possible, if you need tobreak, then do so gently and progressively.Leave plenty of room between you and the carin front. If you get stuck, straighten the steer-ing and clear any excess build up of snowfrom the wheels. Once your car is moving,maintain a constant speed.

Advertising feature

Preparing your carfor winter months

STOPPING DISTANCES: Are 10 times longer in snow and ice.

We hope the information provided in this article is of interest.If you would like to contact Línea Directa please call 902 123 309More information on Línea Directa online at

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IN an effort to ease the transition from prima-ry to secondary school and fight absenteeism,Velez-Malaga’s Social Services Departmenthas written a guide book for new secondaryschool students’ families and teachers.

This academic year, 950 youngsters havestarted secondary school in the town, SocialServices Councillor Zoila Martin said, and the

new manual aims to help their parents and tu-tors help them get to grips with their new en-vironment.

Differences between primary and sec-ondary school, changes experienced inteenage years, changing family circumstancesand relations between families and schools arejust some of the subjects featured in the guide,also be available from the council’s website.

Helping studentsmake the changeBy Eleanor Hawkins

EASING the transition from primary to secondary

RINCON de la Victoria’s Cul-ture Department has movedfrom Antonio de Hilaria publiclibrary to municipal premises inthe town centre in an aim to getcloser to the public, the councilhas announced.

The new offices will openfrom 8.30am to 2pm. Phonenumbers have not changed.

Dangerous road isclosed due to erosionTHE road from Motril to Lujar has had to be closed to traffic forthe time being due to damage caused by recent rains.

Jose Maria Villegas, Public Works and Housing delegate forGranada Provincial Council, visited the road and declared it un-safe for traffic, and an alternative route has been created along theLujar-Los Carlos road. Fire that ravaged the area some time agodestroyed the vegetation, leaving the ground vulnerable to erosion.

Moving closer

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A BRITISH man who survived theISIS terror attack on a Tunisianbeach has returned to the countryfour months later to thank the localswho saved him and his wife.

Beckham’s buyA GLOUCESTERSHIRE country-

side mansion could be the new Beck-ingham Palace as David and VictoriaBeckham are reportedly eyeing up theproperty to be their new family home.

Divorce payoutsTWO divorcees have won a Supreme

Court battle to get more money fromtheir husbands after they lied abouttheir wealth in the initial divorce pro-ceedings. The landmark ruling couldopen floodgates for previous divorceagreements to be revisited.

Chef’s loss THIEVES ransacked the home of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s

five-bedroom London home and stole thousands of pounds worth ofproperty from his basement after breaking in through the garage.


World’s firstSWEDEN: Has opened

the world’s first male rapecentre in Stockholm to en-sure gender equal patientcare. In 2014, some 370cases of sexual assault onmen or boys were reportedacross Sweden.

Report deniedDENMARK: Royal

House in Denmark hasmade the unusual move ofsending out a press releaseto deny a gossip magazine’sreport that Princess Mariehad undergone breast en-hancement surgery over thesummer.


SWEDEN: Swedish andFinnish police have togetherbroken down a network be-lieved to be responsible forsmuggling more than a hun-dred refugees, mainly Iraqinationals, across the border.

Ikea pleaSWEDEN: Ukraine’s

economy minister haspleaded with Ikea to open inthe country, saying it wouldshow they were seriousabout fighting corruption,something that reportedlycaused the Swedish furni-ture giant to pull out of pre-vious plans.

Green islandDENMARK: The island

of Samso in Denmark,which plans to be complete-ly off fossil fuels by 2030,is being jeopardised by thegovernment’s planned bud-get cuts.

More routesNORWAY: Airlines SAS

and Norwegian both an-nounced they plan more in-ternational options for trav-ellers from Copenhagenairport, which will includeroutes to Boston, Rio deJaneiro, Delhi and CapeTown.

PRIME MINISTER Mark Ruttehas defended the hike in allowancesfor the Dutch royal family and theirtax free status. The government an-nounced in September that the king isto get a pay rise of €43,000.

Asylum seekersTHE HAGUE has agreed plans to

house an additional 700 asylum seek-ers in the city, with just the anti-Islam

PVV and the senior party votingagainst the proposal.

Record resignationsA RECORD number of 11 mayors

have resigned so far this year in Hol-

land with five deciding to quit be-cause of the atmosphere in townhalls.

Unemployment upDUTCH unemployment rate re-

mains at 6.8 per cent in the thirdquarter of this year. The numberof jobless people rose from603,000 in June to 607,000 inSeptember.

Working mumsA NEW study shows that

German women are some ofthe most pessimistic in the de-veloped world about the effectstarting a family will have ontheir career with only 21 percent thinking having a childwill not ruin their careers.

Speed limits A NEW survey shows that

a majority of Germans are infavour of speed limits on theAutobahn, famously free ofspeed limits. Fifty-six percent of the public would bein favour of a speed limit of150 km/h on their motor-ways.

Music policePOLICE were called after

a ‘Help’ sign was seen on acar window screen. It wasposted by a teenage boy whocould no longer take listeningto his father’s taste in music.The teenager was apparentlyunaware of the repercussionsof his action.

VW recallVOLKSWAGEN will be

required to recall 2.4 millioncars under orders from Ger-man authorities who say thecompany is not acting quicklyenough in light of the emis-sions scandal.

UN mission GERMAN soldiers are

expected to be sent tostrengthen the UN mission inthe North African country ofMali in 2016, supportingDutch troops. Germany iscurrently engaged in an EUtraining mission in the southof Mali.

World’s worstburglar

A MAN had to call the po-lice on himself after gettinglocked inside a house inBonn, Germany, that he wastrying to loot after breakingin.

Film festivalMERYL STREEP is to

head up the jury at Germany’srenowned film festival theBerlinale in 2016.






Pay rise for the royal family


MARK RUTTE: The Dutch Prime Minister has defended the rise in allowances.

RETURNED to Tunisia

Thank you

KING will receive €43,000 extra


Home has been


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25NEWS 22 - 28 October / Axarquía - Costa Tropical EWN

RUSSIA could once againpermit selling beer at sportingevents to increase revenues forevent organisers. The SportsMinister said that it is time toconsider removing the ban.

Bear killedRUSSIAN police shot and

killed a bear after it rampagedthrough a shopping centre inthe eastern city of Khabarovsk.Police said the bear had becomeagitated from wounds receivedfrom broken glass in the shop-ping centre.

Spy jailedA UKRAINIAN national was

sentenced to six years in prisonafter being convicted by aMoscow court of espionage andattempting to buy secret com-ponents for surface-to-air mis-sile systems.


THE state-funded Antarcticexpedition has halted its re-search due to a lack of funding.The expedition is financed di-rectly from the federal budget.

Treason triplesCONVICTIONS for treason

in Russia tripled in 2014 and itis believed the figure is to risethis year as relations with theWest deteriorate. Officials asso-ciate connections with foreignorganisations as a possiblethreat to national security.


A MAN was arrested for try-ing to break into the Kremlin.The 49-year-old said he wantedto speak with PresidentVladimir Putin. After arrest hewas sent to the closest psychi-atric hospital.

Embassy shellsTHE Russian Embassy in the

Syrian capital was targeted byrebels and shells were fired as

hundreds of pro-governmentsupporters gathered outside thecompound to thank Moscowfor its intervention in Syria.

Best filmDIRECTOR Roman Super’s

‘On the Tips of the Fingers’about a woman suffering fromEB, the Butterfly Disease, wonthe prize for best film at theRussian Documentary FilmFestival in New York.

Veterans visitTHREE British Arctic Con-

voy veterans defied what theycalled ‘misleading guidance’from the British foreign officeand made a trip to Russia tocommemorate the heroism andsacrifice of sailors who tookpart in the wartime convoys.


RUSSIAN officials are no longerpermitted to fly with inter-national airlines onbusiness trips. Of-ficial trips canonly use Russ-ian carriers orthe airlines of oth-er members of theEurasian Economic Union.

No beer banIT’S time to consider selling beer again

No fly

BEER FOR SALE: Could once again be available at sporting events.

OFFICIAL TRIPS: Only on Russian carriers.

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By Declan Scanlan

CREDIT SUISSE published a re-port on Tuesday October 13, whichshows that the number of million-aires in Spain has fallen by almosta quarter over the last 12 months.

At present there are 360,000people who are in a posi t ion toshow personal assets of at least $1million which is around €900,000.

This represents a 21 percent drop, 94,000people, from figures

produced last year.Credit Suisse presented the snap-

shot of Spanish wealth in its GlobalWealth Data Book 2015 report andSpain is ranked number nineamong countries that have lost themost millionaires in the last year.

SECURITY FEATURES: Include a portrait watermark.


IBEX 35 +0.52%

THOSE over 30 who are unem-ployed but intend to become self-employed will from October 17be able to claim their entire un-employment benefit in one pay-ment in an effort to assist peopleto get back to work.

I t i s es t imated that up to150,000 men and women in Spainwould be able to apply for thisoption.

THE European Central Bankhas co-ordinated the design ofa new €20 note with addition-al security features which willenter into circulation on No-vember 25.

An independent banknotedesigner, Reinhold Gerstetter,based in Berlin, was selectedto refresh the design of thenotes so they now take into ac-count the countries that havejoined the EU since 2002.

The main design changesare the map of Europe showsMalta and Cyprus, ‘euro’ is

written in Cyrillic in additionto the Latin and Greek alpha-bets, and the initials of theECB appear in nine - insteadof five - linguistic variants.

New security features in-clude a hologram, a portraitwatermark and raised lineswhich can be felt by touch.

This latest note follows theintroduction of new designsfor the €5 and €10 notes andit is planned all of the originaldesigns will be reissued withenhanced security features tocombat counterfeiting.

€20 bank notehas been updated

Primark nowin MadridPRIMARK has opened anew store of 12,400 cubicmetres in the Gran ViaMadrid. This will be itslargest shop in Spain andclearly expects a large foot-fall.

Good news THERE was good news onthe job front for many peo-ple in Britain as the num-ber of people to the end ofAugust in employment roseby 140,000 and the numberof unemployed was downby 79,000.

Wine bought MELBOURNE based Trea-sury Wine Estates (TWE) fa-mous for Penfolds, Rose-mount Estate and Wolf Blasswine brands has agreed topurchase the bulk of the wineportfolio of alcohol giant Di-ageo for £361 million (€505million). Diageo also ownsJohnnie Walker, Smirnoffvodka and Guinness.

ACCORDING to la tes t in format ion re -leased by the National Statistics Instituteon October 14, the September inf la t ionrate fel l to 1.1 per cent in September. Ifhowever the cost of food, electricity andfuel is removed from these figures, thenthere is an overall increase of 0.8 per cent.

The largest rises in September were forclothing up 11.9 per cent and vegetablesup 7.1 per cent, whilst there were signifi-cant falls in hotel accommodation and or-ganised travel, although this would havebeen expected as the tourist season cameto an end.

Latest inflation figures


is the number of people inSpain who are considered


Quote of the Week“It is not a political gimmick to have sound publicfinances,” Chancellor George Osborne on proposed

Charter for Budget Responsibility.



Help to getback to work

REPRESENTS a 21 per cent drop from last year’s figures

Fewer Spanish millionairesPh



it EC


FINANCEbusiness & legal

27Axarquía - Costa Tropical EWN22 - 28 October 2015

A EURO WEEKLY NEWS 6 PAGE SPECIAL SECTION // WWW.EWNBUSINESS.COMSTAT OF WEEK Social network giant Facebook paid just £4,327 (€6,057) in corporation tax in 2014, its latest UK results show.

Page 28: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

MMM 3M 148.70 -0.49 -0.33% 2.5MAXP American Express 77.21 +0.47 +0.61% 5.6MAAPL Apple 111.04 -0.82 -0.73% 39.2MBA Boeing 137.60 +0.21 +0.15% 3.2MCAT Caterpillar 69.68 -1.15 -1.62% 8.3MCVX Chevron 91.29 +0.57 +0.63% 7.8MCSCO Cisco 28.25 +0.10 +0.36% 19.9MKO Coca-Cola 42.02 +0.10 +0.24% 20.4MDIS Disney 108.24 +0.35 +0.32% 5.9MDD E I du Pont de Nemours and Co 57.27 +0.57 +1.01% 5.9MXOM Exxon Mobil 82.48 +1.00 +1.23% 14.3MGE General Electric 28.98 +0.95 +3.39% 142.0MGS Goldman Sachs 185.18 +0.22 +0.12% 3.0MHD Home Depot 122.74 +0.93 +0.76% 4.1MIBM IBM 150.39 +0.30 +0.20% 3.5MINTC Intel 33.04 +0.29 +0.89% 29.4MJNJ Johnson & Johnson 98.24 +1.09 +1.12% 9.5MJPM JPMorgan Chase 62.43 +0.54 +0.87% 17.5MMCD McDonald's 104.82 +1.16 +1.12% 7.2MMRK Merck 51.48 +0.76 +1.50% 11.1MMSFT Microsoft 47.51 +0.50 +1.06% 26.5MNKE Nike 130.47 +1.68 +1.30% 4.7MPFE Pfizer 34.41 +0.33 +0.97% 19.2MPG Procter & Gamble 74.90 +0.63 +0.85% 9.6MTRV Travelers Companies Inc 105.90 +0.94 +0.90% 1.9MUTX United Technologies 93.00 -0.18 -0.19% 3.1MUNH UnitedHealth 119.98 -0.19 -0.16% 4.4MVZ Verizon 44.70 +0.03 +0.07% 15.6MV Visa 76.00 +0.66 +0.88% 9.1MWMT Wal-Mart 58.89 -0.44 -0.74% 26.2M

