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Contained within the eBook are some amazing ideas, insights and tips by these amazing Thought Leaders, across the globe. Just follow the link below to download it and do share with us your thoughts and opinions via #SSMMG = 'Social Selling MasterMind Group'. eBook put together by: Michael de Groot Please share it with your colleagues, associates and sales professionals. Download original from Michael: http://styin.me/Social-Selling-Tips-eBook Wishing you massive success with your 'Social Selling' journey!

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Social Selling33 Success #SSMMG By Leading Social Selling Thought Leaders Tips Social Selling Success #SSMMG Foreword !!Social Selling is the process of using your professional brand to ll your pipeline with the right people, insights and relationships. Social media is the next evolution of the sales profession. Just as the telephone and email changed the landscape and made sales people more productive, social media is the next frontier.! !When stats are put out that 90% of decision makers no longer respond to cold calls or emails, we need to nd a new way to get buyers attention. In fact we know from other research that the typical B2B buying process has 5.4 decision makers and this makes selling even more complex.! !Going in cold is no longer a viable solution for sales professionals. Leveraging connections and existing relationships to get introduced to decision makers has proven to have a much higher success rate. Most sales people I know are the stereotypical Type A personality and they expect nothing less than to crush it. In order for them to exceed their goals they have had to adapt, and by adapt I mean become experts in the use of social media.! !What this tells me and thousands of other companies is that sales professionals need to become social sellers. From prospecting activities to becoming better engaged with their customers, social media is scalable and delivers business results. ! !!!!!!! !!!!Sales professionals that play the long game and start by adding value to their networks by educating them on the industry and trends will reap the largest rewards. ! !Remember, in life visibility creates opportunity and social media can be used as either a soapbox or a mountain top to stand on to get your message heard.! ! In the following pages you will hear from some of the leading minds in social selling. Their advice is actionable and insightful.! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Koka Sexton Sr. Social Marketing Manager LinkedIn !LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/kokasexton! Web: www.kokasexton.com! Twitter: @kokasexton Page of2 36By Leading Social Selling Thought Leaders Social Selling Success #SSMMG 1. Are you a Social Seller or are you a Relationship Marketer? A Social Seller uses their social media to try to sell their product or service to the people in their community. A Relationship Marketer uses their social media to strike up and nurture relationships. ! The long term goal is the same, working towards gaining new loyal customers; but the strategy is quite different. ! As human beings we are inundated with advertising every single day. We see billboards on the way to work, listen to Clearance Today Only on the radio, Buy Now in our newspaper and Biggest Sale Ever on TV, not to mention the all-annoying blinking or pop-up ads on way to many websites. So why do we like, connect or follow a business on social media? At rst it could be because Something is on Sale Now but what keeps us interested and from not UnLiking, UnFollowing or disconnecting?! Thats where the real work and loyalty building happens! People continue to be a part of your social media because youre giving them a reason to be there and its not Buy This or Clearance That. We stay because we are getting some sort of value or answer or solution that is of great interest to us. Its something that holds our attention that is different from the everyday sales we are almost numb to. ! We also stay because we may like the way were being inuenced. Perhaps were learning a little something from someone weve grown to trust, or maybe we like the positive karma we see daily. Whatever it is, we know its not because we want to see more sales ads.! ! ! ! ! The foundation of any social media strategy is to build inuence within your community. Inuence leads to know, like & trust which leads to future, loyal, customers.! In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing and social media, there are always new tricks, algorithm changes and tactics that will make you thousands of dollars! You can buy into that if you wish and it may even work for a short time, but the truth is that you must build an authentic community where your members see you as a reliable expert in your eld. ! When its time to nd someone to work with or even recommend to a colleague, people are far more likely to choose their favorite industry inuencer or expert that theyve taken the time to get to know. The quality of that relationship is the most lucrative and long lasting - Patience is key. Building inuence and an authentic community in any social space takes time, work and