Engaging Students with Tablets and Active Learning

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Library Instruction as Participatory Art . Engaging Students with Tablets and Active Learning. John Pollitz Jill Markgraf University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Campus Climate Technology in the Classroom. Mobile computing Campus initiative Library checkout. Librarians willing to: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Engaging Students with Tablets and Active Learning

Copyright: Whats it Mean to me?

Engaging Students with Tablets and Active LearningJohn PollitzJill Markgraf

University of Wisconsin-Eau ClaireLibrary Instruction as Participatory Art


Mobile computingCampus initiativeLibrary checkout

Campus ClimateTechnology in the Classroom

Lesson Studies pointed to active learning.2

Librarians willing to:

Use active learning in pedagogySubtly evangelizeUse technology in a comfortable placeLesson Studies pointed to active learning.3Administration needs Library needsWe needed instruction spaceThey needed role models


Low risk gamble Under $25,000 vs. $125,000Low pressure on classroom faculty(Our handout lists equipment)5

ConcernsWould technology work? (Apple TV)Too much for 50 minute session?Student engagement or distraction6Challenge:Transporting the iPads

Time for the participatory pART!8

What themes emerge?What does your creation reveal about your group?Is your creation in the style of a well-known artist?Could you say that your creation is representative of an artistic style?

Email your artwork topollitjh@uwec.eduOr use the usual sites, Wikipedia, Google, Google Scholar.Research your work of art

Google art projecthttps://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/project/art-project

Art Cyclopediahttp://www.artcyclopedia.com/

ArtSpan Contemporary Arthttps://www.artspan.com/

Smithsonian Collectionshttp://collections.si.edu/search/


Thank you for being good sports!


John Pollitz pollitjh@uwec.edu

Jill Markgraf markgrjs@uwec.edu13