Kleinwort Benson Elite PCC Ltd

Johnson Matthey 2,490.00 3.00 0.12 5,096.30Kingfisher 363.35 2.25 0.62 8,418.29Land Securities Group 1,301.50 5.50 0.42 10,245.44Legal & General Group 251.80 3.10 1.25 14,779.22Lloyds Banking Group ORD 75.68 0.48 0.64 53,673.05London Stock Exchange Grp 2,468.50 10.50 0.43 8,536.16Marks & Spencer Group 493.20 2.20 0.45 8,092.97Meggitt 474.35 2.55 0.54 3,715.93Merlin Entertainments 372.35 2.25 0.61 3,751.87Mondi 1,451.50 -0.50 -0.03 7,050.24Morrison (Wm) Supermarkets 175.45 0.65 0.37 4,081.74National Grid 933.05 4.65 0.50 34,733.44Next 7,725.00 50.00 0.65 11,733.05Old Mutual 212.20 2.80 1.34 10,315.37Pearson 1,194.00 11.00 0.93 9,704.01Persimmon 1,958.00 2.00 0.10 5,995.96Prudential 1,534.00 11.00 0.72 39,156.12Randgold Resources 4,487.50 -84.50 -1.85 4,257.90Reckitt Benckiser Group 6,142.50 30.50 0.50 43,655.37RELX 1,156.50 4.50 0.39 12,945.45Rio Tinto 2,477.00 -15.50 -0.62 35,062.68Rolls-Royce Group 687.25 1.75 0.26 12,603.56Royal Bank of Scotland Group 326.30 0.30 0.09 20,981.54Royal Dutch Shell 1,809.50 1.50 0.08 70,414.10Royal Dutch Shell 1,834.00 -0.50 -0.03 44,769.33Royal Mail 448.20 2.40 0.54 4,458.00RSA Insurance Group 409.15 1.65 0.40 4,143.29SABMiller 4,013.25 7.25 0.18 64,752.22Sage Group (The) 528.25 2.75 0.52 5,661.73Sainsbury (J) 266.45 1.55 0.59 5,088.52Schroders 2,829.00 14.00 0.50 6,362.53Severn Trent 2,259.00 12.00 0.53 5,344.70Shire 4,427.00 -84.00 -1.86 26,689.41Sky 1,079.00 2.00 0.19 18,513.82Smith & Nephew 1,156.50 9.50 0.83 10,258.67Smiths Group 1,015.00 6.00 0.59 3,983.30Sports Direct International 652.00 -0.50 -0.08 3,904.98SSE 1,570.00 14.00 0.90 15,452.11St James's Place 886.25 8.25 0.94 4,588.42Standard Chartered 750.80 2.80 0.37 19,043.76Standard Life 413.70 2.30 0.56 8,101.23Taylor Wimpey 190.30 0.10 0.05 6,188.08Tesco 197.93 0.98 0.50 16,024.84Travis Perkins 1,942.50 6.50 0.34 4,817.39TUI AG 1,217.00 7.00 0.58 7,097.90Unilever 2,933.00 16.00 0.55 37,438.51United Utilities Group 984.50 3.50 0.36 6,689.33Vodafone Group 210.45 1.15 0.55 55,491.09Whitbread 4,712.00 21.00 0.45 8,525.38Wolseley 3,740.50 23.50 0.63 9,666.32WPP Group 1,438.50 6.50 0.45 18,690.96

Most AdvancedRockwell Medical, Inc. $ 13.46 2.37 ▲ 21.37%Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc. $ 31.65 3.72 ▲ 13.32%Weibo Corporation $ 15.54 1.81 ▲ 13.18%Covenant Transportation Group, Inc. $ 22.52 2.53 ▲ 12.66%Gibraltar Industries, Inc. $ 21.79 2.23 ▲ 11.40%PTC Therapeutics, Inc. $ 35.25 3.51 ▲ 11.06%XenoPort, Inc. $ 5.58 0.54 ▲ 10.71%Pernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. $ 4.06 0.39 ▲ 10.63%Innovative Solutions and Support, Inc. $ 2.84 0.27 ▲ 10.51%Repligen Corporation $ 30.27 2.80 ▲ 10.19%Turtle Beach Corporation $ 3.21 0.29 ▲ 9.93%

Most DeclinedZafgen, Inc. $ 10.36 10.66 ▼ 50.71%Cempra, Inc. $ 19.29 7.49 ▼ 27.97%Qumu Corporation $ 3.64 0.83 ▼ 18.57%MYR Group, Inc. $ 23.04 4.38 ▼ 15.97%Spirit Airlines, Inc. $ 42.38 7.68 ▼ 15.34%BofI Holding, Inc. $ 100.78 17.58 ▼ 14.85%Universal Display Corporation $ 35.05 4.24 ▼ 10.79%Horsehead Holding Corp. $ 3.88 0.45 ▼ 10.39%Universal Stainless & Alloy Products, Inc. $ 10.70 1.22 ▼ 10.23%HTG Molecular Diagnostics, Inc. $ 5.66 0.59 ▼ 9.44%U.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc. $ 2.06 0.21 ▼ 9.25%



3i Group 480.55 3.35 0.70 4,640.59Aberdeen Asset Management 345.30 0.90 0.26 4,564.07Admiral Group 1,595.00 -5.00 -0.31 4,465.73Anglo American 665.10 -10.20 -1.51 9,466.60Antofagasta 575.50 -4.00 -0.69 5,713.04ARM Holdings 982.50 7.50 0.77 13,724.12Ashtead Group 947.00 -2.50 -0.26 4,779.25Associated British Foods 3,293.00 -15.00 -0.45 26,188.58AstraZeneca 4,178.25 32.25 0.78 52,390.58Aviva 471.50 4.80 1.03 18,881.51Babcock International Group 975.00 0.50 0.05 4,915.92BAE Systems 457.00 2.10 0.46 14,393.03Barclays 254.05 3.25 1.30 42,067.67Barratt Developments 630.50 3.00 0.48 6,246.47Berkeley Group Holdings 3,221.00 28.00 0.88 4,363.46BG Group 1,094.00 2.50 0.23 37,276.79BHP Billiton 1,123.00 -6.50 -0.58 23,855.85BP 385.15 1.15 0.30 70,213.79British American Tobacco 3,850.50 20.50 0.54 71,398.26British Land Co 852.00 2.50 0.29 8,670.70BT Group 431.33 1.23 0.29 35,860.00Bunzl 1,842.50 15.50 0.85 6,121.86Burberry Group 1,281.50 4.50 0.35 5,680.52Capita Group (The) 1,267.50 3.50 0.28 8,394.16Carnival 3,432.50 37.50 1.10 7,338.41Centrica 238.60 0.90 0.38 11,824.46Coca-Cola HBC 1,521.50 8.50 0.56 5,513.27Compass Group 1,068.00 14.00 1.33 17,501.00CRH 1,754.00 0.00 0.00 14,405.60Diageo 1,845.00 8.50 0.46 46,178.64Direct Line Insurance Group 385.10 2.90 0.76 5,733.00Dixons Carphone 432.75 2.15 0.50 4,958.19easyJet 1,738.50 15.50 0.90 6,843.90Experian 1,095.50 9.50 0.87 10,734.31Fresnillo 746.25 -13.25 -1.74 5,596.71G4S 247.10 0.40 0.16 3,827.78GKN 272.95 2.65 0.98 4,454.69GlaxoSmithKline 1,355.00 9.00 0.67 65,499.16Glencore 114.83 -1.17 -1.01 16,919.99Hammerson 618.00 3.50 0.57 4,819.59Hargreaves Lansdown 1,397.00 1.00 0.07 6,621.49Hikma Pharmaceuticals 2,079.50 9.50 0.46 4,116.82HSBC Holdings 522.60 1.60 0.31 101,663.85Imperial Tobacco Group 3,496.50 6.50 0.19 33,402.47Inmarsat 929.00 4.00 0.43 4,158.57InterContinental Hotels Grp 2,304.00 17.00 0.74 5,400.00International Consolidated Air 599.00 2.50 0.42 12,164.63Intertek Group 2,593.50 7.50 0.29 4,172.82Intu Properties 346.55 2.65 0.77 4,550.21ITV 248.80 0.10 0.04 10,011.19



US dollar....................................................................1.13489Japan yen ................................................................135.476Switzerland franc ................................................1.08342Denmark kroner...................................................7.45983Norway kroner........................................................9.19521


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FINANCE, BUSINESS & LEGAL22 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa Tropical www.euroweeklynews.comEWN28

Page 29: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581
Page 30: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

By Declan ScanlanPABLO ISLA, the CEO ofSpanish fashion company In-ditex has been placed third inthe Harvard Business Re-view’s rankings of the mostsuccessful CEOs in the world.

The fashion company had anet profit of €2.5 billion forthe 2013-2014 financial year.With its net sales having risento €18.12 billion it is now thelargest clothing company inthe world by sales.

Isla, 51, is from Madridwhere he studied law atMadrid’s Complutense Uni-versity. The fashion CEO isnot the only Spanish leaderon the global rankings withtwo of his countrymen alsomaking the list.

At number 13 is the CEOof Spanish civil engineeringcompany ACS, FlorentinoPerez Rodriguez. InigoMeira, the head of construc-tion company Ferrovial , isplaced at number 51.

SUMMER can be a pricey season.Between holidays abroad, trips tothe beach and long lunches atchiringuitos, it’s possible you losttrack of your budget somewherealong the line.

But now that the evenings aregetting darker maybe it’s time tothink about reining in your spend-ing and using autumn to try and getback on track financially. Set your-self some instant saving challengesand get some money back in thebank, because before you know it,Chris tmas wil l be upon us andyou’ll be glad if you’re financiallyready and prepared.

Numerous studies show that peo-ple consistently spend more whenusing a credi t card, so why notconsider a credit card detox to getacquainted with your spendinghabits. It doesn’t have to be a long-term separation, simply try to livefor one month without using your

credit card. Credit cards can bedangerous because they are so con-venient. Whereas with cash, youare parting with a physical tender,so you’ll quickly notice when yourwallet is empty. A credit card detoxcan greatly help with cash flow is-sues, overspending and help reducethe cycle of debt.

One of the biggest drains to anyhousehold budget is the food-shop-ping bill. Yes, we have to eat, butthe next challenge is to try and cutthis usual spending in half.

Take a close look at the food youbuy and then for one month try andslash this bill in half. Stop buyingunnecessary food items like fizzydrinks, biscuits, cakes and choco-late. Your waistline will thank youfor it too. Commit to coming upwith a meal plan so as to buy on-ly what you need and reducewaste. And cut down onmeat, fish and diary,which tend to bemore expensivethan other items.

Using thesetactics, you cansave a loteach month.

And finally, get tough with your-self and have a ‘no spend’ month.For one month, buy only what youneed. While it may seem difficult,this challenge can real ly revealhow much you spend on your‘wants.’

It’s also a good way to exposeyour spending weaknesses, l ikeshopping when you’re bored ordepressed, or eat ing outwhen you’re stressed. Atthe end of the month,calculate your savingsand you’l l be guaran-teed your finances willbe better off.

By John SmithTWITTER, the highly successful so-cial media operation has announcedthat it will reduce its work force byabout 8 per cent which representssome 336 employees.

Jack Dorsey, the 39-year-old co-founder and now permanent CEO ofTwitter used more than the standard140 character message to advise hisstaff of his decision to streamline thecompany and gave an undertaking that‘We are doing this with the utmost re-spect for each and every person. Twit-ter will go to great lengths to take careof each individual by providing gener-ous exit packages and help finding anew job.’

It appears that the company is fi-nancially quite sound with profits re-maining steady, but they have beenunable to continue to encourage newusers and are being challenged bycompanies such as WhatsApp andSnapchat (who are also laying offstaff) hence the need to streamline.

As part of its strategy, it has ap-pointed former Google executiveOmid Kordestani as its new executivechairman.

Twitter tweets news of redundancy

Spanishexecutive intop three Loose change

Jane PlunkettA look at finance for females


o Cr





ia sh




TWITTER BANNER: On the front of the New York Stock Exchange building.

At the end of the month,

calculate yoursavings and you’ll

be guaranteed yourfinances willbe better off.

Try a spending detox for autumn

CREDIT CARDS:Can be dangerousbecause they areso convenient.

22 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa TropicalEWN30 FINANCE, BUSINESS & LEGAL

Page 31: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

AS a ghost-writer I might perhaps get lucky oneday. I will be invited to work on the humorousrecollections of a door-to-door salesman or lady ofthe night. Many people with a police, hotel, or en-tertainment background could possibly make moremoney by spilling the beans in a book.

There is much humour to be found in businessand many a true word is said in jest. Who sells thecheapest products, the manufacturer or whole-saler? The security guards do.

The employer was asked how many employeeshe had working for him. “Roughly half,” hereplied. Then there was the disgruntled employeewho protested that he was the only one being firedfor being caught sleeping on the job. His bossagreed but reminded him that he was the only onewho did so when sleeping with his wife.

We all know the Chinese make everything.A quick-witted wag retorted that the Chinesewall was the only Chinese product that lasted

more than four weeks.’Banks come in for some humour. The business

owner confronts his branch manager. “My chequehas been marked insufficient funds, you or me?”

The Spanish civil servant complained to her col-league. “Because of the recession the boss wantsus to do the same as three people. Thank God thereare five of us.”

Talking of Spain leads us to focus on the holi-day trade. The boss asks an employee if he likeswarm beer. The answer is an emphatic no. “Doyou like sweaty women?” Again, the em-ployee shakes his head. “Good,” theboss replies. “You take your holidaysin the peak of winter.”

A prospective employee wasasked why he had left hisprevious employment. Hereplied that the companyhad relocated but refused to tellhim where. Tax returns are said to bethe most popular fiction in the businesscommunity.

Shoppers bear the brunt of much jest. I am re-minded of the customer who complained that hisexpensively bought energy saving light bulb didn’twork. “It is an energy saver,” he was told. “It isn’tsupposed to work.”

Talking shop Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh was for 20 years Regional AssessmentManager for the Guild of Master Craftsmen, Britain’sbiggest quality assurance body for businesses. • 966 786 932

Taxreturnsare the

most popular fiction.

Humour in the business world

MUCH HUMOUR: Tobe found in business.

31FINANCE, BUSINESS & LEGAL 22 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa EWN

Page 32: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581
Page 33: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

AS far as I am concerned, anyone who can’taccept constructive criticism is either a fool oran insecure egotist. I have always welcomed it,and indeed am sometimes flattered that anyoneshould take the trouble to give their opinionand advice on my efforts as a columnist.

Then there are those who completely mis-construe my writing and send both myself andthe EWN sometimes insulting diatribes that Igenerally ignore. But not this time. The letterpublished last week fell perfectly into this lattercategory. It accused me of comparing ComradeCorbyn to Charles Manson. In fact, I did nosuch thing. I was actually comparing his AU-DIENCES with those of past cult leaders. Readit again and weep, Good Sir. Don’t worry, Idon’t expect an apology!

Then this week I received a missive from anardent Tom Jones fan, a lady who got my state-ments completely upside down. It was me whostated I would never dream of describing my

ex-wife as losing her spark. Not a Sir Tom re-buttal as you suggested. Although he did at-tempt a pathetic damage limitation exercise onThe Jonathan Ross Show by saying it was hiswife Linda who had made the statement andnot him. Another odious attempt to shift theblame and demean his wife even more. As forwriting on hearsay, I can assure you, madam,that I knew Tom well in the early years, shar-ing the same manager and occasionally thesame groupies! Our manager Gordon Millstragically died of cancer when quite young.

