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2. AGENDA Using Bullhorn with Outlook or Google Why switch to Outlook or Google A closer look at: Email Contacts Calendar Workflow Parsing in ROI Migration packages Next steps 3. USING BULLHORN WITH OUTLOOK ORGOOGLEThe simplicity and power of the Bullhorn ATS/CRMcombined with a best of breed email and calendar 4. HOW BULLHORN EMAIL INTEGRATION WORKSCandidates Recruiter& Contacts Message tracked 5. WHY SWITCH?BETTER EMAIL, BETTER CALENDARNo changes in recruiting workflowAccess to Bullhorn Mail and Calendar history Message formatting Deliverability of Spellcheck messages and appointments Search Mobile email and Spam calendar on multiple Reliabilitydevices 6. Send & receive email Send appointmentsMass mailingsClient submissions Parse resumes Add contactsAdd notesAdd tasks Add files 7. SENDING AND RECEIVING EMAIL 8. SENDING EMAIL John Sacerdote 9. ALL EMAIL IS TRACKED IN BULLHORN 10. LOOKING UP A CONTACT IN BULLHORN FROM OUTLOOK Outlook only feature 11. ONE CLICK ACTIONS FOR NOTES, TASKS, REMINDERS 12. CALENDAR INTEGRATION Appointments created in Outlook are added to Bullhorn Appointments created in Bullhorn are added to Outlook Best practice: always create Client interviews and appointments related toBullhorn records in Bullhorn for proper metrics 13. RECRUITING PROCESSNOTHING CHANGES Internal Submissions Client Submissions Interviews Placements 14. PARSING INEmail comes into Outlook or Gmail and you will gointo Activity Center to take action on it 15. PARSING IN WITH THE ACTIVITYCENTERParse New and Existing candidate from files OR from the body of an email 16. FIRMS DOING THIS TODAYThe integration between Outlook and Bullhorn is seamless, enabling our team to work faster thanever before. Our recruiters remain focused by using Outlook for email and Bullhorn to manage theirjobs, clients and candidates, without the hassle of jumping back and forth between systems. Scott Diamond, Vice President of Operations at Medix Staffing Solutions. 17. ABOUT US 250 consultants1970 2006 2012 $35M annual revenue 18. WHY SWITCH1. Richer experience overall2. Improved deliverability of messages3. Team had Outlook previously Adoption Compliance4. Features 19. IMPLEMENTATION Exchange server and expertise in house Email already captured full inbox on day 1 Bullhorn led project Excellent documentation No surprises 20. THE RESULTS1. Live for 4 months2. Team is very happy. Silence is golden3. Compliance and Tracking4. Better: Message formatting Mobile Inbox search 21. TIPS1. Setup distributions lists2. Set expectations for your team Ie: email folders3. Rules are powerful. Use them wisely and cautiously.4. Think about calendar workflow 22. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MAKE THE SWITCHMIGRATION PACKAGES INCLUDE: New mail client and server setup instructions andguidance Updates to Bullhorn configuration Training for your subject matter expert and your team Special pricing through the end of July 23. ROIScenarioProductivity gains - $% of workday spent in email50%email and calendaraverage recruiter annual salary $ 100,000 savings per month (1 recruiter)$ 192number of recruiters on team 10 savings per year (1 recruiter) $ 2,308number of support calls on BH mail8 saving per month (all recruiters)$ 1,923average time per call (mins) 30 savings per year (all recruiters) $ 23,077time savings from productivity gains (hours/week) 1Hourly rate per recruiter$ 48 supportROI savings per month ($)$ 144total annual savings $ 24,808savings per year $ 1,731Time calculations (email and calendar usage)hours per month spent in email per recruitercosttotal 80$ 2,820hours per year spent in email per recruiter960total value of productivity gainshours per year spent in email - all recruitersSupport calls calculation ROI9600 89%savings per month (all recruiters)savings per year (all recruiters) $ 2,067$ 24,808number of support calls with new email/calendar 2costs of email migration packageimplementation$500Productivity gains - timemail hosting fees (per user per year)$50Time savings from email and calendartotal mail hosting fees $500hourly time saving per month - per recruiter4cost of outlook licenses for 1 user109hourly time savings per year (all recruiters) 480cost of outlook licenses for all users1090private training for org (cost to Bullhorn) =time savings from support1hour$ 250time savings per month3time away from work for training cost (time savings per year361hour) 480total cost$2,820 24. NEXT STEPS & Q+A Save 70% Questions? Ready to when you sign up for amake the switch? migration packagebetween now and the end of July 25. Q+AMelissa Rosen, Bullhorn Ed Haas, Indecon SolutionsSWITCH@BULLHORN.COM 26. To Participate in Our Survey,Text P to 31940