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  • Paul Ruppert EMS Program Coordinator 757.925-6325 Paul D. Camp Community College Suffolk Hobbs Campus

    Emergency Medical Services EMT BASIC


  • Emergency Medical Services


    EMS Emergency Medical Technician Certificate Programs Information Packet

    For further information and questions, please contact

    Paul Ruppert, EMS Program Coordinator Phone: 757-925-6325

    Email: [email protected] Suffolk Hobbs Campus Office: 112C

    POB 500 Suffolk, VA 23439 271 Kenyon Road Suffolk, VA 23434

    Official transcripts are REQUIRED for admission. Prospective students should

    request that official transcripts from high school, GED scores, as well as all

    colleges and adult education centers attended be sent to the above address.

    mailto:[email protected]

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    The EMS Emergency Medical Technician Course Degree: Emergency Medical Technician Career Studies Certificate Length of Program: 1 Semester The concept of our Emergency Medical Services EMT Course and clinical is to provide an opportunity for those interested in an EMS career to acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience to operate within the scope of practice for a Virginia Emergency Medical Technician. Upon completion of the program, graduates have met the educational requirements necessary to be eligible to take the Virginia EMT exam and obtain Virginia Certification as an Emergency Medical Technician.

    Steps for Applying to the EMS Emergency Medical Technician Program Note: Application to the EMS EMT Program requires a separate and additional process beyond being admitted to the College.

    1. Submit Paul D. Camp Community College Application. The application can be found at http://www.pdc.edu/admissions/online-application/

    2. Submit an application to the PDCCC EMS EMT Program. Application can be found at http://www.pdc.edu/nursing-allied-health/emt/

    3. Submit Official Transcript as described below.

    4. Consult Financial Aid office.

    5. Meet with EMS Program Coordinator for advisement; contact Paul Ruppert @ [email protected] to schedule an advisement appointment

    1. Submit an application to Paul D. Camp Community College [PDCCC] (New students and those who have not

    enrolled within the past three years must submit an application.) Application can be found at http://www.pdc.edu/admissions/online-application/

    2. Submit an application to the PDCCC EMS EMT Program. Application can be found at http://www.pdc.edu/nursing-allied-health/emt/

    3. Arrange for ONE OFFICIAL COPY OF EACH of the following to be sent to the Nursing & Allied Health Office. Use the address above.

    1. High school transcript or GED certification scores 2. Any Health care Program/School transcript and license/Certifications 3. Transcripts from all colleges (other than PDCCC) or adult education centers attended

    http://www.pdc.edu/admissions/online-application/http://www.pdc.edu/nursing-allied-health/emt/mailto:[email protected]://www.pdc.edu/admissions/online-application/http://www.pdc.edu/nursing-allied-health/emt/

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    4. Consult one of the financial aid offices if you intend to apply for financial aid or scholarships. Call toll free: 1-

    855-877-3918; or email: [email protected]; or you can come by the Franklin Financial Aid office, room 125 and speak to a representative in person.

    Arrange to meet with the EMT Education Coordinator or an Allied Health advisor (925-6325 or [email protected]) to make a plan for the courses you will take each semester. YOU MUST FIRST TAKE THE DEVELOPMENTAL COURSES RECOMMENDED BY PLACEMENT TEST SCORES. You must be eligible to enter ENG 111. (do we remove this b/c EMT/EMS do not have to take a placement test)

    5. Take pre-requisites courses that are not already on your high school or college transcript. You must have: i. Virginia Office of EMS Approved Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Course (CPR)

    ii. Any other developmental courses recommended by the placement tests (writing and reading test results). (omit?)

    6. Maintain a cumulative and curricular GPA of 2.0 or better in the general education courses in the EMS curriculum (See page 5). If you have not taken courses in the EMS curriculum, the GPA from your most recent education experience will be used. The grades on EMS Intermediate program required general education courses taken at other institutions will be used in the calculation of your curricular GPA.

    7. Submit all transcripts, recommendations, and application materials well in advance of March 31, yearly. Check by email ([email protected]) or phone (757-925-6325) to be sure all paperwork has arrived.

    8. Evidence of U.S. Citizenship or authorization to reside in the United States. If you met the MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS for the EMS EMT Program, your application will be included in the next round of applications reviewed IF all paperwork for the application process (including, transcripts, recommendations, etc.) is received by EMS Coordinator well in advance of your 1st semester. (you can change wording a date of April 30 was here for Fall enrollment; do we need to keep a specific date, or state, Accepting applications year round?

    mailto:[email protected]

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    Admission Criteria Once all required paperwork is submitted to the EMS Coordinator and you have completed all pre-requisite classes, each student will be considered for admission using some or all the following methods: a. Academic achievement as shown by cumulative and curricular GPA* or most recent GPA if no current curricular

    GPA has been established. Candidates, who have taken any general education courses required for the degree and receive a grade of D or less, must repeat the course and successfully pass with a C or better before being granted final admission to the program.

    b. Grades of C- and below are not transferable into the nursing and allied health programs. c. Evaluation of recommendations required by the application process. d. Number of courses taken at PDCCC

    Priority will be given to students who attend PDCCC and reside in its service area. Applicants from other parts of Virginia and applicants from other states will be considered only after service region students are considered.

    SKILL REQUIREMENTS EMTs must have fine motor coordination, clear speech, normal hearing, and good visual acuity to distinguish colors.

    They must be able to use both hands and have legible handwriting. Occasional light lifting, stooping, and bending is

    necessary. The EMT must be able to move readily from one location to another in the workplace. The EMT must have

    good verbal and written communication skills. The EMT must be friendly and on time, with a positive attitude. They

    must be accountable for their work and actions, be able to resolve conflicts, be professional, flexible, and be a

    positive role model/mentor for new employees.

    Enrollment Details Qualified applicants will be advised by letter from the Nursing & Allied Health Office of additional preadmission procedures inclusive of but not limited to:

    a. Completion of the preadmission physical examination inclusive of laboratory testing and required immunizations. (Required every two years)

    b. Preadmission mandatory orientation session. c. Ordering uniforms, name pins, and skills lab bag. d. Proof of CPR certification as Health Care Professional through an approved Office of EMS CPR

    Program e. Official State Police Criminal Records (Criminal History Request and Sex Offender Crimes against

    Minors) Background checks and drug testing are required by clinical facilities. An independent agency will conduct these checks and they must be completed prior to the start of nursing and allied health classes.

    Once enrolled in EMS courses, students must comply with the rules and regulations as outlined in the College Catalog and EMS Student Handbook. Students must minimally maintain:

    a. Current CPR certification in Health Care Professional status through an approved Office of EMS CPR Program.

    b. At least 2.0 curricular GPA c. Satisfactory clinical performance d. Satisfactory physical and mental health e. Documentation of certain immunizations to include yearly Tb test or chest x-ray.

    f. Professional demeanor and attendance (as measured by tests and instructors observations). Attendance standards for both class and clinical experience must be met. Students must pass each curricular EMS course to proceed to the next. Students must pass tests on dosage calculations and clinical skills, and must demonstrate clinical competence in EMS courses with clinical components. Any student who receives a final grade lower than C in any of the courses required for the EMS EMT Course will not be permitted to continue in the EMS EMT Course until the grade is a C or better. In order to resume, students must write a letter to the EMS Program Coordinator to request re-admission.

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    Students are responsible for additional fees charged for: Official State Police Criminal Records background checks (Criminal History Request and Sex Offender Crimes against Minors) and urine drug testing are student expenses (~$126.25 payable through CastleBranch Backgrounds).

    *Curricular GPA is calculated by only using the information from courses in the EMS curriculum. Add up the