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eTwinning “personas” If eTwinning were a role-play, what would the personas be?

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If eTwinning were a game, what type of personas would be in it? We present here six eTwinning personas and discuss who the persona tool can be useful for eTwinners.

Transcript of eTwinning personas

  • 1. eTwinning personas
    • If eTwinning were a role-play, what would the personas be?

2. eTwinning personas Tellnet workshop for eTwinners April 1 2011 Riina Vuorikari (EUN) & Romina Cachia (IPTS ) 3. Who we are?

  • Riina from Finland
  • Teacher from my firsttraining, - then hypermedia, web, research, etc.
  • Working in European Schoolnet as partof the eTwinning Central Support Service

4. Who we are?

  • Romina from Malta
  • Communication degreefrom the first training,- then digitalmedia,research, etc.
  • Working in Institute of Prospective Technological Studies in Sevilla as partof the European Commission

5. Outline of the workshop

  • Introduction(Riina: 5 min)
  • What are personas and how could you use them?(Riina: 5 min)
  • Presentation of eTwinning personas(Romina: 15 min)
  • Fine-tuning eTwinning personas(Group: 30 min)
  • Group feedback on eTwinning personas(All: 20 min)
  • Discussion(All: 15 min)

6. 1. Introduction

  • What are networks?
  • Why do some people get a virus?
  • What are personas ?
  • What can I do with personas in eTwinning?

7. This station isvery central tothe metro network 8. eTwinning project map This eTwinner isvery central tothe networkgetting information throughthe "grapevine" of network members 9. Some roles in an ICT supported network enthusiastic networker supporter occasional lurker wishfullearner in a network, manydifferent rolesare needed 10.

  • Why do some teachers get
  • the "eTwinning" virus
  • and
  • are able to spread it around
  • - and others dont ?

11. 12. tightly connectednodes ( =teachers) i n the central 13. Who will getthe virus? Not the singletonswithno connectionwith the rest ofthe network! 14. 2. What are personas and how could you use them in eTwinning? 15. What are personas ?

  • Different meanings( en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Persona )
  • a"character"of a theatrical performance, stage name
  • in psychology: amaskor appearance one presents to the world
  • in marketing: represents a group of customers so that the company can focus its efforts
  • in design: an artifact that consists of a narrative relating to a desired user's daily behavior patterns, using specific details, not generalities.

16. Where personas are used ? 17. Personas in product design ?

  • In companies like Ford Motor Company, Microsoft and Reuters, personas are used to help better understanding of customers
  • A real human with a name, face, motivations, and goals - yet fictitious
  • Represents the different user types within a targeted demographic, attitude and/or behavior set that might use a site, brand or product in a similar way( http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Persona_ %28marketing%29)

A tool for marketsegmentation For us, its a tool to create a foresightof eTwinning in 2020 18. How could you use personas in eTwinning ?

  • Understanding the existing eTwinning personas can help you manage and work with your eTwinning project
  • Who are you going to partner with?
  • What kind of skills, attitudes and behavior do you appreciate in your projects? With what kind of people do you work best?
  • Important for your risk management

19. 3. eTwinning personas

  • Each persona is rooted in eTwinning studies and ethnographical observation. They include 4 areas:
  • Characteristics in eTwinning
  • Computer literacy
  • Importance of institutional recognition
  • Problems

20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 4. Groupwork 27. 4. Group work

  • Discuss the following issues:
  • Are the personas realistic?
  • Are they strong enough to tell the story ?
  • What should be added/modified/ deleted?
  • Prepare to present your persona discussion to all!

28. 5. Your feedback 29. 6. Discussion

  • Discuss the following issues:
  • Are the personas realistic?
  • Are they strong enough to tell the story ?
  • What should be added/modified/ deleted?

30. Talk to us!

  • Romina will be around to talk about your eTwinning network
  • It will take 15-20 min
  • You will understand better how your network looks like!

Thank you!