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Transcript of Embellished Beadweaving by Laura McCabe

  • Add the End Berry

    Using the tail thread at the end of yourspiral rope, pick up 1 small pearl (3-4 mm),and three 15s,Double back through thepearl and go down through 3 core beads,Pick up two 15s,one 11,and one 15,go back through the pearl and the picot,pass back through the pearl again, then godown through 2 core beads, Pick up two15sand one 11,You probably won't beable to fit through the pearl again, so justgo back down through the first core bead,skipping the pearl and picot. Finally, pickup two 15sand go down through the firstcore bead again, Tie off and weave in yourtail thread,

    Add the Other Berries

    Double thread about 60 inches(152.4 cm) of thread and wax it welLWeave it in, knotting on several times,and work your way up to the tip, so you'recoming out between the first and secondcore beads (right after where you added

    fi~ure 51

    the end berry), Begin embellishing with3- to 4-mm pearls; add one 11, the pearl,and three 15s (to create a picot) and passback through the pearl, the 11,and thenext core bead, Continue to add a pearl inthis manner between every core bead, fol-lowing the diagram from left to right, topto bottom (figure 51; the first small pearlyou've already added isn't shown),

    Increase the number of 11Osas youmove up the stem, After adding the de-sired number of 3- to 4-mm pearls, addmedium-size pearls (5-6 mm). and finallylarge ones (6-8 mm) The counts shownin the diagram are merely a suggestion interms of pearl counts,

    As you approach the top of your berrycluster, transition back down to two 11s,and then one 11 underneath the pearls(as shown in the diagram) to bring in theshape of the berry cluster.

    Basic Peyote Leaf

    There are infinite variations of peyote-stitched leaf forms, but this is a good basicform that can be used as the foundationfor more elaborate leaves, such as grapeleaves,described later. Peyote leaves aremade using cylinder beads and 15s,woven into flat peyote,

    String on an even number (for example, 12)of 11 cylinder beads in color A (centervein color) and three 15s Double backthrough the twelfth cylinder bead to cre-ate a picot of the 15s,Pick up anothercylinder bead (color A), skip over 1 bead,and go through the tenth cylinder bead,Continue peyote stitching in this manneruntil you get to the first cylinder beadstrung on, When you get to the end, therewill be 1 more cylinder bead on the strand(the first 1 you strung up), Pick up anotherA-colored cylinder bead, turn around,and go up through the first cylinder bead(figure 52) Continue peyote stitchinganother row around the vein of the leafAt this point, switch over to a different colorof size 11 cylinder beads (color B) Peyotestitch until you get to the tip (picot) of theleaf Add a 15 instead of a cylinder beadand go through the picot, and again adda 15on the other side ofthe picot-thiswill give the tip of the leaf a nice curveddimensionality (figure 53), Continue peyotestitching around the central vein 1 moretime, until the leaf is the desired width,Weave in and knot off the working threadand the tail thread (figure 54),