Email Marketing Roadmap By Groovy Marketing - Sales Funnel Madness

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Transcript of Email Marketing Roadmap By Groovy Marketing - Sales Funnel Madness

  2. 2. EMAIL MARKETING ROADMAP Generate Leads Add Value Get Conversions Set A Goal For # Of Emails You Want Develop A Lead Magnet Deploy the Lead Magnet In A Relevant Advertising Medium Gather Email Addresses In Exchange For Your Lead Magnet Add value to your email list through a nurture sequence Add value 80% of the time in your content Teach "what" they need to do, not "how" Use 20% of your copy to sell your product or service Engage in copywriting that is convincing Include strong Calls To Action
  3. 3. Set Your 1 Decide How Many Email Addresses You Want To Collect and Go For That Specific Target Relentlessly. Generate Leads
  4. 4. Before you proceed.... It's important to remember that each of the following steps themselves can be complex. This tool is meant to act as a roadmap for your journey in automated marketing. Don't put pressure on yourself to master all of the following sequence all at once. Email marketing is about optimization, testing and goal setting. Nothing more. Results will come with attention and diligence to your craft. Lastly, a specific note about attracting traffic(step #4). Your automated email marketing efforts will only succeed if you do your due diligence in QUALIFYING your traffic before they enter your funnel. For instance, if you're selling software to lawyers who run their own firms, you'll want to make sure you don't market to legal professionals in corporate environments or anyone even outside that vertical.
  5. 5. Generate Your 2 Create a tool, a cheat sheet, an ebook, a video series or any consumable resource that allows you to add value quickly to your client prospect. Generate Leads
  6. 6. Capture 3 Deploy your lead magnet with a well optimized landing page. You can get a quick start with or This is where you will convince someone that your lead magnet is worth their email address. Generate Leads
  7. 7. Attract 4 Utilize a paid advertising platform like Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords, Twitter Ads or LinkedIn Ads to push online traffic to your landing page. Also, utilize content marketing and other inbound marketing strategies to push organic traffic. Generate Leads
  8. 8. Nurture 5 With a autoresponder, interact with your email list by adding value to them about your subject matter. Teach them "what" they need to do, but not quite "how" to do it. This will help you build authority and trust. Use an email client like Mailchimp, Aweber, Infusionsoft, etc. Add Value
  9. 9. Nurture Use 80% of your content to teach, 20% of your content to sell. Add Value
  10. 10. Convert 6 Use 20% of your content to convert sales. Utilize active, not passive, verbs in your copywriting to inspire action from your leads. Get Conversions
  11. 11. Always Include 7 No matter what your subject matter is, always include a strong call to action so that you can condition your list to take action when you ask them to. Get Conversions
  12. 12. Preferred Tools Graphic Design: - - Email Client: Landing Pages: Advertising- -Facebook Ads -Twitter Ads
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  15. 15. Deeper Reading #3 4 Questions You Must Answer To Be An Effective Marketer
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