Gordon’s wife Jo was a beautiful person,who had a great deal of input into Tom’s earlyyears. I myself witnessed the sacrifices bothshe and Gordon endured while trying to launchhis early career. Jo died last year, virtually im-poverished, living in a London council flat. Atone stage she asked Sir Tom if he could helpher out. He ignored her and was, I understand,even heard to remark that he had Jo ‘on hisback’! He didn’t even bother attending her fu-neral. I know you’re a fan, love, sorry to disil-lusion you.

Keep the faith, Love [email protected]

33OPINION & COMMENT 22 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa EWN

Not an occasion to stay silent



I CAN endure constructive criticism but not misconstruction...

PATHETIC: Sir Tom Jones’s damage limitation attempt on The Jonathan Ross Show.

Page 34: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

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News8:00pm Emmerdale8:30pm Coronation Street9:00pm Tonight9:30pm Coronation Street10:00pm Skyfall11:00pm ITV News at Ten

and Weather11:45pm Skyfall1:25am Jackpot2474:00am The Jeremy Kyle

Show USA4:40am ITV Nightscreen

11:30am Sky Sports Originals - Ryan Giggs: A United Life

12:30pm NFL Highlights1:30pm Football Gold2:00pm Phil Tufnell

Interviewing Tony Adams

3:00pm Barclays Premier League World

3:30pm Premier League 100 Club

4:30pm Sky Sports Originals - Ryan Giggs: A United Life

5:30pm World Rugby6:00pm Game Changers6:30pm Premier League

100 Club7:00pm The Fantasy

Football Club8:00pm FL7211:15pm Barclays Premier

League Review11:45pm Football Gold12:00am The Premier

League Years

8:05am Emmerdale8:35am Emmerdale9:35am Dinner Date10:35am Psych11:25am The Real

Housewives of Atlanta

12:20pm The Real Housewives of Atlanta

1:10pm Emmerdale1:40pm Emmerdale2:40pm Dinner Date3:40pm The Jeremy Kyle

Show4:50pm The Jeremy Kyle

Show5:55pm The Jeremy Kyle

Show7:00pm Judge Rinder8:00pm Funniest Ever

You've Been Framed!

9:00pm Two and a Half Men

9:30pm Two and a Half Men

10:00pm Knocked Up12:35am Scary Movie 4

7:00am Movies Now7:10am In Loving

Memory7:35am Heartbeat8:35am Murder, She

Wrote9:35am Where the Heart

is10:35am Judge Judy11:00am Judge Judy11:30am Judge Judy11:55am Inspector Morse2:05pm Heartbeat3:10pm Wild at Heart4:15pm Where the Heart

is5:20pm Doctor in the

House5:55pm Rising Damp6:20pm In Loving Memory6:55pm Heartbeat8:00pm Murder, She

Wrote9:00pm Midsomer

Murders11:00pm Law and Order:

UK12:00am The Vice1:05am Hamlet

7:00am Gunsmoke7:55am The Sweeney8:50am Minder9:50am Highway Patrol10:20am Highway Patrol10:45am Magnum, P.I.11:45am The Professionals12:50pm The Sweeney1:55pm Minder2:55pm Pawn Stars3:25pm Pawn Stars3:50pm Gunsmoke4:55pm Magnum, P.I.6:00pm The Professionals7:00pm The Sweeney8:00pm Pawn Stars8:30pm Pawn Stars9:00pm The Car Chasers9:30pm The Car Chasers

US reality show which follows the exploits of ace motor dealer Jeff Allen and his team.

10:00pm Nighthawks12:05am Escape From New

York2:10am The Jerk


10:00pm A Very British Romance with Lucy Worsley

11:00pm Servants: The True Story of Life Below Stairs

12:00am Nigel Slater's Great British Biscuit

8:00pm World News Today

8:30pm Concerto - A Beethoven Journey with Leif Ove Andsnes

10:00pm Tubular Bells: The Mike Oldfield Story

Page 35: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581
Page 36: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

TV LISTING22 - 28 October / Axarquía - Costa Tropical www.euroweeklynews.comEWN36

1:00pm BBC News1:05pm Weather1:10pm Football Focus1:50pm Saturday

Sportsday2:00pm Bargain Hunt3:00pm Homes Under the

Hammer4:00pm Escape to the

Country5:00pm Final Score6:30pm BBC News6:40pm Regional News6:43pm Weather6:45pm Pointless7:35pm Strictly Come

Dancing9:20pm Doctor Who10:10pm Casualty11:00pm The National

Lottery Live11:10pm BBC News11:25pm Weather11:30pm Match of the Day12:50am The Apprentice1:50am Weather for the

Week Ahead1:55am BBC News

7:00am Milkshake!11:00am Teenage Mutant

Ninja Turtles11:35am Cowboy Builders12:35pm Cowboy Builders1:30pm Paper Angels3:15pm Columbo: A Case

of Immunity4:45pm Columbo: A

Deadly State of Mind

6:10pm Can't Pay? We'll Take it Away!

7:10pm Now That's Funny!

8:05pm Psycho Pussies: When Cats Attack

9:05pm 5 News9:10pm The Gadget

Show10:00pm Football League

Tonight11:25pm The Fifth Element1:50am The True Story2:40am Super Casino4:10am The Gift of Life5:00am Secrets of the

Scammers5:55am Make it Big

7:40am The Magic Box9:25am Angels One Five11:00am Animal Park12:00pm Animal S.O.S.12:30pm Animal S.O.S.1:00pm The Great British

Bake Off Masterclass

2:00pm Talking Pictures2:50pm Gypsy5:10pm Earth's Wildest

Waters6:10pm World's Weirdest

Events7:10pm Flog It!8:00pm Gardeners World8:30pm Great Continental

Railway Journeys9:30pm Dad's Army

Don't panic! It's the wartime sitcom with those national treasures created by Jimmy Perry.

10:00pm QI XL10:45pm F1: Grand Prix

Qualifying12:00am Top Coppers

9:00pm Don't Tell the Bride

10:00pm Russell Howard's Good News

10:30pm Russell Howard's Good News

11:00pm I Know What You Did Last Summer

12:35am Family Guy12:57am Family Guy1:19am Family Guy1:41am Family Guy2:03am Family Guy2:50am Asian Provocateur3:20am Russell Howard's

Good News

10:00am Frasier10:30am Frasier11:00am The Big Bang

Theory11:25am The Big Bang

Theory11:55am Come Dine with

Me12:25pm Come Dine with

Me12:55pm Come Dine with

Me1:25pm Come Dine with

Me2:30pm Channel 4 Racing5:05pm Couples Come

Dine with Me5:55pm Couples Come

Dine with Me6:40pm Channel 4 News7:05pm Location,

Location, Location

8:00pm Grand Designs9:00pm The Sex Change

Spitfire Ace10:00pm It Was Alright in

the 1980s11:00pm Gogglebox12:05am TFI Friday

10:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show USA

11:15am Countrywise11:45am The Jeremy Kyle

Show12:50pm ITV News and

Weather12:55pm Downton Abbey2:00pm The X Factor4:00pm Rugby World Cup

20157:30pm Local News and

Weather7:40pm ITV News and

Weather8:00pm The Chase:

Celebrity Special

9:00pm The X Factor11:25pm The Jonathan

Ross Show12:30am ITV News and

Weather12:45am Rugby World Cup

Highlights1:30am ITV Changed My

Life2:25am Jackpot 2474:00am Show Me the Telly4:50am Nightscreen

8:00am Football Freestyler8:30am Barclays Premier

League Review9:00am Game Changers9:30am Barclays Premier

League World10:00am The Fantasy

Football Club

11:00am Soccer A.M.1:00pm Football3:45pm Boxing Gold4:00pm NFL5:00pm NFL6:00pm Ford Saturday

Night Football

9:00pm SNF: Game of the Day

11:00pm SNF: Match Choice

12:30am SNF: Match Choice

2:00am SNF: Match Choice

3:30am SNF: Match Choice

4:00am Football Freestyler

10:20am The X Factor12:25pm Coronation Street

Omnibus3:00pm Tricked4:00pm The Almost

Impossible Gameshow

5:00pm You've Been Framed!

5:35pm Happy Feet6:35pm FYI Daily6:40pm Happy Feet7:40pm Lost in Space8:40pm FYI Daily8:45pm Lost in Space10:20pm James Bond's

Spectre: With Jonathan Ross

11:25pm The Xtra FactorAn exclusive insight into the daily lives of The X Factor contestants.

12:25am Celebrity Juice1:10am The Almost

Impossible Gameshow

2:10am Tricked

7:00am Rising Damp7:25am Where the Heart

is8:25am Where the Heart

is9:30am Bertie and

Elizabeth11:30am Sherlock Holmes:

The Hound of the Baskervilles

1:40pm Inspector Morse4:00pm Agatha Christie's

Marple6:00pm Lewis8:00pm Doc Martin9:00pm Midsomer

Murders11:00pm Lewis

Drama with Kevin Whately followingon from the Inspector Morse series.

1:00am Inspector Morse2:05am Wycliffe3:00am ITV3 Nightscreen

Text-based information service.

9:00am FIA Formula 11:30am Cycling Highlights

2015: Paris-Tours

12:05pm Pawn Stars12:35pm Pawn Stars1:00pm Pawn Stars1:25pm MotoGP2:30pm British Superbike

Championship Highlights

4:05pm Field of Dreams5:05pm FYI Daily5:10pm Field of Dreams6:10pm Superman IV: The

Quest for Peace7:10pm FYI Daily7:15pm Superman IV: The

Quest for Peace8:00pm Storage Wars8:30pm Storage Wars9:00pm Open Range10:00pm FYI Daily10:05pm Open Range11:45pm High Plains

Drifter12:45am FYI Daily12:50am High Plains



12:00pm Sunday Politics1:15pm Bargain Hunt2:00pm BBC News2:10pm Weather for the

Week Ahead2:15pm Homes Under the

Hammer3:15pm Autumn's

Supermarket Secrets

4:15pm Escape to the Country

5:00pm Points of View5:15pm Songs of Praise5:50pm DIY SOS6:50pm BBC News7:05pm Regional News7:13pm Weather7:15pm Countryfile8:15pm Strictly Come

Dancing9:00pm Antiques

Roadshow10:00pm From Darkness11:00pm BBC News11:20pm Regional News11:25pm Weather11:30pm F1: Grand Prix1:00am Wake Wood

7:00am Milkshake!9:35am Football League

Tonight11:00am 2015 Morrisons

Great South Run1:30pm Chinese Food in

Minutes1:40pm Cowboy Builders2:40pm Loch Ness4:40pm The Shaggy Dog6:30pm Peter Pan8:00pm 5 News8:05pm Rush Hour10:00pm MTV European

Music Awards 2015

12:05am 20 Moments ThatShocked Pop

1:25am The House Bunny3:10am Super Casino

Feeling lucky? 5:00am House Doctor

Home improvement series that works its magic on neglected homes.

5:25am Make it Big5:50am Make it Big

8:45am Countryfile9:45am Gardeners' World10:15am Saturday Kitchen

Best Bites11:45am The Great British

Bake Off Masterclass

12:45pm Terry and Mason'sGreat Food Trip

1:15pm MOTD2 Extra2:00pm NFL Live

Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills.

6:00pm The Railway: Keeping Britain on Track

7:00pm Britain's Classroom Heroes 2015

8:00pm Caribbean with Simon Reeve

9:00pm Earth's Wildest Waters

10:00pm Britain's Ultimate Pilots: Inside the RAF

11:00pm Match of the Day 2

12:20am Family Guy

9:00pm Don't Tell the Bride

10:00pm Russell Howard's Good News

10:30pm Russell Howard's Good News

11:00pm Hannibal Rising1:00am Family Guy1:22am Family Guy1:45am The Fear2:15am Together2:45am Asian Provocateur3:15am Russell Howard's

Good News3:45am Russell Howard's

Good News4:15am Together

7:00am Kirstie's Vintage Gems

7:15am How I Met Your Mother

7:40am How I Met Your Mother

8:05am Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon

9:00am Everybody Loves Raymond

9:30am Frasier10:00am Frasier10:30am Sunday Brunch1:30pm The Big Bang

Theory2:00pm The Big Bang

Theory2:25pm The Simpsons2:55pm Furry Vengeance4:45pm Dr. Seuss' the

Lorax6:30pm A Place in the

Sun7:30pm Channel 4 News8:00pm Homes by the Sea9:00pm Great Canal

Journeys10:00pm Homeland11:00pm 8 Out of 10 Cats

Does Countdown12:05am Killing Them Softly

12:25pm ITV News and Weather

12:35pm The Jeremy Kyle Show

1:35pm The X Factor4:00pm Rugby World Cup

20157:15pm Local News and

Weather7:20pm ITV News and

Weather7:30pm Jekyll and Hyde8:30pm The X Factor10:00pm Downton Abbey11:00pm ITV News and

Weather11:15pm Rugby World Cup

Highlights12:05am Aviva Premiership

Rugby Highlights1:05am River Monsters1:35am Jackpot 2473:30am Motorsport UK

All the very latest motor sport actionfrom around Britain.

7:00am Football Gold7:15am Football Gold7:30am Football Gold7:45am Football Gold8:00am SNF: Match

Choice9:30am The Sunday

Supplement11:00am Goals on Sunday12:30pm Ford Super

Sunday3:00pm Ford Super

Sunday5:00pm Ford Super

Sunday7:50pm United States

Grand Prix10:30pm Football Gold10:45pm Football Gold11:00pm Major League

Soccer1:10am Football Gold1:15am Major League

Soccer3:25am Football Gold3:30am Football Gold3:45am Football Gold4:00am Ford Football


7:00am Emmerdale Omnibus

10:10am The X Factor12:35pm Coronation Street

Omnibus3:05pm Back to the

Future4:05pm FYI Daily4:10pm Back to the

Future5:25pm Back to the

Future Part II

6:25pm FYI Daily6:30pm Back to the

Future Part II

7:35pm Back to the Future Part III

8:35pm FYI Daily8:40pm Back to the

Future Part III

10:00pm The Xtra Factor11:00pm Knocked Up12:00am FYI Daily12:05am Knocked Up1:40am Viral Tap2:20am Reality Bites

7:00am Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles

9:00am HeartbeatDrama, set in the North Yorkshire moors in the 1960's.

