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  • 7/30/2019 Epic Speed Freaks


    Jervis: This article provides an OrkSpeed Freek army list for use inEpic: Armageddon tournament

    games. Epic is rather different to mostother Games Workshop games in thatrather than having generic army liststhat cover a wide variety of differentforces for a single race, it has specific

    army lists that each cover a singlespecific army. For example, the ImperialGuard list that appears in the Epicrulebook is based upon the ArmageddonSteel Legion, while the Space Marinearmy list covers Codex Astartes SpaceMarine chapters. In a similar manner,the army list included with this articlecovers the Burning Death Speed Freekstribe that fought during the 3rdArmageddon War.

    to balance generic army lists, as theyneed to include a huge number ofdifferent options in order to cover all ofthe different forms of army that a racecan field. This open-ended naturemeans that hidden within them areusually one or two combinations oftroops that are far more effective in a

    game than any other combination oftroops. Sadly these troop combinationsare rarely ones that make sense interms of the armys background, butplayers will use them nonetheless to geta small edge in the games that theyplay. By using specific, rather thangeneric, lists Im able to cut down on thenumber of choices I need to makeavailable to a player in any one list,making the task of balancing it mucheasier.



    There are two reasons for adopting thisapproach. First of all, it gives me a wayof adding exciting new models to theEpic range without having to go backand retroactively add them to an existingarmy list. For example, I plan to producea Black Templar army list in the future,and when I do well be bringing out an

    Epic scale Land Raider Crusader for usewith the army. What I wont have to dothen is go back to the Codex Astarteslist and add the option of taking LandRaider Crusaders. What this means inpractical terms is that youll know thatonce an army list is published, it wontchange or be added to.

    Secondly, it allows me to make sure thateach army list is as balanced as it canpossibly be. It is extraordinarily difficult


    This month we continue our feature

    on Fanatic Studios latest offering,

    Epic: Armageddon. In this article,

    Jervis Johnson takes a look at an

    alternative Ork army list, the Speed

    Freeks, as well as presenting a new

    scenario for using them.

  • 7/30/2019 Epic Speed Freaks


    Finally, some players have asked if thisapproach means that they cant usemodels unless they are painted inexactly the right colour scheme for thearmy list being used. This categoricallyis not the case. Although the army listsare specific, they can be used quitehappily as stand-in lists for modelspainted to represent other armies. Forexample, if you have a Blood AngelsSpace Marine chapter, then you can usethe models with the Codex Astartesarmy list, or at least you can until wepublish an army list specifically for the

    Blood Angels. By the same token, if youhave a Cadian Imperial Guard army, youcan use your models with the SteelLegion army list until we publish anarmy list specifically for Cadianregiments, and so on.

    In this article I present a new Epic listthat will allow players to field SpeedFreek armies in their games of Epic.Although it has similarities to theWaaargh Ghazghkull Ork list in theEpic: Armageddon rulebook, there aresubtle but important differences betweenthe two, allowing Ork players to field twoquite different styles of Ork army. I hopeyou enjoy using it. If you have anyquestions about the list, I recommend

    visiting the Epic forum on the Epicwebsite at www.epic-battles.com. Youwill also be able to find other new lists totry out on the website.


    The following new units can only beused in Speed Freek armies. There arethree types of unit: Mekboy Bad OrkBikeboyz, Mekboy Speedstas and OrkTrukks. These are described in detailbelow, along with the rules you will needto use them in your games.

    Mekboy Bad Ork Bikeboyz: The Kult of

    Speed is a constant social problem forthe Orks. Nobody minds a few recklessraces around the stronghold, butsometimes it gets out of hand, especiallyif the Warboss fleet of new red wagonsgets smashed up by crazed hoodlums inramshackle Mekboyz hot-rodz. TheWarboss is sometimes left with nooption but to banish the offenderstogether with their vehicles. From thatmoment on they become a roving bandof troublemakers looking for adventure,willing to fight for anybody.

    These wandering bands of homelessrenegades are known as Bad OrkBikeboyz. Their favourite sport isrunning over ranks of drilling Stormboyz,but they are quite happy to practise onGretchin, Snotlings, Madboyz or anyoneelse who gets in the way.

    Unfortunately, some Ork Mekaniaksdont just love fixing bikes, they love

    riding them too, and this can lead someof them to becoming dedicatedmembers of the Kult of Speed and muchfeared Bad Ork Bikeboyz in their ownright. The most skilled and fearsomeMekaniak Bad Ork Bikeboyz can rise upthrough the ranks to become the leaderof entire Speed Freek clans.

