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  • Omar Radwan o.a.radwan@Gmail.com 201306050
  • 1944 (Kochelaev and Lablokov , 1995) 2
  • EPR spectroscopy Spectroscopy Paramagnetism Resonance Zeeman effect Hyperfine interaction EPR instrumentation EPR spectrum Geological applications Advantages and disadvantages Conclusion 3
  • 4
  • (Weldon, 2009) 5
  • (Nesse, 2012) 6
  • Zeeman effect (Jonas, 1997) E=h=gH 7
  • Hyperfine interaction (Jonas, 1997) 8
  • (Eaton GR et al., 2010) 2(I) +12(I) +1 2(I) +1 9 Hyperfine interaction
  • (Brustolon and Giamello, 2009) 10
  • spectrometer (Lund et al., 2011) (Lund et al., 2011) 11
  • 12
  • ESR ages from the Eupchon fault zone range from 2000 to 500ka. The fault rocks were reactivated at least five times 2000, 1300, 9001100, 700800, and 500600ka ago. potentially active fault potential seismic hazards to the nuclear power plant in its vicinity. 13(Lee andYang, 2007)
  • (Attanasio, 1999) The Mn2+ EPR spectra of marbles are similar for samples coming from the same quarry, and this property is used in archaeological studies in assessing the origin of ancient marbles 14
  • (Bulka, 1991) 15 Distribution of Mn+2 in the dolomites can reflect different thermodynamic parameters of the environment of dolomitization used to characterize sedimentary beds, especially if they are unfossilferous
  • 16 (Skrzypczak et al., 2008) define four stages of maturation of the organic matter according to the evolution of g- factors, EPR intensity, peak-to-peak line width and line shape derive a relationship between the line shape and the age of the organic matter, valid for ages ranging from about 600 Myr to about 3500 Myr
  • 17 (Nicolini et al., 2009) EPR studies show that the weathering from biotite to kaolinite, through muscovite, corresponds to varying the Fe(III) site symmetry; from a residual rhombic structure in biotite, to rhombic and axial symmetries in muscovite until a rhombic and a more symmetrical site (but not yet totally axial as in muscovite) is obtained in kaolinite.
  • Advantages Sample size required Time required Detection limit Oxidation state Disadvantages Sensitivity towards paramagnetic species Complicated spectra 18
  • spectroscopic method for studies of paramagnetic species Information provided: Direct evidence for presence of free electrons in a sample Type of sample Molecular structure and the environment near the electron Molecular motion Applications Geochronology Geochemical studies Structure, Composition and origin of minerals 19
  • I owe a debt of gratitude to Prof. Dogan and Prof. Morsy for giving me the opportunity to learn this technique. 20
  • 21
  • Attanasio, D., 1999. The use of electron spin resonance spectroscopy for determining the provenance of classical marbles. Appl. Magn. Reson. 16, 383402. Brustolon, M., Giamello, E., 2009. Electron Paramagnetic Resonance: A Practitioners Toolkit, 1 edition. ed. Wiley. Bulka GR, Nizamutdinov NM, Mukhutdinova NG, Khasanova NM, Galeev AA, Vinokurov VM, 1991. EPR probes in sedimentary rocks: The features of Mn2+ and free radicals distribution in the Permian formation inTatarstan. Appl Magn Reson. ;2(1):10715 Eaton GR et al., 2010. Quantitative EPR a Practitioners Guide. Springer-Verlag Vienna. Kochelaev BI, IAblokov IV, 1995. The beginning of paramagnetic resonance. Singapore; River Edge, NJ:World Scientific. Lee H-K, Yang J-S, 2007. ESR dating of the Eupchon fault, South Korea. Quaternary Geochronology.;2(14):3927. Nesse, W.D., 2012. Introduction to mineralogy. Oxford University Press, NewYork. Weldon DG, 2009. Failure Analysis of Paints and Coatings. Revised Edition edition. Wiley. Nicolini, K.P., Lombardi, K.C., Schreiner, W.H., Mazzaro, I., Wypych, F., Mangrich, A.S., 2009. Evidence of weathering stages of phyllosilicates from biotite/muscovite to kaolinite, probed by EPR spectroscopy. Miner Petrol 97, 139144. Skrzypczak-Bonduelle, A., Binet, L., Delpoux, O., Vezin, H., Derenne, S., Robert, F., Gourier, D., 2008. EPR of Radicals in Primitive Organic Matter: A Tool for the Search of Biosignatures of the Most AncientTraces of Life. Appl Magn Reson 33, 371397. Lee, H.-K., Yang, J.-S., 2007. ESR dating of the Eupchon fault, South Korea. Quaternary Geochronology 2, 392397. 22