10:00am Heartbeat11:00am Rosemary and

Thyme12:00pm Rosemary and

Thyme1:05pm Inspector Morse3:20pm Lewis5:10pm Midsomer

Murders7:10pm Countrywise8:15pm Wycliffe10:00pm Les Dawson: An

Audience That Never Was

11:00pm Birds of a Feather11:30pm Angela's Ashes12:30am FYI Daily12:35am Angela's Ashes2:25am Agatha Christie's

Marple4:05am ITV3 Nightscreen

7:00am Highway Patrol7:25am Ax Men8:10am Ax Men9:00am The Cycle Show11:00am The Professionals12:05pm The Professionals1:10pm Rugby World Cup

Highlights1:55pm The Car Chasers2:25pm The Car Chasers2:55pm Pawn Stars3:25pm Pawn Stars3:55pm Pawn Stars4:25pm Pawn Stars4:50pm Storage Wars New

York5:20pm Storage Wars New

York5:50pm Field of Dreams6:50pm FYI Daily6:55pm Field of Dreams8:00pm The Chase:

Celebrity Special9:00pm Rugby Highlights10:00pm Two Mules for

Sister Sara11:00pm FYI Daily11:05pm Two Mules for

Sister Sara12:20am Air America


8:00pm Captain Cook: The Man Behind the Legend

9:00pm Lost Kingdoms of Central America

10:00pm Arne Dahl: Requiem

11:00pm Arne Dahl: Requiem

12:00am Psychedelic Britannia

9:00pm The Somme10:00pm Every Breath We

Take: Understanding Our Atmosphere

11:00pm False Trail1:05am The End of the

World? A Horizon Guide to Armageddon

Page 37: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

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37OPINION & COMMENT 22 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa EWN

WHO hired you, Leapy Lee, towrite an article about Tom Jones?Do you know anything about him atall, or are you working on hearsay?

Your second paragraph makes ab-solutely no sense. You describe hisstatement as unfeeling and self-serv-ing while he is saying he would nev-er dream of saying anything nega-tive about any of his ‘exes’. And heposted a separate statement sayinghe was misquoted. So which is it?What part of that sentence do younot understand?

I have been an unwavering fan ofTom’s since 1965. While his behav-iour in the public eye does not al-ways SEEM exemplary when itcomes to women fans, we are ALLtaking these out of context becausewho REALLY KNOWS what goeson in his day-to-day life?

Reporters and journalists, likeyou, can take a word, phrase, or sen-tence and spin it any way you wantto create sensationalism, eventhough it reads incorrectly.

Ginny, Ardent Tom Jones fan since1965

(Via email)See this week’s Leapy Lee’s col-

umn for his response.

Sour grapesRe: Tom JonesWELL. At least he was completelyopen and up front with his wife. Un-like Mr Pulleyblank who carried onwith his best friend’s wife in secret,and as he so eloquently stated, thetruth will out. Which it did. Thus re-sulting in divorce and a mess.

Sounds like sour grapes to me.Tom Jones can actually sing whichis more than one can say for Mr Pul-leyblank.

Too bad that Tom Jones took solong to rediscover his roots andbrought out the superb album ‘Spiritin the Room’, which Mr Pulleyblankdissed some years ago, and gave theinane and banal pop tunes a rest.

Jonathan(Via website)

Editor’s note: Forgive our igno-rance but we have not heard ofMr Pulleyblank before. Maybeyou could enlighten us.

Killer carsRe: Labour Day shootingsGUNS are not responsible for the10 deaths at Umpqua College onOctober 1 any more than cars areresponsible for the 395 deaths overthe USA Labour Day weekend thisyear.

That’s right, 395 men, women

and children were kil led overLabour Day in car accidents.

Why didn’t President Obamahold a press conference the day af-ter Labour Day, expressing hisgrief and anger over the senselesskilling of nearly 400 people on thehighways during Labour DayWeekend?

Keith (Via email)

Russian refugeRe: Mike WalshYES, Russia could offer a solutionto an overpopulated and overrunWestern Europe if the refugees wantto live under yet another dictatorshipbut those coming for asylum or inwhat seems to be the vast majority,economic reasons, Siberia may not

be the solution. You may be right in that much of

South-East Russia enjoys a temper-ate climate; however, I found thewinters in South-West Russia (As-trakhan) cold. We actually drovealong the Volga as a short cut. 

There may be parts of Siberiawith a reasonable temperature be-cause in the summer it is warm but ithas one of the greatest winter/ sum-mer temperature differentials in theworld. We drove across it in winterwhen it is an absolute must for thevehicles to be garaged with heatersunderneath to stop our diesel fromfreezing. 

However, people do live and workthere but it is tough and it will beworse for those people coming fromhot climates.

Ian (Via website)

No guaranteeRe: Helping hands for expatsA GLOSSY guide which over-looks a significant failing in the re-liability of the Spanish Land Reg-istry.

In May 2015, homeowners’ as-sociations from across Spain failedin their bid to persuade the SpanishSenate to vote in favour of anamendment to the law regulatingthe Land Registry aimed at pro-tecting buyers who purchased ahouse with a clean bill of healthfrom a Land Registry search (NotaSimple) only to find that the prop-erty has planning issues or even ademolition order.

Current jurisprudence guaran-tees the rel iabil i ty of the LandRegistry EXCEPT when it fails torecord planning infractions.

Maura(Via website)

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Thank God! A paper promoting the people and the businesses down here on the Costa del Sol.This is what we like about the Euro Weekly News, it always encourages would-be investors.Keep up the good work!

Journalistic ‘spin’ does not godown well with Tom Jones fan

Gerard (Via website)

Film festival coveragepromotes investmentEURO WEEKLY NEWS’S two-page spread on the Marbella International FilmFestival in last week’s Costa del Sol edition prompted this response from a reader.

Page 38: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

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More News for You

12:20am The Graham Norton Show

TV LISTING22 - 28 October / Axarquía - Costa Tropical www.euroweeklynews.comEWN38

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Millionaire Shoplifter

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Solace10:55pm FYI Daily11:00pm Quantum of

Solace12:05am James Bond's


4:10pm Where the Heart is

5:15pm Doctor in the House

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Trevor McDonald11:00pm Law and Order:

UK12:00am Marchlands

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Texas11:00pm Benidorm12:00am Bundesliga


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You Are?

6:00pm 5 News6:30pm Neighbours7:00pm Home and Away7:30pm 5 News8:00pm 90 Cats and

Counting: Cat CraziesDocumentary meeting cat loverswho take feline worship to a whole new level.

9:00pm Dog Rescuers- Puppy Special

10:00pm Eamonn and Ruth:How the Other Half Lives

11:00pm CSI: Cyber

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Bake Off Masterclass

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with Gareth Malone

11:00pm Later Live... with Jools Holland

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Bride10:00pm Professor Green:

Suicide and Me11:00pm EastEnders11:30pm Together12:00am Family Guy

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Me7:00pm The Simpsons7:30pm Hollyoaks8:00pm Channel 4 News8:55pm The Political Slot9:00pm The Three Day

Nanny10:00pm 24 Hours in A and

E11:00pm Catastrophe11:30pm Sarah Millican:

Chatterbox Live12:35am Bodyshockers

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Weather7:30pm ITV Evening News8:00pm Emmerdale8:30pm Deals, Wheels and

Steals9:00pm Eternal Glory10:00pm Lewis11:00pm ITV News at Ten

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Ross Show

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7:00pm MLS Round-Up Show

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Legends11:30pm SPFL Round Up12:00am La Liga World


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Framed!9:00pm Two and a Half

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Men10:00pm Tricked: Fright

Night11:00pm Glitchy

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Scammers9:00pm GPs: Behind

Closed Doors

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by Simon Schama

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11:30pm Asian Provocateur12:00am Family Guy

3:10pm Countdown4:00pm Fifteen to One5:00pm A Place in the

Sun: Winter Sun6:00pm Four in a Bed6:30pm Come Dine with

Me7:00pm The Simpsons7:30pm Hollyoaks8:00pm Channel 4 News8:55pm The Political Slot9:00pm Restoring Britain's

Landmarks10:00pm Grand Designs11:00pm Multi-Million

Pound Properties

12:00am My Mania and Me


3:00pm Judge Rinder4:00pm Pick Me!5:00pm Tipping Point6:00pm The Chase7:00pm Local News and

Weather7:30pm ITV Evening

News8:00pm Emmerdale8:30pm Coronation Street9:00pm All Star Mr and

Mrs10:00pm Land of the

Midnight Sun11:00pm ITV News at Ten

and Weather11:40pm Sports Life Stories12:40am Wild Ireland

1:00pm Capital One Cup Highlights

2:00pm La Liga World 2015

2:30pm Bpl Legends3:00pm The Premier

League Years5:00pm Capital One Cup

Highlights6:00pm MLS Round-Up

Show6:30pm La Liga World

20157:00pm Capital One Cup

Highlights8:00pm Football11:15pm Skysports

Originals12:15am Football Gold

4:50pm The Jeremy Kyle Show

5:55pm The Jeremy Kyle Show

7:00pm Judge Rinder8:00pm You've Been

Framed!8:30pm You've Been

Framed!9:00pm Two and a Half

Men9:30pm Two and a Half

Men10:00pm Educating Joey

Essex11:00pm Release the

Hounds12:00am The Vampire


11:00am Judge Judy11:25am Judge Judy11:50am Inspector Morse2:05pm Heartbeat3:10pm Wild at Heart4:10pm Where the Heart

is5:15pm Doctor at Large5:50pm Rising Damp6:20pm In Loving Memory6:55pm Heartbeat7:55pm Murder, She

Wrote9:00pm Midsomer

Murders11:00pm Law and Order:

UK12:00am Marchlands

1:55pm Minder2:55pm Pawn Stars3:25pm Pawn Stars3:55pm Gunsmoke5:00pm Magnum, P.I.6:00pm The Professionals7:00pm The Sweeney8:00pm Pawn Stars8:30pm Pawn Stars9:00pm Storage Wars

Texas9:30pm Storage Wars

Texas10:00pm The Football

Mavericks11:00pm Above the

Law12:00am FYI Daily

9:00pm The Secret Life of Books

9:30pm Britain on Film10:00pm The Great British

Year11:00pm Lost Kingdoms of

Central America12:00am Servants

8:00pm World News Today8:30pm An Island Parish9:00pm Premium Bond

with Mark Gatiss and Matthew Sweet

10:00pm Looking for Mr Bond

11:00pm ...Sings Bond

9:00pm Terry Wogan's Ireland

10:00pm The Stuarts in Exile

11:00pm Close to the Edge11:30pm Close to the Edge12:00am Clara Bow

Page 39: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

39OPINION & COMMENT 22 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa EWN

MY first experience of Halloweenwas in 1974 when I lived briefly inPennsylvania.

Sure I had heard about it, but inthose days it was not much cele-brated in the UK and was to all in-tents and purposes another one ofthose strange exclusively Americantraditions.

That’s not quite true, of course,because Al l Hal lows Eve as i tshould be correct ly termed, hasbeen celebrated one way or anothersince pre-Christian times. But theform i t now takes as a fun nightout for children is a fairly recentphenomenon.

So it came as an eye-opener toexperience firsthand the sight ofsmall kids dressed as wolf men andmini Christopher Lees ringing thedoorbell and demanding sweets or

face the consequences. I never did discover what those

consequences might be, becausethe f r iends wi th whom I wasspending the evening kept a large

dish of candy by the front door andseemed to revel in the wholestrange experience.

This pagan festival was hijackedby the Catholic Church and in the

ninth century All Saints Day wasmoved to its present date, in part totry and halt the spread of pagan-ism.

I don’t want to be stuffy aboutthis and spoil the fun. Neverthelessthe or ig ins of Al l Hal lows aresteeped in the pagan belief that thespirits of the dead revisit the livingevery October 31, and if gifts offood are not offered, then dire con-sequences will follow. Hence trickor treating.

Significantly October 31 ranksas only second in importance toWalpurgisnacht (April 30) in theSatanist calendar. And whilst mostmodern-day witches are just sillypeople getting their jollies dancingnaked at midnight and having unre-strained nooky, there are some se-riously bad and influential individ-uals out there practising the ‘truecraft.’ Something that came hometo me in a very rea l way manyyears ago, and not an experience Italk about now.

Suffice i t to say I worrythat Halloween has wrongful-ly been portrayed as a bi t ofharmless fun.

JOURNALISTS and columnists spin news withintent to influence public opinion. That is notnews, but boundaries are crossed when fiction ispeddled as hard news. In early October a frontpage story claimed, ‘Russian jet shot down byTurkish forces.’ It was a lengthy illustrated newsstory but the only true words; ‘NATO had re-ceived no reports.’

The story was not even speculative; it was fic-tion no more credible than Lewis Carroll’s Alicein Wonderland. Western mainstream media hassurrendered any pretence at objective reporting.Spin has been replaced by propaganda and blatantfalsehoods.

They’re worded clever; ‘MH17 was broughtdown by a Russian made missile’ with obviousinference of Russian being toblame. Failed stateUkraine usesRussian madem i s s i l e s ;thousands in the Middle East have been slaugh-tered by British-made weapons.

Predictably, most people now harvest informa-tion from the internet or non-Western sources.

What needs to be brought home to readers is thatmany journalists are directly or indirectly proxiesof government or special interest quangos. It isnot a new phenomenon. Journalism has alwaysbeen infiltrated.

There are MSM tricks that put you on yourguard. By learning them you become better in-formed and it can be an amusing pastime. If themessage is set between ‘inverted commas’ it isspeculation not fact.

Returning to the downed Russian jet story itleads with the startling revelation that, ‘accordingto unconfirmed reports on social media.’ So, ap-parently this is where Britain’s biggest sellingtabloid gets its front page stories from, Facebook.Now, that is not good news.

Another MSM ruse is, ‘it has beenclaimed.’ This is reporter-

speak for ‘I am clueless but here is my spin on it.’The source of a story is either undisclosed or

ambiguous. ‘The information was given on aguarantee of anonymity.’ An alternative is, ‘USofficials said this week.’ There are millions ofUS officials; may we at least have a department?Watch out for ‘one journalist tweeted.’ Whichjournalist?

There is good news; despite MSM anti-Russianrhetoric, 70 per cent

of people back Russiain its war against ISIS.

Colin BirdA weekly look

Mike Walsh

Mike, based in Mediterranean Spain, is aninternational journalist, author and professional writer.

The fiction department

Each week, Colin brings his slightly off-the-wall view of the world to the pages of EWNin his own irreverent style.

DESPITE MSM anti-Russian rhetoric, 70 per cent of people back Russia in its war against ISIS

Harmless Halloween fun? PAGAN belief that the spirits of the dead revisit the living every October 31

NOT that many years ago, theonly way that the public andpress would know about thecontents of a politician’sspeech would be if there wasa leak but nowadays, the con-tents of almost every speechis released 24 hours or morebeforehand.