    Arguably the most famous MekaniakBad Ork Bikeboy is Wazdakka Gutsmek.Although Wazdakka started out as asimple Mekaniak, he quickly becameseduced by the Kult of Speed and soonthereafter was banished from his

    warband to become a Bad Ork Bikeboy.Most Bikeboyz like to ride around ingangs, but Wazdakka prefers to travelon his own. It is rumoured that he onlyleaves the saddle when he has toperform repairs on his highly kustomisedwarbike. All the rest of the time he rideshard and fast, kept awake by adangerous cocktail of drugs supplied byan outlawed Mad Dok, and withcomplete disregard for his own oranyone elses safety.


    Mekaniaks are the technical engineersand master mechanics of Orkcivilisation. Their understanding of the

    principles behind the technology theyuse is somewhat vague and crude. Infact, Mekboyz are often as mystified asthe rest of the Orks as to why somethingtheyve put together actually works (butit usually does). The Meks have aninstinctive talent with machines and theirunlikely creations often work surprisinglywell, though it must be said that thereare often some spectacular accidentsand malfunctions.

    Meks build and maintain a bewilderingarray of vehicles, weapons, spacecraftand machinery. They are great



    Mekboy Bad INF 40cm 5+ 4+ 5+ Sawn-off Kustom Blasta* 15cm MW5+ AND Ork Bikeboy Small Arms Extra Attack (+1), Macro Weapon

    Choppa Blades base contact Assault Weapons Extra Attack (+1), Macro WeaponMounted, Invulnerable Save,Supreme Commander.

    Mekboy Speedsta AV 35cm 5+ 6+ 5+ Kustom Kannon 45cm MW4+ Power Field (D3)`

    Ork Trukk LV 35cm 5+ 6+ na none Transport**

    *The sawn-off kustom blastas can be used to shoot and in an assault as small arms.**May carry one of the following units: Boyz, Nobz, Grots, Big Gunz. Units other than Big Gunz may shoot or while being transported.

    The Black Templars try to hold back the advance of the Speed Freeks, until much needed reinforcements arrive.


    Below was some sort of Humie supplydump, with stacks of crates and barrels,and Imperial Guardsmen scuttling arounddousing fires. Skargrim grinned andsounded the Waaagh-horn before kickinghis driver to go faster. Around him, themassed vehicles of the Speed Kult raceddown towards the shocked Humies at fullthrottle. Warbuggies vied with bikes andTraks to cover the ground the fastest,Trukks packed with Boyz careened against

    each other as they fought to get ahead,the greenskins shouts inaudible over thethunder of engines. The column oframshackle, bellowing vehicles snaked andtwisted like a living thing as it convergedon its prey.

  • 7/30/2019 Epic Speed Freaks


    innovators and inventors but seldomplan their creations before they begin;rather they take an idea from somethingtheyve seen or heard about andconstruct it, kustomising it in typicallyOrky fashion with additional bolts andspiky bits as they go along. Each Mekproduces highly original work and everyitem of Ork machinery bears theindelible stamp of an individual Mekshandiwork. Often Meks eksperimentwith vehicles or weapons theyrerepairing, fitting extra armour or kustomforce fields. The result of all this is thatOrk weapons and vehicles are seldomidentical, mass produced articles theyare kustom-built.

    The Kult of Speed always attracts lots ofMekboyz who endlessly tinker with theSpeed Freeks buggies and bikes tomake them go fasta. The only thingMekboyz like more than tinkering withmachines is building and tuning theirwickedly fast Kustom Battlewagons.Every Mekboy has his own pet projikthes working on. These often lie aboutforgotten for months or years but whenthe Waaagh-Ork starts, a Mekboy willfind the time (inbetween buildingweapons and Gargants) to finish off hisspecial Kustom Speedsta with a fewmore widgits and gubbins and (most of

    all) new, shiny kustom weapons.


    An Ork Trukk consists of little more thana large engine strapped to a big enoughchassis to transport a group of Boyz onthe back. Like all Ork vehicles, Trukkscome in a huge variety of different typesand sizes, and the largest are nearly asbig as a Battlewagon. The majority,however, are about the same size as abuggy, and have enough space to carryabout half a dozen Orks and/or Grots.Because of their small size, there isntusually room to carry a permanentlyattached weapon, but because of theiropen design the Boyz being transportedon the back are able to shoot anyweapons they are armed with, so thelack of a fixed weapon isnt usuallymuch of a problem.

