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  • 1. Enhanced Podcasting Rachel Heyes

2. Ensure your Podcast is thoroughly planned Script Bullet Points Order Key Points Main points should be clear and concise What is the question you should be answering? Revise the Assignment Brief Before Recording 3. Garageband Mic In Open a New Podcast Project Select Female or Male Voice Track Test Mic Levels Click red Record Button 4. Garageband Ingest Ingest your material into iTunes Within the Media Browser, Select the required track Drag and Drop to the Track 5. The Podcast Record the Intro The Subject The Episode Number Your Name Add a Jingle Garageband has many incorporated Eye Symbol (Loops Files) Drag and Drop 6. The Podcast Use your Radio Voice Keep it lively and interesting Keep it short and concise Repeat relevant points Add closing Jingle 7. Adding Images to Chapters Import your images into iPhoto Select Podcast Track (Top Bar) Add Artwork to the Podcast Track Click on the Sissors Icon to edit your images 8. Share > Export Podcast to Disk ACC Encoder Spoken Podcast Publish Podcast (300 pixels) Rename Save to appropriate location Put onto a CD for submission Save a copy [USB/Hard Drive] for your portfolio Exporting