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Unit G321 Foundation Portfolio in Media Photo-shoot Plan

Project title:

The title denotes Rock It which connotes rocket as its similar and this means its explosive which makes you think about loud music such as rock guitars. This demonstrates it is a rock magazine it is very good as its catchy and my primary research highlights that rock it is the most popular as in the survey monkey it was the most popular.


Project Description:

In my project I am creating a double page spread, front cover and contents page for a Rock magazine called Rock Sound. The people who I will be taking images of are in the target audience range of 16-17 (Hartley) and I will make sure that my images fit my theme of magazine and use a person who fits in the stereotypes of Rock which is tattoos, piercings and black clothes. This means they could be wearing black jeans, and a black top to keep in the rock genre. I will use props such as a bass guitar and drums in the background also they could have lots of wristbands this means it will fit in with rock magazine as this is the sort of instruments they use.

My magazine of inspiration is Kerrang! I will have a similar price to Kerrang! so it will be good quality and I will have a comparable layout this means the readers can decide which style of magazine they enjoy the most which has the best content. The magazine is 64 pages which include both the front cover and the back and the magazine will be released once a month as weekly is too short meaning less people will buy it so It will be monthly which is a good amount of time. The amount of pages I am doing is only 4 pages because it is just the front cover, double page spread and contents so on my front cover I will need a main image and pictures which can go at the sides which will be posters later in the magazine as it shows there is more content in my magazine which is Rock It and on my contents I need an image which is the main headline and sub images to add Star appeal (Richard Dyer). Finally on my double page spread I will have a main image which goes over both pages.

Photographer:I will be taking the picture for my front cover. The photograph will be a low angle, medium close up with high key lighting as this gives a personal effect.

The image on my DPS will be a high angle long shot with low key lighting as this is similar to my magazine of inspiration.

Lastly, my contents page will be a medium long shot of the singer moving while they are singing which connotes what gigs are like which will be low key lighting so you can see what the stage is like.

Post production I will edit the pictures such as cropping them on Photoshop using the Quick selection Tool also I will use the brightening tool and exposure tool to create the perfect writing so the people stand out.

Reference images and ideas:

Out of the three magazines 2 of them have a whole band whereas one of them has a solo model this demonstrates that I can have both so I might choose a solo model as it means I can take the picture more quickly as I only need to find one main model for the front cover. I also need to take pictures for sub images on the front cover, which will be used to promote posters, which will be later in the magazine. The front covers connote I need to have props to add to the scenery on the magazine. Lastly the images show that I should use high key lighting to add star appeal (Richard Dyer) as it emphasis the faces of the model.

Out of all the magazines I like the way that the pictures show what being at a rock gig is actually like. The second DPS is my favourite because of the low-key lighting rock vibe.

I also like the way the photos cover all the page but the main image is on one side which makes the title stand out more as it means there is more space which draws the reader in as it means that the pull quote can be much bigger.

These images are a source of inspiration as they have lots of colors and they have celebrities adding Star Appeal (Richard Dyer). Also they try to entice readers by having pull quotes as it makes it stand out so you want to read the magazine and the boarders make you want to looks at the photos more which is what Kerrang! does which is the biggest rock magazine in the magazine I like the way that it has bands as it takes up more space so you know what the main article in the magazine is and I like the second one as its a long shot so you can see the whole of the model which adds to the perception of the models.


He is suitable for my rock magazine as he looks like he could be in rock genre such as Bring Me The Horizon and Black Veil Brides. Furthermore, he is suitable for this genre of music with his fashion sense as the shirt is unbuttoned over the red top and he is also wearing stereotypical converses that you associate with the rock genre. Also the denim jacket in his hands is stereotypical of the rock genre clothing.

In the long shot his hand is also tucked into his jeans which means the photo is much more casual which is good as it emphasis that the front cover will not be too set up.

Model requirements:

The people I take pictures of could be men as Rock magazines have mostly men they could also have tattoos and wear black clothing and they could play instruments like guitar and the drums. They should be about from 57 upwards so they are not too short so they stand out more which doesnt matter too much for my front cover as its going to be from their elbows up. Also for the sides of the page such as posters I am going to use other faces with about 3 faces that fit in to the general stereotypes of the rock genre.

Wardrobe and Look:

Some of the clothes I am going to use are snapbacks, lip piercings, black t-shirt and black jeans which adds to the overall image of the magazine which is the Rock genre which is similar to my magazine of inspiration Kerrang! Furthermore, I am going to use checkered shirts to go over the top, which fits in, to the Rock genre. Also I am going to use props like drums and a guitar, which emphasis the magazine is rock and they will have messy hair that highlights they have been preforming.

Hair and Make up:I want the hair to be quite messy and black which again emphasis the magazine is rock but I could add some black eyeliner to make it looks more like the genre of rock such as the picture below demonstrating messy black hair and black eyeliner.

Also on a women I could put black eyeliner with dyed hair to make it stand out more and she could be wearing a dress to demonstrate that there is both women and males in a rock magazine.


The shots will take place at my house on a white wall and at school for my double page spread and finally my contents will be taken at school as well in music with the guitars and drum kit. I am taking the photo on the 29th of October 2016 this photo is going to be taken at 2pm and will be taken at my house and the photos taken at school will be taken on the 7th of October at 4pm when school finishes so we have more space.

Name: Emily VaughanCandidate Number: 3147