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    Accomplishing A Comprehensive Technology Upgrade: Our story

    Session ID#: JDE-104240

    Susan Goodman & Carl Goossen

    Spray Equipment & Service Center, Inc.

    EnterpriseOne Upgrade Consortium

  • Silence Audible Devices Note Fire Exits Partake of Refreshments Note Quest Staffers (green shirts) Complete Feedback Form Ask Questions

    Please support the Quest community by respecting that all information shared in this session is confidential and proprietary.

    Welcome and Please:

  • www.sprayequipment.com

    A $35M company based in Wichita, Kansas with 71 employees in 6 facilities across the Midwest including 15 salesman covering all points in between including Canada and Mexico. An Industrial distributor and integrator of equipment that meters, mixes and moves material for paint line finishing operations, specialized high performance coatings as well as adhesive and sealant delivery systems.

  • www.sprayequipment.com

    Getting Approved

    Risk of not upgrading

    Another Option - Downgrading

    Not the same as the last time

    Budget based on hard quotes

    Fixed Price Contracts with people we knew

    Conservative contingencies w/incentive not to use

    No blank checks

  • www.sprayequipment.com

    Risk of Not Upgrading

    1. Oracle Support / Product Obsolescence Now

    (Limited SRs - No ESUs)

    2. Lose direct upgrade path to current release - Soon

    3. Browser Compatibility Now


    4. 3rd Party Compatibility Soon

    (Vertex / Bar Coding)

    5. Server Failure No warning

    (Approaching end of safe life cycle)

  • www.sprayequipment.com

    Another Option: Downgrading

    1. Downsize to a technology foundation that smaller companies like Spray

    Equipment can afford

    2. Simpler and easier to support and maintain

    3. Equal or longer longevity

    4. More cloud / hosted options available

    5. Caveat: Reduced functionality and ability to configure to business

  • www.sprayequipment.com

    Not the same as last time

    The same processes you use every day

    Dont give me pretty Give me REAL.

    Working with good people you already know

    Full control of testing and go-live

    (Testing in production is painful)

    Most work done remotely / Minimal T&E

    (Prior Consultant T&E was over $100K)

    Oracle has made major investment in streamlining upgrade process

    over last 5 years

  • www.sprayequipment.com

    Initial Cost Estimates

    Item Local Hosted

    Hardware $ 175 $ 8

    Software Licensing $ 41 $ 41

    Software Implementation $ 149 $ 90

    Monthly Fee (5 Years) $ 0 $ 359

    Disaster Recovery $ 50 $ 129

    5% Contingency $ 18 $ 7

    Total @ 4/29/2014 $ 433 $ 634

  • www.sprayequipment.com

    Actual Costs

    Upgrade Item / Area Budget Actual A B(w) B

    Server Farm $144 $156 ($12)

    JDE CNC & OneView $95 $99 ($4)

    JDE Develop/Application $60 $71 ($11)

    DSI Bar Coding / Labels $59 $66 ($7)

    BI Analytics $22 $22 ($0)

    Exchange / Other VMs $0 $14 ($14)

    Upgrade Project Overall $380 $427 ($47)

    112.4% -12.4% $0










    Budget Actual

  • www.sprayequipment.com

    Actual Hours

    Non-Fixed Price Hours Budget Actual A B(w) B

    Development 160.00 205.00 (45.00)

    Applications 160.00 294.25 (134.25)

    Bar Code / Labels 184.00 196.25 (12.25)

    BI OBIEE 128.00 93.75 34.25

    Add OAM/AIS 40.00 63.25 (23.25)

    Servers / Network 89.00 61.00 28.00

    Total 761.00 913.50 (152.50)

    120.0% -20.0% 0








    Budget Actual

  • www.sprayequipment.com

    Fresh Start Concept A. Start with completely new domain

    Physically and virtually a new stand alone system no old baggage

    End users w/2 PC screens able to log on, view & test 9.1 side by side with the legacy screen at their desk.

    B. Testing performed on flexible schedule Super users keep up their day jobs

    Allowed adjustments to overall project for business opportunities

    C. Balanced burden of urgency Time for users to get comfortable / see it work

    Develop user desire / demand for new features

    More and smaller transitions less risky & smoother

  • www.sprayequipment.com

    System Diagram

  • www.sprayequipment.com

    Testing and Go-Live Used scenarios not scripts

    Procure to pay

    Order to cash

    Contract to cash

    Selected seasoned operations people to do their job in test environment and

    try to break it.

    Postponed go-live 2 months

    Acquisition a month earlier

    Discovered an invoicing bug 2 weeks before go-live

    Short lived honeymoon Crisis hit at 3pm

    People may use versions differently than you expect

  • www.sprayequipment.com

    Post Go-Live Stabilization - Getting back to normal business

    Bugs & SRs

    Expect to find them. You arent living if you dont run into one. Its just the way it is with complex technology.

    Invaluable to have someone good at searching out Oracle Support and even better at writing an SR that gets action. Had a paper fix in 30 days.

    Turnover documentation Try to do as you go

    Nice to have Vs- Must have

    Erosion of new governance initiatives Granting more roles / access

    Standardization of how transactions are processed

  • www.sprayequipment.com

    Things to Consider

    Involve seasoned operations people that know your business processes well and where they can go bad.

    As soon as reasonable, introduce humanity in to the testing process.

    If at all possible, have 3rd party programs updated and in the test environment before doing second Mock cutover.

    Keep it simple Upgrade existing processes and save the nice to haves for post go-live.

  • www.sprayequipment.com


    JDE Upgrade documentation:



    Making searching easier: Doc# 432.1 https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/DocumentDisplay?_afrLoop=211910245636304&id=432.1&_adf.ctrl-state=12hv5568vi_249


  • www.sprayequipment.com


    Susan Goodman [email protected]

    Carl Goossen [email protected]

    JDE & BI OBIEE: Emerald Cube Solutions

    Todd Chromzak (Sales) [email protected]

    Sarah Mills (Applications) [email protected]

    Craig Kelly (BI OBIEE) [email protected]

    AllOut Security [email protected]

    Bar Coding: DSI [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]erald-cube.commailto:[email protected]:[email protected]