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Celebrating Leadership & Service

Lazarus Leadership Fellows Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

Graduation October 1, 2018 7 - 8:30 p.m. The Mansion at Strathmore





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The Graduation ProgramRefreshments

Welcome and Explanation of the Lazarus Leadership Fellows Program

Bruce Adams, Program Founder

Presentations by Fellows

RemarksDonna Redmond Jones, Principal of B-CC High School

Stephanie Clark, Founder, Leaders Institute





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2018 Lazarus Fellows

Arjun Akwei

Pria Dahiya

Jaylah Dorsey

Isabel Echavarria

Joey Herlihy

Marisa Kiley

Katie Manyin

James McGreivy

Amelia Montagnino

Amelia Rehrig

Biruk Tamiru

Ethan Tiao

Karina Vasudeva

Giandra West

Honor White






Teen Artists for ChangeArjun Akwei started the Teen Artists for Change initiative at BCC, empowering students to support one another by capturing in art issues in our community ranging from domestic violence and sexuality to race and mental health. The program not only raised awareness of these struggles, but through it a gallery of powerful, personal images was created that serves as a message of understanding and support.Arjun: I learned that no matter how well I thought I had planned, things would almost never work as anticipated. Sometimes the results were fine, and other times I faced some major setbacks and challenges. I found that true leadership came from learning how to not get fazed when presented with the latter and go about setting things right.

Introducing Children to TheatrePria Dahiya and Isabel Echavarria created a theatre camp for youth at the National Center for Children and Families as well as a Theatre Resources website that offers information on educational theater opportunities in the DMV. The goal of our project was to introduce young children to theatre and make theatre education more accessible.Pria: Through my Lazarus project, I learned that it is vital to be just as adaptable as you are prepared! Though preparedness is vital, having an open attitude to what comes your way and maintaining confidence in yourself is just as important.Isabel: I learned that in order to be an effective leader one must be conscious of their strengths and weaknesses. You want your service to the community to be effective, and sometimes that requires the expertise of other individuals. In addition, I realized that I learn just as much from children as I teach them.

Lets EatJaylah Dorsey created and hosted a Lets Eat summer camp. Every day I would make a snack with the kids at the National Center for Children and Families and then do activities such as crafts or exercise. I really enjoy cooking and working with kids so this was the perfect opportunity for me.Jaylah: I learned it is important to work smarter, not harder, and to be patient. I learned I needed to be creative and to overplan. You cant always predict what crazy thing will happen that day but you can always have a back up plan. I also learned that I am a lot more capable than I thought and that an organized budget is crucial.

Girls Leadership CampKatie Manyin and Honor White ran a three week Girls Leadership Camp at the Coffield Recreation Center in Silver Spring. The program aimed to both address social and gender issues in todays society and to give young girls the chance to gain confidence and see themselves as leaders.Katie: I learned the importance of effective communication with both adults and children through this experience. I now understand that while it is important to have constant communication about logistics with adults, when communicating with children being flexible and open rather than forced is more effective. I also learned that I love making connections with and teaching children.Honor: Taking on a large, long term project takes endless patience, hard work, clear communication, persistence, and long, exhausting hours. But seeing your vision come to life in the end, and making a direct and meaningful difference in someones life, makes it all completely worth it.

Making STEM Fun & EngagingJames McGreivy designed a STEM based summer camp for children where, through exciting hands-on activities, they explored the various cornerstone topics in the school science curriculum in a more fun and engaging way than typically presented to them in school. In addition, James developed a manual for science fair coordinators at elementary schools outlining how to perform the activities.James: This program taught me how to persevere even when things dont turn out the way youve planned. Organizing a summer camp alone was extremely difficult, but I stuck with it and it turned out to be really rewarding. I also learned that even leaders can ask for help. Without the support I received from the staff at Coffield and NCCF, I would have been unable to complete my project.






8Summer Projects of the 2018 Lazarus Fellows:

What They Did & What They Learned

If something needs fixing, then lace up your shoes and do some organizing.

Barack Obama

Swimming - A Message of Empathy & HopeAmelia Montagnino devoted her summer to creating a teen suicide prevention video with a message of empathy and hope. My vision has been to empower those struggling with suicidal intentions, as well as those who know someone who may be at risk. The overarching goal of the film is to shed light on the importance of reaching out for help and reaching out to help.Amelia: While this project has taught me a lot, the main thing Ive learned and developed is the drive to step outside of my comfort zone and really be proactive in the community. I feel more confident to push myself to reach out to people, articulate my goals, and garner support for them, and then take the initiative when I feel strongly about something.

Getting Kids to Love LearningJoey Herlihy, Marisa Kiley, and Amelia Rehrig ran a camp designed to get kids to love learning, as well as organized a book drive that collected more than 1,000 books to give to kids from lower socioeconomic backgrounds outside of Baltimore. Our goal was to give these kids the same opportunities to learn outside of the classroom that we had growing up through fun activities and the opportunity to simply read without worrying about the cost.Joey: I learned that I was able to plan extensively in order to maintain a smooth-running project. Planning provided an outline for the different activities we would perform every day which was vital to the success of our project. Leadership involves a guidance for how change will be centered, and I learned that I could help provide this guidance through planning beforehand.Marisa: Ive learned Im more flexible and willing to adapt than I originally thought. My group came in with a very structured plan, but when working with kids it is imperative to be willing to compromise, think fast, and realize that preparation is crucial. If youre not willing to stray from your plans, it will be very difficult to succeed.Amelia: I learned how to be patient. Often when we would do our planned activities the kids would not understand or want to do them. So I had to learn to take a step back, not get frustrated, and reteach them our activity or work with the kids to find a compromise to make them want to perform our activity.

Building Pride & Cultural CompetenceBiruk Tamiru taught Ethiopian students Amharic to help them communicate with their parents and grandparents as well as to build a stronger bond with their Ethiopian culture. I did most of my project in a church because it was the most efficient way to reach the most students. I also supported the Amharic Storytime at the Silver Spring Library.Biruk: I learned a lot about leadership qualities like being able to make quick decisions, solve problems quickly, have a lot of patience and be flexible. My project was challenging, but I was able to overcome the challenges with patience and hard work.

Youth Creating ChangeEthan Tiaos Youth Creating Change was built to help students address social justice issues. Our team recognized that students looking to create social change often dont have the resources to do so effectively. Our program acts as a support network for student activists, and through grant funding, mentorship, and training we aim to give them the necessary tools to become effective organizers.Ethan: Creating this program has helped shape me into a much more experienced organizer and has opened me up to a whole new world of social justice efforts and initiatives. Through my journey of establishing YCC, Ive refined my outreach skills and learned how to effectively communicate with adults and fellow students.

Dignity for All WomenKarina Vasudeva increased awareness of menstrual hygiene inequalities within the homeless community by encouraging others to take action. Her project provided a reliable supply of donated menstrual hygiene products such as pads and tampons to a homeless shelter, Casa Ruby. She facilitated a leadership course at this shelter. She delivered a class on menstrual hygiene poverty at Katie and Honors Girls Leadership Camp.Karina: I learned that leadership is not about promoting yourself or your own agenda. Its about truly making an impact by working with others to achieve a common goal. I also learned that being flexible in making changes to my plan is crucial for success. Things often deviate from the original plan and that isnt necessarily a bad thing. I realized that I need to focus