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  • 7/25/2019 Elastic Beacons






    The widest range of elastic beacons in the world

  • 7/25/2019 Elastic Beacons


    Introduction to the elastic beaconThe complete range of Resinex elastic beaconstoday offers the most advanced, versatile andeconomic marine signalling system existing onthe market drawing on our experience of thethousands of installations throughout the world.It was our company which in fact invented theelastic beacon in the 1970s. Over the course oftime Resinex has carried out constant innovationsthrough the study, research and production ofever more up-to-date models enabling us tomaintain our international market leadership.The first beacon installation was carried outin 1972 for the Port of Genoa Authority andfollowing this our company installed andactivated the complete navigational signallingsystem for the Suez Canal. Today we are thefirst supplier for the National Light Service

    and Aids to Navigation of the Italian Navy.In its history, which began in 1961, Resinexhas projected innumerable applications for thebeacon, adaptable for the most diverse of uses(from signalling to environment control) in allsea conditions and of any depth.

    What is it

    and its usesThe elastic beacon is a semi-rigid structure witha metallic pole of variable length, fixed to thebottom by a concrete weight. The pole is keptvertical by a very big submerged float which canhave various shapes, according to the differentsea conditions.A tower is only visible above water level whichcan be equipped with a platform and whoseheight above sea-level gives it excellent day-time visibility even at great distances. Thesecharacteristics make it an ideal support to mountlights, radar equipment, acoustic signallinginstruments, systems for the monitoring andchecking of the water. Power is supplied by solarpanels or aeolic generators.

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    StabilityThe structural characteristics of the beacon were expresslyprojected with the aim of reducing current and winddrag to a minimum. The big float and exclusive Resinexanchoring system, which has the characteristic of being

    elastic but fixed, allows the pilon very little freedom ofmovement in a horizontal direction yet guaranteeingelasticity (and so automatic repositioning) in the eventof collision.For this reason the Resinex elastic beacon assures correctpositioning, reliability and a signalling security impossibleto match with the traditional buoys. In addition, in thecase of need, it can be easily removed and repositioned.It is particularly suitable for the precision marking ofnavigable canals or of the presence of underwaterpipelines and cables or any other obstacles which couldbe found below water level.

    PrecisionThe signalling precision is of uppermost importance in allsituations and as a result the Resinex elastic beacon hasbeen, above all, studied to guarantee this function.The limited possibility of movement in relation to the

    anchorage results in the beacon being pratically fixedin the optimum position for navigational signalling(light, acoustic, radio) without creating any problemsin adjustment. Also in the case of charging the solarpanels, the reduced possibility of torsion in the verticalaxis of the elastic beacon permits a very precise placingof the equipment on the tower most exposed to the sunat a precise angle therefore ensuring a very powerfulalimentation. Finally, the floating structure requires avery limited maintenance overhaul, every eight to tenyears. All this helps to considerably contain the total costof maintenance.

  • 7/25/2019 Elastic Beacons


    The innovation of the elastic beacon

    The idea of the elastic beacon, created in Resinex at the beginningof the 70s, since the beginning it has been a great success,demonstrated by the first installations in the Port of Genoa, by theResinexs successful tender for the complete signalling system of theSuez Canal, by the supplies for the signalling of the Italian coasts

    given to the Italian Navy.Which are the main points of force of the elastic beacon comparedto the fixed one?They are clearly shown on this page.1. If a vessel collides with a fixed beacon, the latter is usually

    destroyed and must be reconstructed. Navigation becomes riskyfor all the period of time in which there is no signalling. Almostalways, moreover, even the ships hull is damaged and must berepaired.

    2. In case of collision, the elastic beacon which is strong, but atthe same time flexible and light, causes moderate economicaldamage. The blow makes the elastic beacon incline, but the float

    makes it return quickly to the vertical position. The signallingnever stops. The hull of the vessel suffers little damage.

    3. An elastic beacon is less expensive and can easily be assembledcompared to a fixed beacon, whose assembly in the sea requiresbinding works. In case of need, the elastic beacon can be movedand installed again.

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    When the elastic beacon is better

    The elastic beacon was invented by the Resinex technical department at thebeginning of the 70s. It was necessary to find a solution which allowed thecompletely safe signalling of the navigable channels or the obstacles to thenavigation, as an option to the expensive and dangerous fixed beacons and to thetraditional buoys.In fact, in the navigable channels, as shown in the drawing, the superiority of the Resinex

    elastic beacon is evident compared to the traditional buoys.These are its main advantages:1. The elastic beacon is more precise, as shown in the drawing, does not change the

    width of the channel in respect to its axis and offers the maximum width for thesafe passage of the vessels which travel the tract of sea.

