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KONE ECO3000® range

KONE has led the UK escalator market for newequipment and service for more than 20 years.KONE prides itself on delivering customers the ‘low risk’option. Delivering ‘peace of mind’ in terms of productdesign, customer support, project management andthe highest levels of efficiency and safety during theinstallation phase.

The versatile KONE ECO3000 escalator range is ideal fornew installations whilst also providing one of the bestsmall footprint options for customers looking for areplacement escalator solution.

Well designed and manufactured escalators are a must for today's highly demanding publicareas. They are key to ensuring the smooth, efficient and safe flow of people travelling withina building’s environment.

The KONE ECO3000 escalator range incorporates fourspecific models - E3C, E3H, E3X and E3M - each onespecifically developed to meet the exacting demandsand needs of the market sector. From low rise low costretail machines through to mass transit airports andrailway stations, KONE provides the perfect partnerand ECO3000 the ideal product.

KONE can provide handrail and step advertisingpackages to generate additional revenue for theretailer/building owner.

Key features:• Leaders in energy efficient escalators• All escalators European designed• 25 years life expectancy• Exceptional safety levels• Superior ride quality• Low noise levels• Intelligent control systems• Small installation dimensions• Capable of constant running• Ideal for 24-hour 7-day a week environments• Extensive range of finishes• Fully compliant with EN and ANSI standards• UK market leading product• Height rises up to 40m• Bespoke design capabilities• Suitable for external environments

The KONE ECO3000® escalator product rangeprovides a complete series of solutions which areunique within the industry. Whether you arelooking for a standard commercial/retail escalatoror a mass transit infrastructure escalator theECO3000 range has the solution to meetyour needs.


The ECO3000 – E3C is specifically designed toprovide the levels of durability and extended serviceintervals demanded by this market sector whilstproviding the highest levels of passenger safety andcontemporary styling.

Commercial heavy duty

The ECO3000 – E3H provides the perfect solution aspeople flow increases during peak periods. Ideallysuited to railway stations and local airports where aneven more robust heavy duty solution is essential.This product also provides a full outdoor packageenabling designers total freedom in planning peopleflow within the building’s environment.

Escalators for all environments

Mass transit

Mainline railway hubs, metro systems and majorairports demand the heaviest passenger load profileswhilst requiring minimal downtime and extendedservice intervals.

The ECO3000 E3X and E3M have been specificallydesigned to meet these extreme environments. KONEhas consistently delivered to the mass transit marketglobally for the past 30 years.

The green escalator

Cleaning that doesn't harmthe environment

One of the major benefits of lubrication-free chainsis the lowering of levels of dust and dirt accumulatingon and around the chains. Historically, cleaning theseareas has called for solvents and strong detergents -not so with KONE's oil-free chains.

The lubrication-free ECO3000 drive chain removesthe need to use environmentally unfriendly solventsand strong detergents associated with earliertraditionally lubricated chains that accumulatehard-to-remove dust and dirt.

Reduce daily energy

Stand-by operation adjusts the speed based on usage,increases equipment lifetime and can reduce dailyenergy consumption by up to 30%.

KONE is renowned for producing energy efficient, environmentally friendly drives that are robust andquiet in use. Having dispensed with the need for frequent use of heavy oils and lubricants, the KONEECO3000® has become one of the most environmentally friendly escalators in the global markethelping towards improving a building’s environmental standards.

Striving for sustainability

KONE firmly believes that sustainable buildings areour future and are committed to helping customersachieve their environmental objectives by providingenvironmentally responsible products and services:

• The patented KONE ECO3000 drive is chainless(even for the handrail) and utilises a 96% efficientplanetary reduction gear.

• The KONE ECO3000 drive can reduce energyconsumption by up to 30% by adjusting voltageand current up to 120 times per second in responseto workload.

• Stand-by operation reduces energy consumptionby about 55% when no passengers are travelling onthe escalator.

• The KONE ECO3000 drive extends oil changeintervals up to 40,000 hours, twice as long asconventional drive systems.

• The KONE ECO3000 escalator is made from 90%recyclable materials.

• The optional lubrication-free step chain means nooil, a cleaner escalator and a reduced fire hazard.

• Optional LED decorative lighting systems use 90%less energy and last up to 6 times longer thanfluorescent tubes.

• Escalator timber protection utilises wood taken fromsustainable forests.

• 90% of KONE production operations are certifiedaccording to ISO14001 standard.

KONE ECO3000® optionsCladding

KONE ECO3000 escalator truss cladding can besupplied in three versions using standard factoryfinishes - primed sheet steel for final painting on site,brushed stainless steel folded panels or alternativelyclear glass side panels. The latter gives a visibledimension of movement to your building, addingto its architectural interest and vitality.

Options for local finishing include back painted glasspanels and bespoke stainless steel folded panels.


Two choices are available, either black teflon coatedsteel or clear teflon coated stainless steel, to matchthe escalator’s aesthetics.


Choose from two factory finishes: natural anodisedaluminium or brushed satin stainless steel.

Should customers wish to fit their own truss sidecladding panels, extra wide outer deckings areavailable to provide a neat interface with the topedge of the panels.

