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Transcript of English Skills listening speaking reading writing

  • English Skillslisteningspeakingreadingwriting

  • Language ComponentsVocabularyGrammarPronunciation

  • But we forget one thing Quick Reflexes

  • Listen in EnglishTranslate into VietnameseThink in VietnameseTranslate into EnglishSpeakThink in EnglishListen in EnglishSpeakNormal Speaking ProcessQuick ReflexesFasterMoreconfidentBettercommunication

  • IMA Method


    Reading NewsVocabularyGrammarReadingWritingImaginary ConversationVocabulary PronunciationSpeaking Quick ReflexesImmersionVocabularyQuick ReflexesListeningPronunciationListeningSpeakingGrammarGrammarWriting

  • Reading News

    Resourceshttp://bbc.co.ukhttp://nytimes.comTime20 minutesStepsScan & SkimLook up new wordsQuestionRewrite news

  • Reading News Exercise

  • Imaginary Conversation

    ResourcesYour existing English knowledgeTime20 minutesStepsImagine a ConversationLook up new wordsSpeak it out loud

  • Imaginary Conversation PracticeTopicTopic of your choiceOrYoure an astronautAnd your friend asked if you have ever been to Mars.

  • Immersion

    ImmersionA sceneAn imageImaginationTimeAnytimeSteps See something in the real lifeTry to explain it in EnglishLook up new words (if you wish)

  • Immersion ExerciseImagine you saw this man on the streetNow tell your friend about him

  • New WordsBet [bet]Noun: S c ccVerb: C cc

    Sign [san]Noun: Du hiu, bin hiu

    Beggar ['beg]Noun: ngi n my

  • Listening

    Resourceshttp://vi.talkenglish.comTime20 minutesSteps Choose a lessonListenRepeat

  • Listening

  • Listening

  • Listening

  • Grammar

    ResourcesBooks (English Grammar in Use)Internet: http://www.tienganhonline.net/grammar.htm

    Time20 minutesSteps Choose a lessonFollow the instruction

  • Grammar Exercise

  • Chip@huyenchip.comQuestions