commitment; but then again, doesnt everything worth having in life?! ! ! ! Soare you a SOCIAL SELLER or are you a RELATIONSHIP MARKETER?! Andrea Lindal ! LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/lexabi! Web: www.lexabi.com! Twitter: @LexabiCom! Page of3 36By Leading Social Selling Thought Leaders Social Selling Success #SSMMG 2. Get More Client Referrals with LinkedIn Social Sales Link denes Social Selling as 4 specic stages. ! !First, Listening to your prospects to understand what they care about. ! Second, educating them in what matters to them. ! Third, prospecting through warm market referrals and strategic content marketing. ! !That is what this article covers prospect through client referrals. And fourth, researching your prospects, their industry, their competition, their products and initiatives and all other intelligence that can help you position yourself as the solution to their want, need or problem. ! !When it comes to prospecting, typically a good business development person will tell you that much of their business comes from client referrals. They ask for referrals all the time, and it may sound something like this:! !Salesperson: Ms. Client, thank you for your business. Are you happy with the our?! Client: Oh, yes Mr. Salesperson, we have been very happy and we love working with you and your company.! Salesperson: That is terric, Ms. Client, the way we grow our business has always been through introductions from our happy clients, by chance, do you know of anyone else that could use our products and services?! Client:Hmm, let me see, I cant think of anyone off hand right now, but if I do think of someone I will certainly be happy to introduce you.! !Not exactly how we had hoped it would go. But now we have LinkedIn as a powerful tool so this conversation will be much more productive.! !!!! !Before you go out on the client visit, do the following:! !1. Connect with your client on LinkedIn! 2. Check out their contacts from the search bar! 3. Make a list of 5 prospects that meet your criteria and bring the list with you! !And here is how the conversation may go now:! !Client:Hmm, let me see, I cant think of anyone off hand right now, but if I think of someone I will certainly be happy to introduce you. ! Salesperson:Ms. Client, when we connected on LinkedIn I noticed that you were linked to a few folks who would be great introductions for me, would it be alright if I ran them by you?! Client:Of course, I would be happy to help!! Salesperson: Thank you so much for offering to make these introductions, you can just copy us both in an email and I can take it from there. To make it easier for you would you like me to send you a short introduction paragraph that you can use?! Client:That would be great, thanks.! Salesperson:I will get that to you by the end of the day. Also, I would be happy to make introductions for you as well, who are you looking to meet?! !If we did just this for each of our clients our pipeline could easily double or more and the business will follow!! ! Brynne Tillman ! LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/brynnetillman! Web: www.socialsaleslink.com! Twitter: @SocialSalesLink! Page of4 36By Leading Social Selling Thought Leaders Social Selling Success #SSMMG 3. Succeed with Social Selling in a Buyer 2.0 World Recent research shows that todays buyers are far more sophisticated in their purchasing cycles than ever before. There is a plethora of information, data, and product reviews at everyones ngertips. The ability to research even a simple transaction like buying new tires for your car is amazing these days. You can literally nd thousands of quotes, articles, reviews of specic tire performance, compare local dealers, etc. in 15 minutes or less. Before you set foot into that tire store, youre so much more informed than a typical tire buyer just 10-15 years ago. In the B2B market, a new level of nancial buyer called Supply Chain can add to the complexity. Buyers are highly informed, independent, have many purchase options, and they are willing to do their own leg work ahead of engaging a sales person. We call this Buyer 2.0!. In order to be successful in todays B2B sales marketplace, sellers need a new approach to aligning with your buyers. In the recently published book, The Collaborative Sale (by Keith M. Eades and Timothy T. Sullivan, Wiley 2014) sales people are presented with three key roles they need to embrace to succeed: ! 1. A Micro-Marketer (i.e. someone that can generate business demand)! 2. A Visualizer (i.e. collaborate with the customer to form a vision of the solution)! 3. A Value Driver (i.e. confront risk adverse buyers by positioning value early and often)! So what does this have to do with Social Selling? Lets look more in depth at the Micro-Marketer role. To move back to the front of the sales cycle and engage with buyers early, sellers must incorporate tactics typically considered marketings responsibility. Begin by developing your Personal Brand online via LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ ! ! and other social proles. Keep your professional proles professional and focus your positioning around your unique or advanced expertise.! Need help? This video offers exampl