Access covers

KONE offers three access cover options, two factoryfinished and a bespoke option, all giving theopportunity to provide a change of contrast of floormaterial between the static and moving floor, vital toassist the visually impaired.

Balustrade & handrail options

KONE's range of balustrade solutions includes optionalextended and asymmetric newels to improve peopleflow and provide a neater building interface.

Glass balustrades can be supplied in two height versions,1,000mm and 1,100mm, both exceeding the minimumrequirements of EN115.

The tall glass balustrades offer additional passengersafety and can be selected either in clear glass or froman optional range of coloured glass.

Optional stainless steel balustrade panels offer a moredurable solution in mass transit environments or areassusceptible to damage or vandalism. For heavy dutyapplications inclined stainless steel balustrades areavailable for additional durability.

Handrails are available in a variety of colours tocomplement the building décor.

Handrail advertising

KONE can provide escalator handrails that carry amarketing message. Handrail advertising is ideal forenvironments like retail centres where passenger trafficis high and seasonal messages are likely to assist inpromoting sales and generating additional revenuefor the retailer/building owner.

Step advertising

On upward travelling escalators, passengers almostalways look towards the moving steps in front ofthem. KONE’s additional sales and revenue generatingoption for retailers/building owners is the provision ofstep advertising, an ideal advertising solution forseasonal promotions.

Balustrade height optionsThe optional 1,100mmbalustrade height matcheswith other building railingsto provide a safe, attractivesolution.

Newel options

Extended newels

Extended balustradenewels allow the building’sbalustrades to neatlyinterface with the side ofthe escalator balustrades.

Asymmetric newel ends

Enhancing safety in multi-level criss-cross escalatorinstallations by reducingthe risk of the exit beingblocked by passengerswaiting to board theadjacent escalator.


KONE ECO3000® escalators can be supplied with arange of stylish lighting options using environmentallyfriendly, cost effective LEDs. These are much morereliable than traditional halogen or fluorescentsolutions, lasting around 6 times longer, andreducing energy consumption by up to 90%.

LED lighting is supplied in white as standard but isavailable in a range of colours.

Continuous skirt lightingContinuous lighting throws light onto the steps andtreads improving safety for users, particularly in areas oflow light. LED spotlights in different arrangements andcolours, situated along the skirts will add special effectsto your escalator and will also improve visibility of thesteps and treads.

Handrail lightingHandrail lighting will throw a wall of ambient lightdownwards from the handrail, improving visibility forpassengers for the entire length of the escalator.

Soffit lightingLow energy LED spotlights can be fitted within theescalator soffit to illuminate the area beneath.

Bespoke lighting solutionsEscalators can be provided with cut outs, wiring andfixings to enable clients to provide project specificlighting solutions.

Comb lightingLED comb lighting adds visibility to the escalator entryand exit points and is ideal for areas of low light toassist those with visual impairments.

Under step demarcation lightingGreen lighting beneath the horizontal steps at eachlanding provide clear demarcation of the gaps betweenadjacent steps, thereby helping passengers to standcorrectly on the step tread. Red/green coloured lightscan also be provided which automatically changecolour to suit the direction of travel, thereby actingas traffic lights to help passengers to determine thedirection of travel.

Safety options

Standard safety features:• Step inlet safety switches• Handrail inlet safety switches• Step sag safety switches• Chain tension control switches• Speed sensor system• Motor thermic protection• Mains supply isolator• Step band locking device• Emergency stop buttons at both ends of escalator• Emergency stop switches within upper and lowermachine compartments

• Step return protection guards at both drive andreturn stations

Traffic lightsLED traffic lights help passengers to easily determinethe direction of travel when approaching the escalator.

Sprinkler systemSprinklers are vital assets to combat fire in any building.KONE ECO3000® escalators can be installed withsprinkler piping that interfaces with the building’sown fire suppression system.

LSF halogen-free cablesElectrical cables insulated with low-smoke and fume,halogen-free materials prevent toxic gases beingreleased in the event of a fire.

Comb demarcationYellow polyester powder coated combs provide a cleardemarcation line between the moving steps and thelanding areas, helping prevent trips by encouragingpassengers to step safely on to and off the escalator.

Emergency stop buttonAdditional emergency stop buttons can be situated atstrategic points of the installation, free standing/wallmounted to improve passenger safety in emergencies.

Step demarcationYellow demarcation lines help passengers to standsafely away from the edges of the step treads and areavailable as painted lines or hardwearing plastic inserts.

Step upthrust deviceThe step upthrust device detects foreign objectspreventing the steps from levelling correctly as theypass through the transition curves onto the landingareas, e.g. pushchair wheels, and stops the escalatorto prevent mechanical damage.

Handrail speed monitorThis device constantly monitors the speed of thehandrails and will stop the escalator if there is asignificant speed difference between the handrailsand the steps.

Missing step detectorTo ensure the escalator is not returned to service with anincomplete step band, a proximity sensor is availablewhich will stop the escalator if a step has been omitted.

Voice annunciationVoice annunciation reminds passengers how to safelyuse the escalator, particularly when boarding anddisembarking. Customised messages can be providedto suit specific site conditions.