Er lifecycle pt1

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Presentation given for SLA Arabian Gulf February 2010

Transcript of Er lifecycle pt1

  • 1. Electronic Resources Lifecycle Part I
  • 2. Electronic Resource Lifecycle
  • 3. Investigation/Selection
      • Determine resource to acquire
      • Develop specification document
      • Determine who should participate
      • Trial/test
      • Talk to providers/vendors
      • Make your selection
  • 4. Example of Specification Document System Functionality Product A Product B Product C Simultaneous Users or Site License? RSS feeds available? ToC Alerts? Can integrate with full-text collections?
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  • 10. Acquistion/Licensing
      • Compare specifications
      • Negotiate terms of purchasing
      • Review license agreement
      • Renegotiate licensing terms
      • Sign the agreement/purchase
      • Record administrative metadata
  • 11. Develop Licensing Guidelines to Follow
      • Licensee reserves the right to decrease content provided or cancel outright all content licensed within thirty (30) days notification to Provider if faced with undue financial hardship enacted by the University of Texas or the State of Texas
      • Licensor will defend, indemnify and hold Licensee harmless from any action based on a claim that Licensee's use of the [Licensed Material] in accordance with this agreement, infringes any patent, copyright, or trade secrets of any third party
      • Authorized Users, except Walk-in Users, may incorporate parts of the Licensed Material in Electronic Reserves for the use of Authorized Users in the course of instruction. Each such item shall carry appropriate acknowledgment of the source. The electronic copy of such items shall be deleted by the Licensee when it is no longer required for such purpose
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  • 13. Implementation/Activation
      • Confirm receipt of access/activate account
      • Test access
      • Become familiar with resource
      • Establish access points
      • Record access points
      • Advertise availability
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  • 18. Questions/Discussion