This does raise the questionof whether the speaker needsto bother to physically deliv-

er the speech as the contentwill already have been dis-seminated, debated, com-mented upon and dissected onthe plethora of ‘rolling news’stations around the world.

Perhaps this is a veryclever ploy to allow politi-cians in particular to eithergain the benefit of a positivereaction, defuse any negativereaction or even give them-selves time to prepare any de-fence in advance or changethe content of the speech if ithas been received very badly.

The last budget speech byGeorge Osborne was pub-lished in full by newspaperson their websites, before hehad even completed hisspeech in Parliament whichdoes rather suggest the Britishpress is more important andpowerful than the Membersof Parliament who are requiredto vote on it, perhaps becausewith a decent majority, anyvote is simply a rubber stamp.

We talk about free speechin the West but this might bea step too far and even if it is-n’t, it takes both the excite-ment and the human elementaway from the old stylespeeches by fluent orators.


Now we want to

hear your views.

Speechesreleased beforehand

ALL HALLOWS EVE: Celebrated since pre-Christian times.


RUSSIAN JET: Reported tohave been shot down.

Page 40: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

SCORPIO(October 24 - November 22)With a lot of pent-up energy and not alittle determination the month is off to astrong start with you. Be aware,however, that treading on the toes ofinfluential people is not to be advised.Your feeling that you are right isadmirable, but be tactful.

SAGITTARIUS(November 23 - December 21)You of all people understand theimportance of the spiritual side of life.Despite being successful in your ownright there is the need to bring this toother people. In sharing yourexperiences this year you come to abetter understanding yourself.

CAPRICORN(December 22 - January 20)Your practical streak is in full force.Over the next months you will bringmuch benefit to those around you, infinancial terms perhaps, but alsospiritually. This week, in itself, showsyou how others value your presence andadvice.

AQUARIUS(January 21 - February 19)Your lot is to be optimistic and positive.Perhaps in the last few months there wasthe need to take on the problems ofothers. However, you absolutely must geta balance here. Concentrate this week ongetting your body and mind in goodshape. That means being a little self-centred to start with. A good routine isessential and the will to stick with it.

PISCES(February 20 - March 20)Your very nature can lead to internalstruggles. In the coming months,however, the truth becomes clear. What isoutside of your experience now willbecome a part of your make-up. Any fearthat you had of the unknown graduallydiminishes.

ARIES(March 21 - April 20)There has been a very strong feelingthrough these last few weeks. This feelinghas been one of spirituality. Your thoughtshave been deeper than usual and the

sense that there is more to life is acute.This, therefore, gives an impetus toeverything that you do this week. Theneed to progress both on the home andbusiness front has rarely been stronger.

TAURUS(April 21 - May 21)In the last few weeks there may havebeen a sense of being not quite in control.That is something to deal with this week.Real progress will only be made whenyou have faced what is not wanted. Youwill rid yourself of any negative emotionsquickly by facing them.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)You are a great charmer but it is possibleto have too much of a good thing. Is therethe possibility that your romantic lifeneeds tidying up? Perhaps the number ofirons that you have in the fire is causingproblems? This week, make it a priorityto simplify your life. Be strong andstraight with others. A clean slate for thefuture means not letting small matters runaway with you.


Average: 11Good: 14

Very good: 20Excellent: 24




40 22 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa TropicalEWN


10-Star Quiz THE GEE-GEES


It becomes clear toyou that some friends

are drifting away. We all have to make changes as life itself is aconstantly shifting event. You prefer to hold on to what is familiar andyou are not alone in that. At the moment, however, there is much foryou to experience, see and feel. Sometimes this brings you discomfortand sometimes unimaginable joy.


LIBRA (Sept 24 - October 23)




S Sun, Cl Clear, F Fog, C Cloudy,

Sh Showers, Sn Snow, Th Thunder

Fri -Sat -Sun -

24 14 CL24 14 C23 14 Sh


Mon -Tues -Wed -

24 14 Cl23 14 S23 14 C



Fri -Sat -Sun -

23 17 Cl22 17 Cl23 17 Sh

Mon -Tues -Wed -

23 17 S23 17 Cl22 16 Sh


Fri -Sat -Sun -

21 14 S21 15 C21 15 Cl

Mon -Tues -Wed -

20 15 Cl19 15 Cl19 14 Cl


Fri -Sat -Sun -

21 9 S19 10 Cl17 9 Sh

Mon -Tues -Wed -

17 9 Cl17 11 Sh17 8 Sh


Fri -Sat -Sun -

22 17 S23 17 Cl21 17 Sh

Mon -Tues -Wed -

22 17 S22 17 Cl22 17 Sh


Fri -Sat -Sun -

23 13 S23 13 Cl22 14 Cl

Mon -Tues -Wed -

21 13 Cl22 14 Cl21 14 Cl


Saturday October 17


for next 7 days

Fill the grid so thatevery row, everycolumn and every 3X3box contains the digits1-9. There’s no mathsinvolved. You solvethe puzzle withreasoning and logic.



Move from thestart word(WOOD) to theend word (HENS)in the same num-ber of steps asthere are rungs onthe Word Ladder.You must onlychange one letterat a time.




Word Ladder


Fri -Sat -Sun -

23 17 S23 18 Cl22 17 Cl

Mon -Tues -Wed -

22 17 S23 17 S22 17 Cl


Fri -Sat -Sun -

25 14 Cl26 16 Cl24 16 Cl

Mon -Tues -Wed -

24 15 Cl26 16 S24 15 Sh

Alicante TODAY: CLEAR MAX 23C, MIN 14C




Barcelona TODAY: SUNNY MAX 20C, MIN 14C

Mallorca TODAY: SUNNY MAX 22C, MIN 12C



30 37

40 46 50

8 3 10 1

Saturday October 17 Friday October 16 Saturday October 17 Sunday October 18

9 4 7 19

22 25 41

7 28 29

43 48



7 10 19

26 32

CANCER(June 22 - July 23)The ever-inquisitive part of your brain isin high spirits. Clearly there is much tobe known and enjoyed over the comingmonths. Begin at the beginning though.Before you throw yourself into aspiritual or business endeavour, get thefacts. I don't mean what people tell youthey think. What you need right now isproof that your interest in a certain areais justified.

LEO(July 24 - August 23)Certainly there have been times that youfelt crestfallen. Sometimescircumstances bring us down. Avoidbelieving in the myth of ‘what shouldhave been’. What you are is not whatothers see but what you feel inside.Success does not depend upon yourbank balance but rather more yourspiritual progress.

VIRGO(August 24 - September 23)The changes that have already started inthe way that you see your life havegiven pause for thought. You are surethat you could have done better butmaybe it is not clear how. Take a stepback now and see where you came from.Two years ago where were you heading?Do you still want to follow that path? Aneed to get back on track can start thisweek.









Saturday October 17


36 1

16 19


adit ante anti atom date dent diet dint dote edit emit etnainto iota item mate meat mint mite moat mont mote neatnote omit tame team tend tide tied time tine toad toedtome tone admit ament anted atone dated demit dotedmated matin meant monte noted oaten tamed tided timedtinea tined toned atoned detain diatom donate inmateiodate mantid minted moated tandem amniote donatedmediant oddment toadied dominate DOMINATED

How many Englishwords of four letters or

more can you makefrom the nine letters inour Nonagram puzzle?

Each letter may beused only once

(unless the letterappears twice). Eachword MUST CONTAINTHE CENTRE LETTER

(in this case L) andthere must be ATLEAST ONE NINELETTER WORD.

Plurals, vulgarities orproper nouns are not




1. In which 2014 American psychological thriller film does NickDunne (Ben Affleck) become the primary suspect in the sudden dis-appearance of his wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike)? 2. Named after its American inventor, which rapid-fire, crank-drivenfirearm with clustered barrels was the first practical machine gun? 3. The novels The Tin Drum (1959) and The Flounder (1977) wereboth written by which German novelist, poet, and dramatist who wonthe 1999 Nobel Prize for Literature? 4. What name is given to large planets of relatively low density con-sisting predominantly of hydrogen and helium, such as Jupiter, Sat-urn, Uranus or Neptune? 5. What relation is Prince George of Cambridge to Queen ElizabethII? 6. What was the name of the Italian astronomer and physicist whodiscovered the constancy of a pendulum's swing, formulated the lawof uniform acceleration of falling bodies and described the parabolictrajectory of projectiles? 7. What was the name of the Italian patriot and military leader of theRisorgimento, who, with his volunteer force of Red Shirts, capturedSicily and southern Italy from the Bourbons in 1860–1, thereby play-ing a key role in the establishment of a united kingdom of Italy? 8. Which American composer and pianist composed many success-ful songs and musicals, including the orchestral work Rhapsody inBlue (1924) and the opera Porgy and Bess (1935)? 9. Which English novelist’s most notable works include BrightonRock (1938), The Power and the Glory (1940) and The Third Man(written as a screenplay, and filmed in 1949; novel 1950)? 10. Which Swedish-born American actress is remembered for filmsAnna Christie (1930), Mata Hari (1931) and Anna Karenina (1935)?

Not a lot of people know that… the full title of the first Girl Guidehandbook was ‘The Handbook for Girl Guides or How Girls CanHelp to Build Up the Empire.’


2 11

22 44

15 4

















Page 41: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

Across1 Begins (6)4 Flat dishes for food (6)9 Allure or entice (7)

10 Ordered reference standard (5)11 Stimulating (8)13 Wagers (4)14 Cause fear in (5)17 Have confidence or faith in (5)20 Go under (4)21 Correct in all details (8)25 Depart (5)26 Confidential (7)27 Consisting of one only (6)28 Done or made not long ago (6)

Down1 Had in common (6)2 Loft (5)3 Farm vehicle (7)5 Catalogue (4)6 Journeys (7)7 Paces (5)8 Render unconscious by a blow (4)

12 Obtain (3)15 Have within (7)16 Epoch (3)18 Commonplace (7)19 Win a victory over (6)

20 Exchanges for money (5)22 Imitation (4)23 Not in a state of sleep (5)24 Distribute cards (4)

English - Spanish

4122 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa Tropical EWNwww.euroweeklynews.comOUT FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE SPONSOR GO TO WWW.LINEADIRECTA.COM


Crossword Enjoy filling in the following puzzlesand check the answers in next week’s edition




The clues are mixed, some cluesare in Spanish and some are inEnglish.




1 Acts, 3 Prospect, 9 Terrain,10 After, 11 Caste, 12 Instep,14 Arrest, 16 Revere,19 Opuses, 21 Aside,24 Agile, 25 Elevate,26 Disclose, 27 Bent.

1 Autocrat, 2 Tarts, 4 Renoir,5 Seals, 6 Extreme, 7 Tern,8 Pacers, 13 Vehement,15 Repairs, 17 Enamel,18 Ushers, 20 Swell,22 Image, 23 Maid.

1 Frantic, 5 Facts, 8 Clean,9 Earlier, 10 Sensitive, 12 Inn,13 Sewing, 14 Pupils, 17 Nap, 18 Frightens, 20 Appoint,21 Piano, 23 Sorts, 24 Royalty.

1 Focus, 2 Ate, 3 Tension,4 Credit, 5 Force, 6 Criticise,7 Shrinks, 11 Newspaper,13 Sandals, 15 Unhappy,16 Winter, 18 Fails,19 Story, 22 All.

1 Estufa, 4 Pozo, 8 Snake,9 Ileso, 10 Orgulloso,13 Again, 15 Space,16 Mano, 17 Poesia.

1 Easy, 2 Traer, 3 Frequent,5 Owe, 6 Oro, 7 Ciclismo,11 Stars, 12 Ceja, 13 Arm,14 Aun.








ENGLISH-SPANISHAcross1 Joyas (9)8 Islas (5)9 Arriba (indicando situación) (5)

11 Neumático (4)12 Puño (4)14 Eastern (side, part) (4)16 Búhos (4)19 To burn (5)21 Sheep (5)22 Carpintero (9)

Down2 They (f) (5)3 Oriente (4)4 Mentiroso (4)5 River (3)6 Fancy dress (7)7 Recipes (7)

10 Abeja (3)13 Dedo del pie (3)15 Seven (5)17 Envolver (con papel) (4)18 Pronto (dentro de poco) (4)20 Day (3)




















The purpose of the Hexagram puzzle is to place the 19 six-letterwords into the 19 cells. The letters at the edges of interlockingcells MUST BE THE SAME. The letters in the words must bewritten CLOCKWISE. The word in cell 10 (DREDGE) and one

letter in four other cells are given as clues.Hexagram


Across1 Petrified sacred ruins (6)4 Keeps foundation garments (5)8 Jack takes poem home (5)9 The first man and the worker were

very determined (7)10 A football team always has weight

(7)11 Fillet a key one (4)12 Group helping to make house tidy

(3)14 Employed some famous editors

(4)15 Fed a mouse some cheese (4)18 Stop getting letters from friends (3)21 Split peas in church area (4)23 Feeling of guilt concerning the

code (7)25 Grounds are ruined by boys (7)26 Conscious of a town in Herts (5)27 Strain is back before day before

(5)28 ‘God without end’ admitting church

is fake (6)

Down1 Musicians play them for Prunella

(6)2 Playing octaves for the birds (7)

3 Steady flow of the sea, late in theday (8)

4 Hit one’s friends back (4)5 Doctor is after a Los Angeles

mission (5)6 I could be a red, for example (6)7 Care for a spin around (5)

13 Fellow-player - tame, wild, tame,wild (8)

16 A hundred agree about extent ofland (7)

17 Scottish children playing in bars(6)

19 Get into hairdressing (5)20 We sent out the most up-to-date

(6)22 Small fish tremble (5)24 Gave birth to a dull person (4)

Code BreakerEach number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In thisweek’s puzzle, 18 represents C and 19 represents Q, so fill in C every time the figure 18appears and Q every time the figure 19 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the Englishlanguage, work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters,fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and the control grid.

1 Girdle 2 Pliers 3 Period 4 Starve5 Stride 6 Cycled 7 Server 8 Dispel9 Beater 10 Stingy 11 Seller12 Beyond 13 Design 14 Redial15 Joggle 16 Assert 17 Injure18 Alkali 19 Queasy

Page 42: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

42 Axarquía - Costa TropicalEWN 22 - 28 October 2015


LA MESA DE MASMULLARtakes its name from the famous,flat topped mountain found aboveCape Town.

