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descriptionThis is a plug that when we press it goes back and we obtain a multi-plug with five plugs for load the phones and others utilities.

Target audienceThis product is aimed at people who own their own houses and wouldnt like to spend too much on or have too many multi plug adapters.They live in urban and metropolitan areas and they cant go to the shops for shopping multi plug adapters

Location and salesThis product could put to sell in amazon.com and them it could sell in some shops.

Cost analysisStart up costs: New Moulding Machine 60,000Plastic Mould 9,000Assembly Jig 3,000Total 72,000Fixed costs / month: NilVariable costs:Plastic beads0.50 per unitElectrical conductors0.95 per unitPackaging0.15 per unitTotal1.60 per unit

Break Even Point


SWOT analysis

Local competitionThe principal competitor is the adaptors or multiple socket because they are more cheap but the multi-plug its much more modern and its better.

Sheet1Fixed Cost 72,000.00Units produced8572UnitsVariable cost 1.60Variable cost13715.2EurosSelling Price 10.00Revenue85720EurosContribution72004.8EurosContribution per Unit 8.40

Break Even Point8571