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InspirationThe very word means to breath life in to.Ruby VillarrealEDU352:Foundations of Educational TechnologyFall 2012

A brief introduction:I am notorious for copying inspirational quotes from everywhere and saving them.Some of the following are what inspires me in different ways.I hope you can find the same spark in them that I do, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words so I have included them as well.

All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions. ~Leonardo da VinciThe future belongs to those that believe in the beauty of their dreams. ~Eleanor RooseveltThere is great empowerment in knowing that you have choices in life. Whatever decision you make will grant you an experience of your choosing, no one elses. From this point on, you should no longer view yourself as a victim of someone elses choices, mistreatment or neglect. Instead, view yourself as a person with options. Seek God for your destiny and make decisions that agree with that destiny. ~ T.D. Jakes

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts~ Marcus Aurelius

In all things consider others first.

~ Ruby Villarreal