This unique restaurant is a realfind if you are prepared to trek upinto the stunning Montes de Mala-ga. From whichever direction youchoose to take to get to TableMountain, you will be rewardedwith breathtaking views as theroad climbs.

Located near the village of Co-mares, where you will see thepristine white houses, narrowstreets, Moorish arches, architec-ture and stunning views of LosVentorros.

When you arrive you will find abright, friendly and homelyrestaurant where you can eat ei-ther inside or out on the front or(covered) back terrace.

Table Mountain offers some-thing a bit out of the ordinary inthat, the menu, features a surpris-

ing and welcoming array of inter-national dishes. The starters in-

clude a tapas tasting menu so youget to try a bit of everything.

As well as a range of meat, fishand vegetarian dishes, TableMountain also offers a selection ofsignature dishes using authenticingredients and cooking tech-niques from around the world in-cluding Asian choices like Satay,Beef Rendang and Nasi Gorengfrom Indonesia plus Spicy SouthIndian curry - all of which arebeautifully presented.

As you would expect, a superbassortment of home-made pud-dings and cheeses are available toround off a memorable meal.

To sum up, this restaurant isworth going the extra mile to findthe extraordinary. As one cus-tomer put it ‘Table Mountain isthe culinary jewel of the campo.’For more information or bookingplease call 952 957 057 or 630131 300 or email them at table

[email protected].

Advertising feature

Table Mountain - a hidden treasure!OFFERS something a bit out of the ordinary in its array of dishes

TABLE MOUNTAIN: A unique restaurant situated in the stunning Montes de Malaga.

Page 43: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581 43EWN22 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa TropicalSOCIAL SCENE

ARTISTS from eight different countriesare in Almuñecar this week to take partin Meeting Art Almuñecar 2015.

The fourth edition of the event is run-ning at the Casa de la Cultura withworkshops and group sessions aimed tocreate a fusion of work by the interna-tional artists.

Organised by the Culture Departmentin collaboration with the Tourism De-partment and local businesses andrestaurants, the event will end on Satur-day (October 24) with a display of workby the artists at the Casa de la Cultura’sexhibition room from 6pm to 9pm.

Artists taking part this year includeGyörgy Csuta, Zoltan and Klara Ludvig,Andras Györf and Zoltan Scekacs fromHungary, Katalin Bereczki and KatalineKross from Germany, Guiseppe Stranofrom Italy, Mahomoud Ashkanani fromKuwait, Rani Pekha from India,Moutassir Chemao from Morocco,

Lieuwke Loth from Holland, ElenaBlazquez from Madrid, Jesus Pueyofrom Huelva and Toni Quiros, Javier G

Montero, Kitty Sewell, Loli MartinManzano and Jessica Moreno from Al-muñecar.

Meeting art in AlmuñecarCREATING a fusion of work by international artistsBy Eleanor Hawkins

ART WORKSHOPS: Are being held in the Casa de la Cultura.

MARBELLA’S very own two-starMichelin chef Dani Garcia has createdhis second hamburger for McDonald’swhich was launched on Tuesday and willbe available for a limited period of time.

The new burger, McDonald’s declared,is the democratisation of haute cuisine asit takes the essence of top Spanish gas-tronomy across all the chain’s restaurantsin Spain.

The new burger, the Grand McEx-treme Dani Garcia has been created fol-lowing the success of Garcia’s first col-laboration with McDonald’s the BIBOwhich was launched in March.

The chef worked for months with thechain’s local suppliers to select the bestingredients his new burger: briochebread, two pieces of top quality beeffrom Extremadura, Provolone cheese,nachos, red peppers, roast onion andcrispy Batavia lettuce with a special se-cret sauce.

To see what customers thought, Mc-Donald’s marketing director in Spain

Beatriz Faustino explained, Dani Garciavisited one of the chain’s largest branch-es, surprising staff and customers alikewith his appearance.

“It’s an honour that Dani Garcia has

worked with us for a second time andgiven us a special product, a revolution-ary burger which has evolved from theproduct of our first collaboration,”Faustino said.

WORK by Rachid Hanbali anartist from Nerja, has been se-lected from over 1,250 entriesto appear alongside paintingsby some of Britain’s leadingfigurative artists.

The Royal Institute of OilPainters is the only national artsocietythat is devoted to cele-brating the medium of oilpainting and the Institute’s an-

nual exhibition will be on dis-play at the Mall Galleries( December 2 to 13 withthe maximum cost of admis-sion £3.

Founded in 1882, the RoyalInstitute of Oil Painters choos-es the very best submissions inoil-based media from nationaland international submissions.

Nerja artists paint for London

Marbella Michelin chef createssecond burger for McDonald’s

DANI GARCIA: The chef worked for months with local suppliers.

Page 44: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

44 Axarquía - Costa Tropical EWN 22 - 28 October 2015


B&J DENTAL Clinic, run by Doctor J Novo, islocated in Calla Plaza Nueva, La Herradura.What sets this dental practice apart is its team ofhighly-qualified professionals who providecomprehensive solutions to dental problems,customising the treatment to each patient.

To this end, we undertake continuous trainingin order to remain up-to-date with the latesttechnology and dental advances.

B&J Dental Clinic has its own dental labora-tory where we manufacture all types of dentalprostheses.This enables us to provide an enor-mous range of possibilities for each of the spe-cialties involved in dentistry, reducing leadtimes and costs, and carefully controlling ourown prosthesis manufacturing step by step.

Two of our latest acquisitions are the TAC 3Dmachine used for guided surgery in order tominimise risks, and LASER DENTAL, whichallows us to perform multidisciplinary dentaltreatments in quick session, all minimally inva-sive and pain-free.

We have spacious and comfortable facilities

to make our patients feel at home and relaxedduring the consultation. We also have relaxationtechniques, and provide special goggles so that

patients can watch movies during treatment.In order to have the perfect mouth, a multi-

disciplinary treatment is almost always neces-

sary. At B&J Dental Clinic we pro-vide a service which offers all dentistry special-ties and we ensure the success of our work be-cause for us our patients are our top priority.

For more information or appointments,please call: 958 827 924 or email us:[email protected].

Advertising feature

MODERN AND COMFORTABLE: B&J Dental Clinic in La Herradura. Right: Dr Novo.

CLINICA B&J: Professionals specialised inproviding custom dental solutions

Page 45: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

45HEALTH & BEAUTY 22 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa Tropical EWN

AT this time of year being in a busy fit-ness environment can be tricky, as youare consistently exposed to large groupsof people in an open-plan, sweaty envi-ronment. People are breathing particlesinto the air that are being blown aroundby huge extractor fans or air-con units.

Throw into the mix the fact that al-though the gym is (I would hope) cleanedthoroughly twice a day, there is a hugeamount of traffic coming through over thecourse of 16 hours. Gym equipment is be-ing handled by everybody, and in turn canpotentially lead to one big germ fest!

That said... it’s not my intention to leadyou all into a state of germ paranoia ei-ther. Bear in mind that our 21st centuryobsession with clinically clean and 99 percent germ free isn’t necessarily a goodthing. Ironic, I know, but it has been sug-gested that it has in fact contributed toweakening our immune systems.

A couple of years ago, I got two reallynasty colds within a month of each other.They lasted for around three weeks, pro-gressed to my chest and resulted in an an-noying lingering cough and me having tocancel clients and take time off work.

Being self-employed, I was none toopleased. A month later my system had notquite recovered fully, thus leading me in-to my second cold. That was i t . . . I

thought enough was enough and em-barked on a mission to strengthen my im-mune system, which at this stage was tak-ing a hammering.

I had already been dosing myself upwith a drink concoction of cider vinegar,fresh lemons, honey and ginger but at thisstage it had become a case of ‘after thehorse has bolted’, so I knew I had to workon getting better and then rebuilding myimmune system.

Ever since using these products I havehad maybe two minor colds that lasted nolonger than a few days. If you use a largegym always carry a small hand disinfec-tant in your kit bag, and avoid touchingyour face or mouth when using fitnesskit.

Some people’s immune systems arenaturally stronger than others, but take in-to account the fact that stress, lack ofsleep, poor diet, excess alcohol, smoking,and excess partying can affect you too.

Don’t let colds andgerms hinder you

FitFoxyLooking Good, Staying Trim

COLDS: Easily spread.A COMPANY has creatednew heated insoles to keepyour toes toasty.

The ‘Warm Series’ are al-so interact ive and can becontrolled by your smart-phone to adjust the tempera-ture and also act like a pe-dometer to record how faryou have walked and thecalories burned.

The product is made fromNeotech, a special ly de-signed lightweight material,layered with Orthol i tewhich has shock-absorbingcharacteristics.

They are battery operatedand are charged with a mi-cro-USB charger and aredesigned to fit most types ofshoes.

They wil l be avai lablelater this month in 40 coun-tries costing $198 (€173).

No morecold feetthis winter

ICY: Keep feet warm.

An early sign

Brought to you by Helicopteros Sanitarios.

Ask TheDoctor

The Coast’s Home GP service - wherever you are - athome - in the office - in the car - on the golf course -

your GP will get to see you any time, anywhere.A priceless service at an affordable price.

THIS week, Doctor Luis Perez Belmonte replies to areader’s questions on peripheral neuropathy:

• Our reader (name supplied) wrote:Sir, I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy in 2011.

I am not diabetic, other blood tests are all within range formy age, 73. I was prescribed Gabapentin, then changed toPregabalin. Dosage 150mg in the morning, 300mg at night.

Alcohol aggravates it so I do avoid it, anything acidic al-so makes it worse. The pain is now beginning to travel upmy ankles and lower leg. When speaking to doctors itseems not much more can be done to help, and it is some-thing I must live with. I am fairly active, do gardening andplay golf. I would like to know your thoughts.

Kind regards

• The doctor replied:Dear patient: There are many causes of peripheral neu-

ropathy. Diabetes mellitus is one of them, but many othersshould also be ruled out as it is often an early sign of illness-es which can appear months or years later,.

Gabapentin and Pregabalin are used to treat the symp-toms and alleviate pain. Doses vary and must be adapted tosuit the individual; therefore, I would recommend you see aspecialist in Internal Medicine to have your dosage adjustedif the medication isn’t helping.

In addition to these, there are other treatments which canbe used along with hygiene and foot-care and diet. It is truethat alcohol and certain foods can make it worse so if youknow what your triggers are, keep avoiding them.

Although it is indeed a chronic condition which cannotbe cured, if the exact cause is unknown tests should be car-ried out to try and find what has started the neuropathy.

Physical exercise helps so it is great that you have an ac-tive lifestyle.

Peripheral neuropathy is a complex condition and diffi-cult to evaluate. I hope my comments are of use.

SPECIALIST: Doctor Luis Perez Belmonte.

WANT to l ive a longer l i fe? Thenkeep smiling.

A study that was carried out over 30years, believed to be the first of itskind, found that miserable people ofall ages were 14 per cent more likelyto have died sooner than those whowere happy, regardless of income,health or marital status.

Those who told researchers theywere ‘not too happy’ were also an av-erage of 6 per cent more l ike ly to

have d ied a t any g iven t ime thanthose who said they were ‘pretty hap-py.’

Scientists from the University ofNor th Caro l ina in Amer ica asked30,000 men and women up to 30years earlier questions to determinetheir level of happiness and then ac-cessed death record databases to seeif there were any links between theanswers given and the likelihood ofdying in the following decades.

I t i s be l ieved one of the reasonswhy happier people live longer is thatthey are better equipped at handlingstress and have a strong network offriends.

The researchers said their findingsshould lead to authorities discoveringways of making people happier in ad-dition to improving a population’seconomic standard of living, accessto medical care and healthy behav-iour.

Happiness can lead to alonger and healthier life SOME are better equipped at handling stress and have lots of friends

Page 46: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

46 Axarquía - Costa TropicalEWN 22 - 28 October 2015



Flying with pets has become amuch more common practiceANIMALS must be microchipped and have a valid pet passport

WITH more and more people owningproperties in Spain and spending alarge part of their year here, pet travelhas increased dramatically, with own-ers preferring to bring their animalswith them rather than leave them athome for any length of time.

Pets accompanying their owners ona trip to Spain can be accepted as lug-

gage when the corresponding excessbaggage tariff has been paid (regard-less of the class in which the passengeris to fly).

As a general rule, these animalsmust be checked in and loaded into thehold of the aircraft, where they will beplaced in a container (which some air-lines can provide) but to be on the safeside it is worth purchasing your owncarrier which is IATA approved (andwill have a sticker or label stating this).

As only certain airlines and airportsin the UK have the facilities to trans-port pets (BA and Monarch being themain carriers), when making a book-ing for you and your pet, check firstthat the necessary transport can bearranged.

Animals must carry the correct doc-umentation, either with a pet passport

or veterinary certificate or with all re-quired vaccinations (in some countrieswith an evaluation of antibodies). Allanimals are identified by a microchip,and you need the correct documenta-tion for this.

Preparing pets for travel can be alengthy business, with all the healthchecks, documentation and pet pass-port. So if you are thinking aboutbringing you pet into Spain make sureyou leave plenty of time to make thenecessary arrangements. You can findmore information on the Pets TravelScheme (PETS) for the UK

Guide dogs trained to accompany apassenger with a disability will usual-ly travel in the cabin, unless prohibit-ed by national regulations or theairlines.

Listen to David on TRE every Saturday 10am to 11amCosta del Sol (Gibraltar/Sotogrande) 98.7fm(San Roque to Calahonda) 91.9fm (Calahonda to Motril) 88.9, Costa Calida 92.7fmCosta Blanca (Torrevieja to Elche) 105.1fm (Elche to Calpe) 88.2fm, (Calpe to Gandia & Ibiza) 104.6fm,(Denia to Valencia) 95.3fm Mallorca 103.9fm

David THE Dogman

BON VOYAGE: Pets accompanying owners accepted as luggage.

FOURTEEN per cent of dogowners and 33 per cent of catowners in Spain share theirbeds with their pets, a surveyby Houzz home improvementwebsite has revealed.

Yet the habit was far lesspopular in Spain than in othercountries, the survey re-vealed. In the US, 41 per centof owners questioned admit-ted to letting their dogs sharetheir beds.

More than 10,000 peopleacross the world, 550 of themin Spain, were included inthe survey which concludedthat cats are far more likelyto rule households than dogs.

Another conclusion of thesurvey was that pets are goodfor both children’s and adults’health with the most com-monly mentioned benefits be-ing the happiness they bringto individuals (82 per cent)and families (65 per cent) andtheir help in controlling

stress-levels (50 per cent).In Spain, 76 per cent of

those questioned admitted tohaving set aside an area oftheir homes for their pets toeat, sleep and play and 28 percent said they had carried outbuilding work to adapt their

homes to their pets’ needs.When asked for the nega-

tives, 76 per cent of ownerssaid the worst thing abouttheir pets was the hair theyshed, 36 per cent complainedabout smell and 30 per centabout extra dirt.