    Trukks are used in great numbers bySpeed Freek Kults, where theiradditional speed allows them to keep upwith the rest of the buggies and traks inthe army. In any case, the Boyz hitchinga ride in a Speed Freek army are asaddicted to speed as the driversthemselves, and much prefer to rideinto battle hanging to the back of a Trukkthan to be cooped up in a stuffy (andslow) Battlewagon!

    Imperial commanders been caught out anumber of times by Speed Freek

    armies using their Trukk-borne infantryto good effect. At the battle of GettsRidge, Speed Freek warbands rushedahead of the main army and seized thevital high ground after which the battlewas named. When Imperial Guardforces from the 222nd ArmageddonSteel Legion arrived they found Gettsridge already occupied by Speed Freekinfantry. The Boyz were able to hold upthe 222nd long enough for the rest ofthe army to turn up, and then leaped

    back into their Trukks and proceeded toride round the flank of the haplessImperial Guard regiment, cutting off theirline of retreat. Caught between the Orkwarbands on the ridge and the SpeedFreeks from behind, the 222nd was allbut annihilated, for very little loss to theOrk army (including, rather typically, anumber of accidental Ork deaths amidsthigh speed crashes with their ownvehicles).


    As well as their unceasing love ofwarfare, some Orks have alsodeveloped a strange addiction to speed.Orks like to go fast. Speed fulfils somedeep need in the Orkish temperament,

    just like the thunder of guns, the clank oftracks and the din of battle. They like tofeel the wind on their faces, see the dustrising behind them in a big cloud, andhear the roar of powerful engines. Thisbeing the case it is hardly surprising thatbikes and buggies of all kinds are highlypopular with the Orks. They may not beall that heavily armoured, but they arecheap, shooty and, most important of all,they go dead fast!

    There are two unique sensory areas inthe Ork brain. One of these is stimulatedby noise, the other by the sensation ofspeed. When Orks are exposed to loudnoise, such as the din of battle, or thethrill of going very fast on a vehicle, heexperiences a sensation of utter delightand an overwhelming feeling of well-being. Undoubtedly, the Ork brain hasnaturally evolved in this way so thatOrks will instinctively behave in amanner which benefits and expands theOrk race as a whole. In other words,Orks love the noise of battle and the dinof heavy machinery and areconsequently prone to reckless

    behaviour. That this often leads to thedestruction of individual Orks is of noconsequence because the race as awhole is made dynamic, adventurous,cheerful in the face of adversity andheedless of danger.

    Once an Ork has begun to indulge hisnatural instinct for speed, he is liable tobecome addicted to it. The part of hisbrain which responds to the sensation ofrapid movement demands more andmore stimulation. It may start by the Orkriding on a vehicle or becoming theproud owner of a Warbike. Soon the Orkis racing frantically against rivals. Nexthe is handing over bags of teeth toMekboyz for kustom jobz on his belovedmachine. Layer upon layer of red paintgoes on and comes off again as soon asit is even slightly dull or scratched. TheOrk is enmeshed in the Kult of Speed;he has become a Speed Freek.

    These Speed Freeks principally comefrom the Evils Sunz clan, though notexclusively. They like nothing better than

    to roar into the heat of battle on theirfast machines, tearing around atbreakneck speeds. Like war itself, thisseems to fulfil some deep requirementwithin the Orks psyche and when theyare not in battle, Speed Freeks spendtheir time racing around the Orksettlements or tinkering with theirmachines to get that extra ounce ofspeed from them. Buggies includevehicles such as Ork Wartraks andScorchas, as well as the ubiquitous WarBuggies themselves. The Orks who ridethe impressively armed Ork Warbikesare known as Bikeboyz.

    Vehicles that go really fast have greatprestige value, and Orks will hoard teeth

    for years to afford a really fast vehicle.Whenever an Ork takes his buggy orbike to a Mek for repairs, he alwaysasks Can yer make it go faster?. Thisusually necessitates a fresh coat of redpaint, as well as a bit of noisy tinkeringwith the engine. For, as every Orkknows, red ones go faster. Rivalriesbetween Nobz and Warlords as to whohas the fastest machine leads toreckless racing around the perimeter ofOrk settlements. The Orks love of fast


  • 7/30/2019 Epic Speed Freaks


    Imperial Commander will have of anattack is the rapidly approaching cloudsof ash dust thrown up by the SpeedFreeks buggies, followed moments laterby an all-out assault led by hundreds ofsmall Ork vehicles being driven at break-neck speed and with no thought for theirown safety! Following close behind theSpeed Freeks will be slightly slower-

    moving Blitz Brigades and FortressMobs, whose more heavily armouredvehicles will mop up any centres ofresistance not overwhelmed by the initialattack. When unexpectedly strongresistance is met, the Speed Freeks willsimply bypass it, leaving it for the Orkwarbands following in their wake todeal with.

