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Emprise 5000High-performance, low-cost storage building block

July 2009

Xiotech Corporation Proprietary

The Problem Shrinking Budgets, Growing Storage RequirementsWith typical SANs: Costs are high You often pay for features you dont need

Performance potential is not reached Storage controllers and back-end switches clog performance High-level functions consume performance (and add complexity)

Reliability could be better Disks fail the more disks you have, the worse it gets Storage controllers and back-end switches also can failXiotech Corporation Proprietary

Typical SAN ArchitectureServers


Storage Controllers Storage Back-end Switch Storage controllers and back-end switches slow performance and add complexity

Storage BaysXiotech Corporation Proprietary

Better SAN ArchitectureServers


Storage Controllers Storage Back-end Switch Now data can flow So lets remove them freely between servers and storage

Storage BaysXiotech Corporation Proprietary

Emprise 5000 SAN ArchitectureServers


Emprise 5000 is a Next lets replace the storage building block bays with something optimized for maximum much better: performance, reliability, Emprise 5000 Systems and scalability

Emprise 5000 Systems

Storage BaysXiotech Corporation Proprietary

Emprise 5000 Highlights Built on patented Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) technology Better performance: More IOPS/MBps, linear performance scale Dense capacity: 30% less data center space, linear capacity scale, efficient capacity utilization Greater reliability: More than 100x the reliability of traditional disk drives, no more disk replacements

Flexible storage building block: Attach one directly to a server or many via a switch Easy to use, with minimal attention or tuning needed Like nothing else on the market, providing the lowest TCO of any SAN-like systemXiotech Corporation Proprietary

Intelligent Storage Element (ISE)The heart of Emprise 5000 unmatched reliability, performance, and scalability

Reliability Reduced heat & vibration Drive reconditioning Granular recovery Self-healing/sparing

Performance Integrated drive & controller software Cache, RAID, and drive management closer to drives 1GB cache per ISE

Scalability 10-20x typical drive size Linear performance scale DAS to SANXiotech Corporation Proprietary 7

Emprise 5000 vs. Traditional SANsWith Emprise 5000, you: Dont pay for what you dont need Emprise 5000 is all muscle, no fluff

Get everything you pay for Emprise 5000 gives you full performance and capacity every time you add a system

Keep your data safe ISE technology dramatically reduces disk drive failures Removing controllers and back-end switches removes potential for failure of those components

Do it all for the lowest possible costXiotech Corporation Proprietary

Dont Pay for What You Dont Need Typical SANs provide high-level functionality you may not need that adds complexity and cost Emprise 5000 is a no-frills, high-powered storage building block Complete, self-enclosed virtual storage solution Easy incremental growth just plug and play Industry-leading performance for the price unrivaled solution for Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange, Web serving, etc. Up to 16 terabytes of ultra-reliable capacity in just 3U outstanding backup and archive target Unbeatable storage for use with virtual storage controllers (logical volume managers) and other storage applicationsXiotech Corporation Proprietary

Emprise 5000 PerformanceSuperior, multidimensional performance for all data types Updated, integrated software (drives, controllers) Reduced processing complexity (RAGS) Improved cache management Linear performance scaleRequirements1

Data TypeSmall Block/ Random Access Large Block/ Streaming Large Block/ Parallel Streaming


OLTP, mail servers, file/print servers, database read-write

Data warehousing, decision support systems

Video on demand

High IOPS, small response times

High MBps

Streaming data with no drop-outs


Best disk array price-performance for SPC-1 IOPS and SPC-2 MBps Large file processing for mirrored arrays. As of May 12, 2008. Audited reports are available at: www.storageperformance.org/results/ benchmark_results_spc1#a00064 www.storageperformance.org/results/ benchmark_results_spc2#b00031 Based on Microsoft Exchange Server Jetstress Tool.

Results from a Single Emprise 5000 system

#1 SPC-1 PricePerformance for disk-based systems1 Supports 6,000 Exchange users2

Industry-leading SPC-2 PricePerformance1

775 videos streaming consecutively

Xiotech Corporation Proprietary


Get Everything You Pay For Typical SANs limit true performance and scalability Performance is slowed by controllers and back-end switches Scalability is limited by how many drives you can effectively put behind the controllers

Emprise 5000 systems eliminate controllers and backend switches Data can flow freely at top speed Scalability is easy: Start with one Emprise 5000 system connected to a server or connect multiple systems via a switch Performance and capacity scale linearly

Xiotech Corporation Proprietary

Typical SAN PerformanceServers

Switch4 Gbps 4 Gbps

Storage Controllers

Youa typical SAN In are limited to all8 Gbps from the I/O goes through storage controllers the controllers

Storage Back-end Switch4 Gbps 4 Gbps 4 Gbps 4 Gbps

Instead of 16 Gbps available from 4 storage bays

Storage BaysXiotech Corporation Proprietary

Emprise 5000 SAN PerformanceServers The same linear scale is true for IOPS, MBps, and capacity!