Spaniards not keenon dog in their beds

NIGHT NIGHT: Dogs in beds not popular withSpaniards.

Page 47: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

I AM often asked ‘Oh, wheredid you get that plant from?’and to be sure I ask the samequestion from time to time ofothers. And it was often notfrom the local nursery! So wehave compiled the followinglist of potential sources incase it helps other gardeners.

1. Nurseries where theypropagate most of the plantsthey sell. Often they havestronger and less expensiveplants than garden centresthat only import their plants.

2. Garden centres wherethey tend to buy most plantsin, but we are careful not tobuy over forced plants full offlowers. Better to have just afew buds open. Also we lookout for plants that have beenacclimatised after arriving

from hot houses.3. Weekly markets

especially when supplied bysmall growers. Often a goodsource of vegetable seedlings.

4. Rastros but not always ata plant stall. Interesting plantsseem to pop up on all sorts ofstalls including antique stallsand they are normally for saleand not for decoration.

5. Agricultural co-operatives especially for treesand vegetable seedlings.

6. Horticultural shopsespecially for seeds, bulbsand vegetable seedlings.

7. Flower shops often sella few unusual plants for thegarden or containers, as wellas house plants that can oftenbe grown on a coveredterrace. Look at the pavementdisplays and you may spotsomething unusual.

8. Supermarketsespecially for house plants,but search out a strong wellcared for plant with plenty of

flower buds.9. Swaps with friends as

spare plants raised from seedor cuttings.

10. Plant sales at localgardening clubs. Often a goodplace to look for something alittle different and normallyinexpensive.

11. Raffle prizes atgardening clubs. If you’relucky they are just what youwant. If not they make a goodgift next time you go out fordinner.

12. Verges of roads orpavements. Some well rootedseedlings of succulents,lantanas and trees can befound under overhangingtrees or planted walls. Ourtwo strongest mimosa treescame from this source.

13. Local garden rubbishbins or informal tips. Lookout for healthy irises,succulents and cacti. Whatyou’re looking for to fillcorners of a new garden may

be just what someone with anover planted mature garden isthinning out.

14. Waste grounds anddisused quarries, especiallyclose to the sea wheremigrating birds can dropseeds from north Africanplants.

15. Neighbours about tobuild an extension or pool.Often if you don’t ask theywill be bulldozed into a skip.

16. From mail ordercatalogues especially forroses, bulbs, special shrubsand vegetables.

17. Restaurants and CasaRurales. You may be able tonegotiate a cutting or seedsfrom something different thatyou spy. And no one can stopyou taking away a few seedsfrom tasty local heritagetomatoes that were in thesalad!

18. Jobbing gardeners whopropagate to obtaininexpensive plants to fit into

the gardens they care for orlandscape and to sell thespares to passersby.

© Dick

October 2015

Where to obtain your new plantsTHERE are more places than local garden centres or nurseriesDick Handscombe

Gardening CornerBy Spain’s best known expatriate garden-ing author living in Spain for 25 years.

4722 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa Tropical EWNwww.euroweeklynews.comHOMESGARDENS


FOUNDED in 1997, Juan Verdun has experi-enced constant growth and has consolidated itsposition as one of the leading companies in thefield of PVC joinery.

The strength of the company lies in the highqualification of its staff, who are able to satisfythe demands of the market. They also take spe-cial care when training the new generations inthe fields of production and assembly.

From the beginning, Juan Verdun has optedfor new technologies, featuring machinery im-ported from Germany and Italy in order to offerour customers the highest quality products.

If you’re thinking about changing your door,your windows or maybe transforming your ter-race into another habitable room, look no fur-ther as Juan Verdun has the solution for you.They use high quality materials like PVC,which is easy to shape and as it is a thermoplas-tic material it adapts to all circumstances.

The PVC windows incorporate the latest ad-vances in engineering profiles to achieve the

highest levels of insulation and resistance.The PVC doors are manufactured using the

latest advances in engineering, achieving a greataesthetic finish. In addition, PVC seals are nowa great solution for converting your balcony orterrace into an outdoor living space.

Stainless steel fences are fantastic for the out-er areas of the house; they have an amazing fin-ish and are very resistant to weathering.

PVC entrance doors have an internal struc-ture of steel and different finishes, from themost modern to rustic designs.

The company continues a process of im-provement both in research and in production,in order to maintain our commitment in pursu-ing quality and impeccable service. This is whatmakes us different from the rest; our best pub-licity is our clients’ satisfaction.

They are located in Velez-Malaga, Caminodel Higueral 9. Tel: 952 50 25 27 or email

[email protected]

Advertising feature

Juan Verdun – Number one forPVC doors, windows, and more

LIFE ENHANCING: Top quality windows and doors transform a home.

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48 Axarquía - Costa TropicalEWN 22 - 28 October 2015



DOES your property have a highscore or a low score?

For readers who are thinking ofselling their property now to take ad-vantage of the surge in property salesthroughout Spain, here are my Top 10Tips on what buyers are looking for.

It’s a bit of fun and you will quick-ly see how sellable your property isfrom your score, but to be 100 percent sure you will need me or anothersurveyor to give you professional ad-vice and carry out a seller’s home re-port. This will give the buyer the ex-tra confidence to buy your property.

If you have a low score you will ei-ther have to accept a lower price foryour property or you can improve

your property and get a higher scoreand a higher selling price.

As a guide line, you will normallygain a 50 per cent return on the costsof any improvements you make onyour property if carried out profes-sionally. Check out how you score onall the items in each of the 10 pointslisted below.

The higher your score the higheryour chance of selling your property.

1. LocationFront line beach or near to the sea

(10), on or near the golf course (9),on or close to the marina (9), in thecity centre (8), in the countryside (7).

2. Orientation of your propertyFacing south (10), facing south

west (8), facing west (7).3. ViewsPanoramic sea view (10), partial

sea view (8), golf course view (8),marina view (9), open countrysideview (7), historical building view (7).

4. Close to amenitiesShops and supermarkets (10), pri-

vate schools (10), medical centres(10), public transport (9), airport (8),train station (8), restaurants (7),nightlife (7), park (8), tennis club (7),sports club (7), marina (9), golf (9).

5. SecurityGated community (10), concierge

(10), security patrol service (9), secu-rity cameras and security alarm sys-tem (9), security shutters (8), securitylighting (7), external security doors(8), good street lighting (7), off streetparking (9), low crime area (9).

6. PrivacyProperty not overlooked (10), gar-

den not overlooked (9), balcony orterrace not overlooked (9), privategarden (10), private pool (10), part of

private community (9).7. Condition of your propertyNo structural problems (10), no

damp problems (10), modern d/win-dows (8), modern kitchen (9), mod-ern bathrooms (9), modern a/con andheating system (8), modernwardrobes (8), modern electrical andplumbing system (8), newly-paintedexternally and internally (9).

8. PaperworkAll paperwork related to your

property is placed in a file and inorder (10).

9. Seller’s property reportA surveyor has produced a seller’s

property report to give confidence tothe buyer that your property is ingood condition (20).

10. PriceYou are selling your property at the

right price for you and the buyer (10).For more information on how to getthe best price and a sellers report

please contact meEmail [email protected]

JohnGraham The property expert

Top 10 tips on what buyers are lookingfor to help you sell your property

CHECK YOUR SCORE: How sellable is your property?

AVERAGE rental prices forhomes in Spain ended Sep-tember at €7.02 per squaremetre , according to datafrom Fotocasa.

Over the third quarter ofthis year, prices fell by 0.7per cent, the data revealed,following two consecutiveincreases in the f i rs t andsecond quarters of 2015.

Prices went up in 11Spanish regions withMadrid in the lead with a 4per cent increase followedby Cataluña with 2.5 percent and Extremadura with2.4 per cent . Meanwhilethey fell in six regions, ledby the Balearic Islands (-0 .8 per cent) , Cast i l la LaMancha (-0.6 per cent) andCantabria (-0.6 per cent).

The regions where rentinga f la t works out the mostexpensive were found to bethe Basque Country(€10.23 per square metreper month) , fol lowed by

Madrid (€9.81) andCataluña (€9.48).

At the other end of thescale Cast i l la La Manchahad the cheapest flat rentalswith an average pr ice of

€4.64 per square metre permonth, fol lowed by Ex-tremadura (€4.66 persquare metre per month)and Murcia (€5.08 persquare metre per month).

RENTING: Average price is €7.02 per square metre.

Spanish rental pricesfall slightly

Page 49: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581
Page 50: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

OPINION & COMMENT22 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa Tropical www.euroweeklynews.comEWN50

SPAIN’S National Police have warned ofthe latest scam circulating through socialnetwork sites offering free vouchers for Ikea.

Consumers are invited to complete a briefsurvey in exchange for a €150 voucher tospend in the furniture store, but this is noth-ing more than a scam. Ikea themselves havebecome aware of the problem and have alsocirculated a warning through their own sites.

The aim of the scam is to extract personalinformation which could be used for fraudu-lent means. If you come across anything likethis, the advice is to not submit any data andto report the post through the social networksite’s own reporting procedure.

Signs on bendsDirectional panels are placed in addition

to the warning signs, and let drivers know

how sharp a bend is, allowing them to makethe correct decision to reduce their speed.

Whether there is one, two or three signsdenotes the severity of the bend and there-fore how much the driver should slow down.

The directional panels are located at thestart of the bend. They must be visible atleast 100m away from the driver and arethere to warn you of the oncoming turn.

Most importantly they are there to warnthe driver of the speed at which they can takethe bend safely. This speed is at least 15kman hour lower than the speed at which thedriver is approaching in line with the legalspeed limits.

If you see one panel, you need to reduceyour speed by 15-30 km/h. If you see two,you need to reduce your speed by 30-45km/h. Finally, if you see three panels youneed to reduce your speed by more than45km/h.

In principle theSpanish govern-

ment has declared that allofficial residents are enti-tled to Spanish healthcare.In practice they often denyapplications and people

must go to court. I suggestyou consult a Spanish

‘Graduado Social’ who isa specialist in Social Secu-rity.

Be advised that your oc-cupational pension mustbe taxed in Spain, as youare a tax resident.

My wife and I have had residencecertificates in Spain since 2013. I re-

cently managed to join the AndalucianHealth Service through the ‘Convenio Espe-cial’ scheme, where I pay €60 a month. Iwill not reach retirement age in the UK until2018, when I will be entitled to free health-care in Spain. I am not employed but I re-ceive an occupational pension, which istaxed in the UK.

My wife is younger and has worked part-

time as an English teacher for the last twoyears. She received state healthcare as anemployed person but at present is unem-ployed. Unfortunately, she has a chroniccondition (MS) which requires expensivemedication, not covered by the Convenioscheme. My understanding of other advice isthat she is entitled to free healthcare simplybecause she has a residencia certificate.

N B (Costa del Sol)


Beware of scamfor free vouchersIN this column, we address some common driving questions and other issues,kindly provided by the Guardia Civil based in Torrevieja, Costa Blanca, who setup the N332 website and Facebook page to help break down barriers.

For more news and articles visit or search N332 on Facebook.

David SearlYou and the Law in Spain

Spanish healthcare for under-65s?

Send your questions for David Searl through lawyers Ubeda-Retana & Associates inFuengirola at [email protected], or call 952 667 090.

SLOW DOWN: Bend ahead.

WHEN I was younger... much younger... Iused to get up, get dressed, have some sort ofbrekkie and go off to work. If I needed to tellsomething to someone during the day I mightcall them from a phone box (rememberthem?).

I didn’t work in an office in those days, Iworked in markets. If I received a letter I’dread it and, when I got round to it, I’d answerit maybe a few days later. If it was in a brown,official-looking envelope I might not evenread it!

So here we are many years later and howthings have changed. Now when I wake up Icheck my email to see how much Dr Umgoo-goo has got for me today. Those Nigeriansare so generous!

I answer all the real emails immediatelyand my day has started. Ping! My WhatsApp

goes, my i-message goes and then my Skype.OK, now I have to stop what I’m doing to an-swer IMMEDIATELY! This is because wehave moved into the ‘Right Now’ era. Nownot only does everyone know you have re-ceived their message or WhatsApp but thatyou have READ it and you haven’t answeredit!

Why haven’t you answered it the minuteyou read it? An hour goes by and you stillhaven’t answered it. By now I have the righthump. Why are you ignoring me? Why won’tyou answer my urgent enquiry into how youare (smiley face)?

My daughter will WhatsApp her mum andif she doesn’t answer within five minutes shewill WhatsApp me to see if her mum is OK.If I don’t answer, for whatever reason, shewill phone me to make sure we both haven’tbeen wiped out by some horrific accident on-ly to be told we are fine and are in Aldi tryingto work out what a HoffleKoffle cake is (itlooks chocolatey so that’s OK). We even sit athome and pick up our phone to check no-onehas messaged us and we missed the ping.

Sorry, got to go, someone’s WhatsAppingme and I need to reply immediately!

Mike SenkerIn my opinionViews of a Grumpy Old Man

WE have moved into the ‘Right Now’ era

What’s up?

Page 51: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581



51Axarquía - Costa Tropical EWN22 - 28 October



s a l e [email protected] roweek l y n ew s . c om

Page 52: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

AIRFLOW Air Conditioning forcooling and heating units. Pro-fessional, fully guaranteed in-stallations. Tel:952 443 222 (235645)

AIR CONDITIONING repairsand servicing. Airflow. 952443 222 (235645)

SOLAR BLINDS ES Idealfor large glazed areas toreflect heat / glare andstop furniture fading andstill keep the view. SAVEHEAT IN THE WINTER TOOimprove your living envi-ronment. [email protected] TelephoneIan 644 546 176 (226282)

CARS bought for cash. Any-thing considered. Cars, vans4x4, 665 145 856 / 952 551433 (236766)

CARPENTER cabinet mak-er, Irish. Available for alltypes of property mainte-nance, plumbing, painting,electrical, kitchens andbathrooms renovated etc.30 years experience. Veryreliable. Tel: 952 441 955/ 677 087 575 (224853

GET YOUR business noticedonline! Make sure that expatsin Spain can find your product,service, restaurant, bar orshop. Contact Spain’s newestand brightest online directoryTODAY. Call 952 561 245 oremail [email protected] for more details.