    The following army list is for Ork SpeedFreek armies. It is designed to work withthe range of models produced byGames Workshop for Epic, and willproduce a closely balanced gamewhen used along with the tournamentgame rules.

    The army list covers a specific army thattook part in the 3rd Armageddon war.Although each army list is based on oneparticular fighting force, they are typicalof many other similar armies, and so allof these lists can be used as stand in

    vehicles known by the Orks as da Kultof Speed accounts for the vast arrayof customised buggies, bikes andramshackle vehicles that can bemustered by an Ork Speed Freekwarband. Most are in a constant state ofdisrepair, with bits falling off every fewmiles or so. A lot of these vehicles areowned by Meks, who have been known

    to attempt repairs while the vehicle is inmotion! Orks suffering from extremespeed addiction find it difficult to stoponce theyve revved up to full speed.

    The mark of a hardened Speed Freek isunmistakable: his glazed eyes staredirectly ahead, oblivious to thesurroundings and conscious only of hismachine and the distant horizon. Shouldhe be forced to stop for fuel, he pacesup and down, jittery and fidgeting whilethe Gretchin servant fills the tank. ThoseWarbosses, Nobz and other Orks whorely on a Speed Freek driver mustalways carry a hefty spanner or wrenchabout their person since the only way toask him to stop is often a hefty belt on

    the head. These anti-social tendenciesinvariably lead to them eventually beingbanished from their warband, especiallywhen their latest antics have resulted inthe Warbosss favourite buggy being

    trashed. These outlaws will more oftenthan not join a Speed Freek warband,where all of the other Orks in thewarband share their addition to the Kultof Speed. When several Speed Freekwarbands gather together to take part ina Waagh they form their own SpeedFreek tribes. There are several suchtribes on Armageddon, of which the

    Burning Death Speed Freeks arearguably the most famous. Speed Freektribes are usually led by a renegadeMekaniak Bad Ork Bikeboy, whosecombination of extraordinary mechanicalskills and fearsome fighting prowessmake them the perfect leaders forthe crazed Speed Freeks undertheir command.

    As already noted there are severalSpeed Freek tribes taking part in theArmageddon campaign. Although theytend to lack the numbers and heavyequipment found in more typical Orkwarbands, this is more than made up forby their speed and aggressiveness. Inthis campaign Ghazghkull has made

    good use of these traits, using theSpeed Freeks under his command tooutflank strongly held enemy positions,and to exploit any breaches in Imperialdefence lines. Often the first sign that an



    The new Speed Freek units can berepresented very easily using modelsin the current Ork range, as shownbelow. All you really need to do is takethe model and paint it in appropriateSpeed Freek colours. If its a Mekboyvehicle then it should also be adornedwith a Mekboy banner. The only modelthat requires any real modelling workis the Trukk, where you will need to fillin the small hole in the hull of thebuggy where the vehicles gunner isnormally attached (the gunner is notused when the model is used as aTrukk, in order to allow room to carrythe Boyz that travel in the back!)

    Ork Speed Freeks ambush a convoy of Steel Legion Chimeras that has lagged behind the rest of the Imperial armoured column.

    Above Left: Mekaniak Speedsta.

    Above Right: Converted Mek Bad OrkBikeboy. Represent Nob Warbikes unitsby adding a small pennant like that onthe model on the right of the Mek.

    Left: Converted Ork Trukk with plasticOrk Boyz glued on the back.

    Right: Ork Trukk, this simple conversioninvolved filling the hole where the gunnormally sits.

  • 7/30/2019 Epic Speed Freaks


    lists for players that may already havecollected an Epic army from a previousedition of the rules. Over time, we planto produce additional army lists coveringother armies from the Armageddon warand other famous conflicts of the 41stmillennium. You can find out whatadditional army lists have been

    produced in Fanatic magazine and onthe Epic website at:


    The Speed Freek army list shows theformations that can be used in the army,the units that make up each formation,and lists a point value for eachformation. It also includes the armysStrategy rating and the Initiative ratingfor any formations in the army. Thedatasheets for all of the units in the army

    can be found in the Epic Armageddonrulebook (see section 5.5). A quickreference sheet detailing thecharacteristics of all of the units thatcan be used in the army is included withthis article.


