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Assessment for Communications dealing with Conflict and Negotiation.

Transcript of Eat streat licencing conflict

  • 1. Eat Streat Liquor Licencing Lisa Talbot
  • 2. Summary of conflict Licensed areas in The Streat are not to overlap Each licensed area must be defined and managed by a single licensee. Not off licenses People are unable to move between areas of alcohol (go from one area to another whilst carrying any alcohol drink) The area outside the current licensed areas (Middle of the Streat walkway) are within the CBD designated liquor ban area. Creates a problem for large scale activities/events being held in The Streat with no one licenced area able to hold a large amount of people (more then 120 people)
  • 3. Parties involved Rotorua District Council Local Eat Streat Restaurants Local Alcohol policy Event organizers Public
  • 4. Points of View - Restaurants Opportunities' to hold larger events on The Streat is a great concept Businesses will help push and market events Have to consider the liquor ban that is, by local council; law Business owners reiterate that as a collective they would manage security in the area as with their own licenced areas. Points of view - Council Encourages such events Will not risk removing the liquor ban Will not help reduce negative alcohol effects Do not want The Streat promoted in such a free spirited manner.
  • 5. Shared interests All parties agree that events of such will be a benefit to all involved. Minimising the risk of alcohol will benefit the parties also.
  • 6. Culture Rotorua has a lower social demographic Leads to more alcohol abuse and higher risk of negatives effects from alcohol Drinking culture in Rotorua has a negative effect on The Streats potential Premises on The Streat how ever have not had much if any trouble with alcohol abuse This needs to be taken into consideration. Feedback There needs to be processes put in place in regards to how feedback is taken into consideration. This needs to be recorded with discussions, outcomes and reasons for those outcomes. This information is to be distributed to all parties involved.
  • 7. Four Fs Facts Council need to give factual evidence as to why they come to such decisions. Restaurant owners need to state facts as to why they disagree or agree. Feelings Restaurant owners to describe feelings based on council decisions. Describe feelings not thoughts. Focus and action Both parties to put in writing what they want to see happen. Be clear and specific. Feedback Communication is to go both ways. Council to give restaurant owners a chance to respond and vice versa. All parties to not make decisions based on frustration.
  • 8. Stages of negotiation Preparation Restaurant owners know what they want but are they prepared to negotiate and consider other options? Do they have a BATNA (Best alternative to a negotiated agreement) Do they know of any leeway for council around liquor licencing? Use this to their advantage. Discussion Reiterate issues of common concern and interests. Are both parties interested in enhancing this area to promote Rotorua as a whole? If so why continue to say no to all options. Proposals and bargaining Adjust offers to reach a settlement from both parties. Parties need to think about how they can adjust their offers in order to come to a common ground for Rotorua. Closing the deal Get the agreement in writing.
  • 9. Behaviour The council are using the Distributive strategy to get the restaurant owners to hire the entire venue (The Streat) and acquiring a separate liquor licence. This doesnt work as you then cannot close The Streat to the public and Council will not allow restaurant owners to provide extra security. Distributive strategy Win- Lose Emotions Restaurant owners are frustrated Have a large area and are not able to utilize it to its potential Sick of all the red tape from council and liquor licence Afraid event organizers will look elsewhere for their coming events
  • 10. Resolutions already attempted Council propose restaurant owners hire entire site and apply for a separate liquor licence. Problem Council will not allow for the site to be closed to the public and therefore will not allow for restaurants to supply their own individual security. Recommendations of settlement I recommend that restaurant owners work with Event venues to gain full site hire and apply for temporary liquor licence. With Event venues being solely responsible for the security but working with restaurant owners to maximise effective security for all. Event venues are to invoice restaurant owners for the costs of security, site hire and liquor licencing.
  • 11. Summary Restaurant owners ask council what purpose of the Eat Streat rebuild was. Do Council need to rethink the purpose of the Eat Streat Rebuild? Was the purpose to enhance Rotorua as a Tourist destination and in turn boost our economy? Will such events add to this enhancement? Are council willing to put a stop to this enhancement for Red Tape issues that can be changed in order to make such events happen? There needs to be more of a common ground and willing ness to co-operate from the council.
  • 12. Negotiated settlement Council agree to issue Event Venues Rotorua a temporary licence for full site of The Streat. With the option of closing The Streat allowing only patrons of the restaurants / event in. Restaurant owners will collaborate with Event Venues to ensure substantial amount of effective security is put in place. Event venues and restaurant owners will work with Rotorua Police and provide a written report regarding the intended itinerary of the occasion. Event venues and Restaurant owners will produce an analysis report to the Rotorua District Council. This will highlight problems that arose and also highlight the positives of the event. Event venues, restaurant owners and Rotorua District council will work together from this to discuss weather such future events will be held and how they can improve. Event venues will issue an invoice to restaurant owners covering costs.
  • 13. References Designated Management Plan and Operation Agreement 2013 Eat Streat RLP-003000-1267-18-V1:CMH Draft Local Alcohol Policy Rotorua District Council Doc No. RDC- 368925 Kris Beehre Eat Streat Restaurant Owner news/article.cfm?c_id=1503438&objectid=11313089