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  • Proverb

  • Proverb-a short saying that expresses a piece of advice or a fundamental truth and is often repeated in a particular culture

  • Filipino Proverbs1Speech is silver; silence is gold.

  • 2Knowledge is wealth that cannot be stolen.

  • Other Filipino ProverbsA person who does not remember where he or she came from will never reach his or her destination.

  • The pain of the little finger is felt by the whole body.

  • A wise man doesn't see his foot on the ground; he watches his next step.

  • One need not inherit wealth if he inherits good manners.

  • He who cackles laid the egg.

  • If it's work, do it fast. If it's food, eat it little by little.

  • Your wealth will be of no use to you on your dying day.

  • Iron is destroyed by its own rust.

  • Where there are flowers, there are butterflies.

  • Iron is destroyed by its own rust.

  • Remember:Proverbs are often metaphorical in nature.The meaning of the proverb depends on the understanding of the connection between objects and human experiences.

  • Metaphor-a literary device used to compare two dissimilar entities-has two parts: tenor and vehicle

  • Tenor-the concept, object, or person being described as something else

  • Vehicle-the image that has characteristics which are attributed to the tenor

  • Speech is silver; silence is gold.Tenor: speechVehicle: silver

    Tenor: silenceVehicle: gold

  • Knowledge is wealth that cannot be stolen.Tenor: knowledgeVehicle: wealth

  • Wonder and WisdomProverbs, as any other literary folklore, reflect the values lived by the people who use it in their day-to-day lives. Even though times are changing, these proverbs are always timeless and timely.

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