    Unlike the very rigid formations used bythe Imperium, Ork formations varywidely in both size and composition. Therules for creating Ork formations reflectthis. The most common type of Orkformation is the warband. Other morespecialised formations do exist, such asKults of Speed and Blitz Brigades. Thedifferent types of Ork formation you maychoose are shown on the army list thatfollows. The army list includes thefollowing information:

    Type: The name of the formation.

    Core Units: The units that make up theformation. An Ork player can choose todouble or triple the number of units inthe formation if he wishes. A formationwith double the normal number of unitsis called a big formation, and a formationwith three times the normal number of

    units is called a huge formation.Cost: Most Ork formations have threevalues. The first value is the cost for thebasic formation, the second is its cost ifit is a big formation, and the third valueis its cost if it is a huge formation. If theformation only has one cost then it maynot be increased in size. Up to onethird of the points available to an Orkarmy can be spent on aircraft andFortress Mobs.



    Ork Speed Freek armies have a Strategy rating of 3. All Ork units have an Initiative rating of 3+, but receive modifiers depending on the action chosenwhen taking an action or the size of the warband when rallying (see 5.5.1 & 5.5.2 in the Epic rulebook).


    Speed Freek Warband One Nob, three 200 350 500 Any number of the following for +25Boyz, and four points each: Ork Boyz (plus free Trukk unit),Trukks plus any Buggies, Stormboyz, Warbikes, Skorchas,four of the Big Gunz.following units:Buggies, Any number of the following for +35 points each:Warbikes, Battlewagons, Gunwagons, Deth Koptas,Skorchas. Flakwagonz.

    Up to one of each of the following: Nobz Unit(+35 points), Mekboy Speedsta (+50 points).

    Kult of Speed Any eight of the 200 350 500 Any number of the following for +25following units: points each: Buggies; Warbikes; Skorchas.Buggies, Warbikes,Skorchas. Any number of the following for +35

    points each: Gunwagons; Deth Koptas;Flakwagonz.

    Up to one Mekboy Speedsta for +50 points.

    Warbike Outriders Five Warbike units 150 225 300 No extra units allowed.All units recieve the Scout ability for no extra cost.

    Blitz Brigade Any four of the 150 250 350 Any number of the following for +25following units: points each: Ork Boyz, Buggies,Gunwagons; Deth Warbikes, Skorchas.

    Koptas,Flakwagonz. Any number of the following for +35points each: Gunwagons; Deth Koptas;Flakwagonz.

    Up to one of each of the following: Nobz unit(+35 points), Mekboy Speedsta (+50 points),Gun Fortress (+135 points).

    Fighta-Bommerz Three Fighta- 150 N/a N/a Up to six Fighta-Bommerz for +50Sqwadron Bommerz. points each.

    Ork Landa Ork Landa. 200 N/a N/a None.

    Kill Kruiser One Kill Kruiser. 200 N/a N/a May be upgraded to OrkBattlekroozer for +50 points.

    Fortress Mob Any two of the 275 500 700 Any number of the following for +25following units: points each: Ork Boyz.

    Battle Fortress,Gun Fortress. Any number of the following for +35points each: Flakwagonz.

    Up to one of each of the following: Nob(+35 points), Battle Fortress (+125 points),Gun Fortress (+135 points).

  • 7/30/2019 Epic Speed Freaks


    Extras: An Ork formation may includeany of the extra units listed in the Extrascolumn. You may include any number ofextra units in a formation unless it isspecifically noted otherwise. If there is alimitation then the limit is doubled for abig formation and tripled for a hugeformation. For example, a normal-sizedKult of Speed can include 0-1 MekboySpeedsta, a big Kult of Speed caninclude 0-2, and a huge Kult of Speedcan include 0-3. All of the core, extra,and free units in an Ork formation countas being part of one large formation.The different units may not move off ontheir own.

    Nob Warbikes: Any Nob unit may bemounted on warbikes if desired, at noadditional cost in points. The Nobz

    speed becomes 35cm, and they countas having the Mounted ability. Note thatany units upgraded in this fashion mustbe represented by a suitably convertedNob Warbike unit.