Emprise 5000 Systems

8 Gbps 8 Gbps 8 Gbps

8 Gbps 8 Gbps 8 Gbps

8 Gbps 8 Gbps 8 Gbps

8 Gbps 8 Gbps 8 Gbps

With no controllers, Each Emprise system gives full you get the you 96 88 80 72 64 56 48 40 Gbps 32Gbps n 8

Storage BaysXiotech Corporation Proprietary

Keep Your Data Safe With typical SANs disk failure is inevitable and costly Drive failures cost you time someone must replace the failed drive During rebuilds you are at risk of a second disk failure, causing data loss or the need to recover from backup plus performance often plummets Human errors, such as replacing the wrong disk, are all too common and can lead to data loss Cost of replacing failed drives is built into most other vendors maintenance contracts

The controllers and back-end switches in typical SANs introduce additional components that can, and do, fail Emprise 5000, built on ISE technology, provides reliability other storage systems cant touchXiotech Corporation Proprietary

Emprise 5000 ReliabilityXiotechs Tests 15 months 208 ISE containing 5,900 drives NO service events

Result More than 100x the reliability of traditional disk drives Unprecedented 5-year warrantyXiotech Corporation Proprietary


Save with the Lowest Storage TCOSwitch-connected Emprise 5000 systems cost less to buy and much less to maintain than any other SAN-like system 30% smaller footprint than traditional SAN systems Plus efficient power and cooling for lower energy bills Save on the initial system cost Eliminate complexity and the need for costly vendor services

No expensive controllers or high-end software features

Powerful performance with far less disk than most SANs Exclusive 5-year hardware warranty Over 5 years, service renewals add 30% to the cost of most storage systemsXiotech Corporation Proprietary

Emprise 5000 Features & Specs

Xiotech Corporation Proprietary

Emprise 5000 FeaturesFeatureHost Interfaces Configuration DataPac Types Capacity RAID LUNs (max) Cache Replication (local) Replication (remote) Management Serviceability

Description2 FC (4 Gbps), direct- or switch-attached Dual, active-active Managed Reliability Controllers High-Performance (1.2TB), Performance (1.2TB), Balanced (2.4TB, 3.6TB), Capacity (4.8TB, 8TB) 1.2TB to 16TB ISE RAID 5, ISE RAID 10 128 1GB Dynamic, mirrored, write-back and read-ahead Battery-backed, 96-hour hold time Snapshot (full-reserve) InMage DR-Scout (optional, requires appliance) Web-based interface, SNMP, CLI Nondisruptive, hot-swap FRUs, redundant data pathsXiotech Corporation Proprietary

Emprise 5000 DataPac OptionsOne electro-mechanical footprint regardless of drive form factor or interface! HighDataPac Tier Capacity Balanced Performance PerformanceCapacity* Speed Performance: Throughput (IOPS) Performance: Bandwidth (MBps) Special Features 4.6TB / 8.0TB 10,000 rpm / 7,200 rpm Baseline Baseline Optimized for sequential, large block, archival Snapshot Capacity-related 2.4TB / 3.6TB 15,000 rpm 2x better 40% better Sequential & performance enhancements Snapshot Capacity/ perform- related 1.2TB 15,000 rpm 2.25x better 45% better 1.2TB 15,000 rpm 3.3x better 76% better

Hardware IOPS acceleration for high-access density Snapshot Performance-related

Replication Monitoring & Reporting

* 1 terabyte = 1 trillion bytes Each Emprise 5000 system supports up to 2 DataPacs, which can be from different tiers some restrictions applyXiotech Corporation Proprietary

Emprise 5000 Software and Features LUNs Up to 128 ISE RAID 5 or ISE RAID 10 LUN expansion

Multipathing Active-active access to LUNs from both Managed Reliability Controllers Native OS multipathing support Microsoft MPIO driver for Windows 2003 MP Tools for Red Hat, Linux, Cent OS

Xiotech Corporation Proprietary

Emprise 5000 Snapshot Instant image Main