WE ARE currently the marketleader in our country in thesale of direct car, motorbike,home and company fleet in-surance. Since we started outin 1995, our philosophy hasalways been to offer an excel-lent service with the bestprices in the market. For themost competitive quotes inEnglish, call Linea Directa on902 123 309. (200726)

PET-COURIERS.COM – If youlove your pet try us first – weare the best. Door to door ser-vice throughout Europe. Spe-cialised vehicles – bespoke ser-vice. Full legal service includingdocumentation if required. Forfurther information call or e-mail us: Tel: (0034) 651 033670 or (0034) 637 066 227.Email: [email protected] orw w w . p e t - c o u r i e r s . c o m(231443)

LAGUNA KENNELS ANDCATTERY. Your pets lov-ingly cared for by EnglishMother and Daughter.Near Coin. UK Transportarranged. Tel 952 112 021/ 606 838 983 (237205)

UK - SPAIN - AnywhereEurope! Masses of experi-ence. New clean vehicles.Insured with Royal Sun Al-liance. Genuinely CARINGservice. FULL and / Partmoves. ONLINE QUOTES!!www.bmceuropean.comTel: UK 08456 443 784 /ES 634 344 787 FIND USON FACEBOOK! (239719)

CARPENTER cabinet mak-er, Irish. Available for alltypes of property mainte-nance, plumbing, painting,electrical, kitchens andbathrooms renovated etc.30 years experience. Veryreliable. Tel: 952 441 955/ 677 087 575 (224853)

COIN WINDOWS Aluminiumwindows, Doors, PVC, Blinds,Mosquito screens, Canopies,Glass Factory, showerscreens, etc. All at vil lageprices. Spanish owned busi-ness English 646 066 351(237025)

WRITER required for Axar-quia area. Applications byemail with full CV shouldbe sent to [email protected].

ADMINISTRATION ASSIS-TANT required for Nerjaoffice. Applications byemail with full CV shouldbe sent to [email protected].


















CLASSIFIEDS52 Axarquía - Costa TropicalEWN 22 - 28 October 2015


For daily news

HGV Class 1 Drivers wanted

Earning up to £1,000 pw Flexibility of shift patterns and

duration of work. Drivers will be booked into guaranteed tramping work in the UK.

0044 1487 822008 Text/WhatsApp 07846 624312 [email protected]

Page 53: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581


AFFORDABLE POOL MAINTE-NANCE - Professional mainte-nance from only €80 permonth (exc. chemicals) CallSplash Pools on 952 591 053 -open 8am to 4pm (235651)




CALAHONDA. Onix, BlackColombian big breasted andperky bottom, hot-blooded andoutrageous body. Vicious lover,caring and obliging. I am theonly one who can satisfy yourfantasies, take the chance andask me to do what you have al-ways dreamt for and neverdared. 648 814 653 (227851)

RIVIERA. Hi my darling! I amLorena, 25 years, nymphoma-niac, Paraguayan brunette,long haired with fire in myveins. I enjoy sex to the maxand filling up all the time withpassion, it drives me crazy.616 368 985 (227851)

MIRAFLORES, Natasha,Sweet and passionate black,thin and beautiful, horny andpervert, I am the lover withwhom you will enjoy everythingyou wish. I love erotic games24 h. 650 237 102 (227851)

NEAR Elviria, I am Claudia amature woman (48 years)green eyes and pale skin, thinand elegant with whom you willlive an incomparable momentof passion and sweetness.Don’t hesitate and come seefor yourself. I speak English648 814 653 (227851)

RIVIERA Moroccan, Beautiful,sensual and very spicy. A styl-ish woman who will make youhave a great time like no other.I have many erotic toys withwhich we can enjoy to themax. 650 237 102 (227851)

ANDREA. Sex goddess,nymphomaniac, hot and multi-orgasmic. I am a real volcano,a very kind and devotedwoman, Incalls and Outcalls 24hours. VISA 608 949 543(227851)






5322 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa EWNCLASSIFIEDS

For daily news

Page 54: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

MOTORING54 22 - 28 October 2015EWN Axarquía - Costa Tropical


PART of the fun of the different motorshows is the unveiling of different conceptcars which may or may not ever hit thestreets and the forthcoming Tokyo MotorShow promises some unusual exhibits in-cluding this latest concept from Toyota, theKikai.

After one wades through all of the wordsin the Zen-like press releases which concen-trates on the beauty and harmony of design,it is quite apparent that the designers havehad a great deal of fun whilstgaining inspiration fromscience fiction movies.

Whilst it is easy tomock the ‘puff,’the actual conceptitself is very inter-esting and relies onthe use of com-pressed hydrogen

which can be generated from a wide rangeof raw materials, and is easy to store, mak-ing it a promising future energy source.

In addition to the vehicle’s own hydrogentank, the car can also generate electricity di-rectly from hydrogen stored outside the ve-h i c l e .

The vehicle can thus be transformed into astable source of electric power for use athome or away.

The fuel cell stack is mounted betweenthe front tyres, and the hydrogen tank be-hind the rear seat. Together with the adop-tion of independent in-wheel motors in all

four wheels, this allows for a spa-cious cabin despite the vehi-

cle’s compact vehiclebody.

This concepttakes the ma-

chinery - normallyhidden beneath

the vehiclebody - andmakes an

open displayof its beauty.

Toyota unveils Kikai concept

ClarksonQuote of theWeek

In a list of the five most rubbish things in the world, I’d have America’s foreign policy at five. Aids at four.Iran’s nuclear programme at three. Gordon Brown at two and Maserati’s gearbox at number one. It is thatbad. Some might say...

TESLA has launched a soft-ware update for its vehicles -enabling the cars to have an‘autopilot’ mode.

While not fully self-driving,the software means the ModelS and new Model X can ‘au-tomatically steer down thehighway, change lanes, andadjust speed in response totraffic.’

Tesla chief executive ElonMusk said “It should not hitpedestrians, hopefully. Itshould handle them well.”

He added that if the car isinvolved in a collision, the dri-ver is still liable.

Tesla launch‘autopilot’

Motoring shorts

New Mercedes C-Class CoupéNew Mercedes C-Class Coupé

IN a report published on Oc-tober 15, the governmentagency supporting the spreadof electric and plug-in hybridvehicles - Go Ultra Low -highlight the fact the sale ofelectric and plug-in hybridvehicles has doubled in theUK in the first nine months ofthe year.

According to the agency, atotal of 20,992 motoristsbought an electric vehicle(EV) or plug-in hybrid car(PHEV) during that time. Itshows that this sector of themarket is growing steadily.

Electric carsin the UK

Picture courtesy of Daimler Motor Company

THANKS to its athletic andsporty design, the new C-ClassCoupé which looks stylish on theroad and embodies modern lux-ury is now available to orderwith a starting price around€35,500 and delivery expectedin December.

As is normal with most cars,

the basic price can easily rise de-pending upon the extras re-quired, but the manufacturerconsiders that this latest versionoffers a high level of suspensioncomfort, low road roar and tyrevibration, agile handling, anddriving pleasure.

As the sportiest variant of theC-Class, it has a striking front

section featuring diamond radia-tor gril le and long bonnet. Ahigh belt l ine and framelessdoors with free-standing exteri-or mirrors underscore the sportycharacter as does the suspen-sion, which is 15 mil l imetreslower than that of the Saloon,and features 17-inch tyres asstandard.

Powerful and efficient four-cylinder petrol and diesel en-gines with ECO start/stop func-tion provide for sportyperformance and driving plea-sure. All are compliant with theEuro 6 emissions standard andcompared with their predeces-sors they consume up to 20 percent less fuel.

By John Smith

COUPÉ: Looks stylish.

LATEST version offers a high level of suspension comfort

THE KIKAI: A veryinteresting concept.

Page 55: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

Before the midweek fix-tures, Brighton, Gillingham(2-1 winners at Crewe) andPlymouth (1-0 victors v Ac-crington) led the Champi-onship and Leagues 1 and 2respectively while Celtic,after a 1-0 win at Mother-well, went top of the SPL.

Joint La Liga leaders RealMadrid beat Levante 3-0and Barcelona whippedRayo Vallecano 5-2. Cris-tiano Ronaldo netted twicefor Real to become theclub’s record marksmanwith 324 goals in 310games, overtaking Raul’stally of 323 in 741 outings.

The Republic of Irelandwill play Bosnia & Herze-govina in their two-leggedEuropean Championshipplay-off game next month.

Jose Mourinho has beenfined £50,000 by the FA forremarks made to match offi-cials after Chelsea’s homedefeat by Southampton ear-lier this month.

We’ve had ChampionsLeague action earlier thisweek including Arsenal-Bayern Munich, and on Sat-urday/Sunday, it’s PL DerbyDay with Manchester City-United, West Ham-Chelseaand Sunderland-Newcastle.

Howard Kendall, ex-Pre-ston, Everton, Birminghamand Stoke midfielder, whoalso managed Blackburn,Everton and ManchesterCity, has died in Southport,aged 69. The youngest play-er at the time to appear inan FA Cup final (17 years,345 days for PNE v WestHam in 1964) he hi t 65goals in 613 League appear-ances: 1963-80. R.I.P.


first World Cup semi-finalon Saturday is New Zealandv South Africa, who k’odWales . Then second, onSunday, is Austral ia , lastminute winners over un-lucky Scotland v Argentinawho ousted Ireland.

MOTORSPORT –On Sunday, inA u s t i n ,T e x a s ,L e w i sHamil ton, 73points aheadof SebastianVettel , couldbecome F1World Champi-on for the thirdt ime. Also thisweekend it’s theMalaysian Mo-toGP whereValent ino Rossihopes to increasehis 11 point lead inthe r ider ’s champi-onship, having f in-ished fourth in Australialas t Sunday behind MarcMarquez, Jorge Lorenzoand Andrea Iannone.

GOLF – British Masterswinner Matthew Fitzpatrick(21) is the youngest playerin the world’s top 100;Jordan Spieth is 401 daysolder.

CRICKET – England(598-8 dec. & 74-4) almost‘won’ the f i rs t Test withPakis tan (523-8 dec. &173). Alastair Cook scored263 in 836 minutes – thelongest innings ever by anEnglishman and the thirdlongest of all- t ime be-hind Pakis tan’s HanifMohammed (970 minutesin 1958 ) and SouthAfrican Gary Kirsten (878in 1998). England spinner

Abdul Rashid had recordfigures for a Test debutantof 0-163 in the first inningsbut grabbed 5-64 in the sec-ond. The second Test startstoday in Dubai.

BOXING - The TysonFury-Wladimir Klitschko

world heavy-

weight fight and the JamesDeGale-Lucian Bute bouthave been re-arranged forNovember 28.

55SPORTS 22 - 28 October 2015 / Axarquía - Costa Tropical EWN

Los Moriscos Friday October 9The McCracken Trophy Sponsored EventIndividual Stableford

Overall Winner John Murrell Hcp19 39ptsLadies:1st Diana Elliott Hcp24 37 points2nd  Karen Nuttall Hcp31 35 points 3rd Linda Anderson Hcp18 32 points4th Sylvia Legg Hcp30 32 points  5th   Trudy Spencer Hcp36 30 points   Amen CornerPat Lowe, Gross 23

Men:1st John Vertanness     Hcp18, 37 points   2nd Mike Cummings      Hcp16, 36 points   3rd Gil Richardson        Hcp13, 35 points    4th Malcolm Ritchie     Hcp28, 35 points  5th Russell Dick           Hcp 9, 35 points  6th Pepe Gil                    Hcp 9, 34 points  7th Bev Legg                Hcp11, 34 points     8th David Weston         Hcp19, 34 points     9th Roger Eatwell         Hcp14, 34 points    10th Ray Cooper Hcp24, 33 points     11th David Dover     Hcp28, 33 points     12th Peter Oram            Hcp23, 33 points     13th Brian Page                Hcp19, 33 points  Amen Corner  Roger Davey,   Gross 18

AnoretaMonday October 12Texas Scramble

Winners:Ellen Froland, Marisa Elias, Pete Thompson and Granville

Hirst, Gross 69, Net 62.2nd  Sylvia Legg, John Millward, Mike Cumminng and Sean

Daly, Gross 70, Net 63.3rd  Lyn McAllister, Bev Legg, David Hartley and Peter

Verkleij, Gross 72, Net 64.

BavieraTuesday October 13Individual Stableford

Overall Winner: Pepe Gil Hcp 9, 38 points

Ladies:1st Gill Boutel Hcp14, 35 points2nd Ali Durston Hcp27, 32 pointsMen:1st Miguel Frayne Hcp11, 37 points2nd Jon Rose Hcp21, 36 points3rd David Hartley Hcp17, 36 points4th John Conlan Hcp23, 34 pointsTwo’s:Gill Boutel 10, Miguel Frayne 15, Rob Nicholson 15 and Jon

Rose 15

Golf InternationalNerja Society

Unlucky Scotland inRugby, Fitzpatrickwins British MastersCONTROVERSIAL refereeing decision breaks Scots’ hearts

DID YOU KNOW?The last player to score four goals in a game for Newcastlewas Alan Shearer (five) v Sheffield Wednesday in 1999. Not-tingham Forest was founded 150 years ago this month inThe Clinton Arms pub.

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MAIDENEUROPEANTITLE: MatthewFitzpatrick, 21,wins BritishMasters.

Page 56: Euro Weekly News - Axarquia 22 - 28 October 2015 Issue 1581

FOOTBALL – Last week-end there were PL wins forManchester Ci ty (5-1 vBournemouth, with a hat-trick for Raheem Sterling),Arsenal (3-0 at Watford),Manchester United (3-0 atEverton) , Chelsea (2-0 vAston Villa), WBA (1-0 v

Sunderland), Newcastle (6-2 v Norwich with four goalsfor Georginio Wijnaldum)and West Ham (3-1 at Crys-tal Palace). Tottenham v Ju-rgen Klopp’s Liverpool andSouthampton v Leicesterended level while Swanseamet Stoke on Monday.

56 EWN SPORTAxarquía - Costa Tropical

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NEW Liverpool boss picks up a pointTurn to page 55

22 - 28 October 2015

Tony MatthewsInternational SportsA former player and now the world’s mostprolific author of football books with almost150 published since 1975, Tony is also thesports correspondent for Spectrum Radioand lives on La Pilica in the Sierra CabreraMountains overlooking Turre.

Costa de Almeria

Jose Mourinho has been fined £50,000 by the FA for remarks made to matchofficials after Chelsea’s home defeat by Southampton earlier this month.

Hat-trick for Sterling, debut for Klopp

TITLE BID: Lewis Hamilton could become F1 WorldChampion for third time in Austin, Texas.