    Battle Fortresses & Gun Fortresses:In tournament games, these units mayonly transport units from their ownformation (ie, the rules for War Enginetransports do not apply to them whenusing the tournament army lists).

    What, no Grots?!?: Sharp eyedreaders will have noticed that the SpeedFreek army does not include Grot units.

    This is because the Grots in a SpeedFreek army are used as riggers, wherethey help to keep the vehicles in thearmy running properly instead of

    fighting. Because of this they are notrepresented as units as they have nodirect effect on game-play.


    Every Speed Freek Ork army mustinclude a Mekboy Bad Ork Bikeboy unit.The Bikeboy character is free, youdont have to pay any points for him,and it can be added to any formation inthe army.

    Every unit in a Speed Freek army musteither have a speed of 30cms plus, orbe transported in a unit with a speed of30cm plus. In other words, formations

    may not include units with a speed ofless than 30cm unless they also have atransport vehicle capable of carrying theunit around.

    The frontline between the two armieson Armageddon was thousands ofkilometres long. Even the huge armiesfighting on Armageddon found itimpossible to adequately patrol suchvast distances, and because of this,fast-moving, highly mobile formationsfrom both sides were able to infiltratebehind enemy lines and make hit andrun attacks on the opposing sidessupply lines.

    Typical of these types of raids werethe actions carried out around HiveTarturus by Speed Freek warbandsbelonging to the Burning Death tribe. Amajor Ork offensive breached theImperial defence lines to the south-east of Tarturus, allowing BurningDeath warbands to slip through. Oncebehind the lines, the Speed Freekssplit into numerous small battle groupsand launched a series of hit and runattacks that caused severe disruptionto the vital convoys of vehicles thatcarried supplies to Tarturus. Before thewar, the main highway that the supplycolumns used was known simply asRoute 101, but soon the raids carried

    out by the Burning Death Orks gave ita new name: Deaths Highway.

    Forces: The Ork player picks a 3,000point army from the Burning DeathSpeed Freeks army list. He may notinclude any Fighta-Bommerz orspacecraft in the army. His opponentthen picks a 2,000 point army from theImperial Guard Steel Legion army list(see section 6.4 in the Epic:

    Armageddon rules). Note that theImperial player has two-thirds of thepoints of the Ork player available. TheImperial Force may not include anyTitan Legions or Imperial Navyformations, but receives a SupplyColumn consisting of seven Chimerafor free (see the special rules below).

    Gaming Area: Set up the terrain forthe game in any mutually agreeable

    manner, as long as there is a roadrunning from one narrow table edge tothe opposite narrow table edge. It isrecommended that the guidelines forsetting up terrain in tournament gamesis followed for the remaining terrain inthis scenario (see section 6.1 in theEpic: Armageddon rulebook).

    Imperial Deployment: The Imperialplayer must set up first, and must setup the supply column first. One of theChimeras in the supply column mustbe placed on one end of the road thatlinks the two narrow table edgestouching the edge of the table. Theother vehicles in the formation must beset along the road, stretching forwardfrom the first Chimera that was placed.

    Each Chimera must be within 5cms ofanother Chimera in the formation andwithin 30cms of the point where theroad enters the table. All remainingImperial Guard formations must besetup within 45cms of the point wherethe road enters the table, but do nothave to set up on the road itself.

    Ork Deployment: The Ork playermust split his army into three separate

    groups of formations. Each group mustinclude at least one formation, andmay not include more than half of theformations in the Ork army. At the startof each turn, one of these groups israndomly selected and then deployedwithin 15cms of a random point on theedge of the table. We used a GamesWorkshop Scatter dice to determinethe set up point (we rolled the dice,and the Orks had to set up within

    15cms of the point on the table edgewhere the arrow pointed) but you canuse another method if you prefer. Orkunits can deploy anywhere within15cms of the point selected as long asits not in an enemy zone of control orimpassable terrain. If its impossiblefor them to deploy then they aredestroyed! Ork formations are allowedto take actions on the turn thatthey deploy.

    Special Rules: The Chimera convoyin the supply column is filled with vitalsupplies. Because of this it may nottransport any units, and is not allowedto leave the road. In addition theformation is not allowed to take

    March actions.Victory Conditions: The Ork playerwins the game by destroying all of theChimera vehicles in the supply columnbefore the end of Turn 4. The Imperialplayer wins immediately if any of theChimera in the supply column are ableto move off the table along the road atthe point opposite that which theyentered by. Any other result is a draw.