    2. The signalling is more efficient because the elastic beacon is higher and bettervisible.

    3. The elastic beacon is more stable, and this means a cost reduction. The powersystem, with solar panels can be halved as it is orientated southwards with moreprecision compared to the buoy, which is, on the contrary, subject to the rotationon the mooring.

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    Elastic beacon at X rays From 2 to 500 meter depth, a complete range for every need

    The assemblingThe sequenceof pictures shown on thesepages demonstrates theeasiness ofthe positioningof Resinexelastic beacons in diversesituations.Theelasticbeacons aretransportedto thesite either completely or partiallyunassembled(picture1). Theassemblyof themetallicpartandconcretesinkerwhichis linkedto themooringsystemcanbe doneeither onshore(picture2)orat sea(picture3). Theelasticbeacon(eitherfullyorpartiallyassembled)istransported bya floatingpontoonto theexactpoint ofdestinationand thenpositionedin thewater.Themooring system pulls down the float, until only theupper partof theelasticbeacon is visibleabove water (pictures 5,6,7,8and 9).Ifnecessary, thelength ofthe telescopicpipe, can beperfectly regulated in thesea, until reachingthe desired focal plane(picture 10).Finally, thesignallingand/or monitoringsystems are assembled, and then, thesolar panels arepermanently positioned in thebestway in order to guaranteetheoptimumpower supplyof thesystem(pictures 11and 12).

    The rangeThe range of products and applications is verywide. Geographical location goes from tropicalenvironment to glacial seas. The light elasticbeacons have a fundamental superstructure withthe essential functions of day and night signallingplaced at the top. The elastic beacons equippedwith turret are made of a stronger structure ableto accommodate instrumentations and additionalequipment. The elastic beacons designed for lowand medium depths have the lower mooring eyedirectly hinged to the eyebolt of the concretesinker and are provided with stabilizing chains.Elasticbeaconsstudiedforhigherdepthsareconnectedto theseabed through a specialanti-torsioncablewhichpreventstwistingonthe verticalaxis.

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    Environment monitoring

    Anti-Tsunami. The sensors are able to define anyparameter regarding water. It is a particularly advancedanswer to the needs of the environmental checking of thewaters. In the same way an automatic correlation can bedone as regards the direction and the wave height. It is

    therefore a particularly advanced system to monitor thecurrents or to signal in advance the presence of unusualwaves or tsunami.All the detection systems can be configured andactivated using SMS through the usual GMS telephoneret. It is also possible to monitor the conditions and thesystem efficiency at distance, checking the main powersupply systems (such as batteries and solar panels),and the lighting system (lantern). In case of damageor bad working, the system generates alarms that,reaching the shore, advise the technicians about theeventual damages.

    The particular characteristic of the Resinex elastic beaconmakes it the ideal support for the instruments necessaryfor a correct and constant monitoring of the marineand lake environment, both for the high pollution riskareas and nature and tourist attractions. The structure

    is extremely stable with more than ample space on thetower: this permits a high level of precision and monitoringunobtainable with alternative support systems such astraditional buoys, rafts, fixed poles or floating crafts. Inaddtion to a traditional meteorology unit equipped withanemometer, thermometer and barometer, the beaconcan host a complete bearing system.

  • 7/25/2019 Elastic Beacons


    Our software gives safetyWorking closely with Mox of the Milan Polytechnic,Resinex has created an original and exclusivemathematical simulation programme aimed at

    studying and analysing the behaviour of the elastic

    beacon in high seas and strong variable currents. Thesoftware couples the principal meteo-marine variableswith the hundreds of Resinex product variants with

    the scope of analysing all the possibilities in orderto find the most compatible floating system forany installation location. The computer creates a

    dynamic 3D image showing the behaviour of anyspecific Resinex product in pre-defined environmental

    conditions for a determined period of time.The programme can also analyse the behaviour

    of the elastic beacon in the most extreme marineconditions and this represents an important

    advantage for the Resinex client as we are ableto supply an ever more safe and reliable product.The Mox (Scientific Calculation and Modelling) is a

    centre of excellence of the Mathematics Departmentof the Milan Polytechnic which works in the field of

    mathematical models and number simulation.

    Quality controlThe Resinex Marine Research Centre is equippedwith five pressure tanks for the high deep pressuretests (till 4.000 meter depth).The Resinex procedures guarantee that all the productsare manufactured with appropriated materials and inaccordance with manufacturing specifications.The Resinex Quality Management System is certifiedISO 9001:2000 by Lloyds Register Quality Assuranceand follows each order during manufacturingprocedures. Resinex guarantees high standards andperformances of all products. Customer requirementsare strictly followed during all production phases.

  • 7/25/2019 Elastic Beacons


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    The widest range of elastic beacons in the world