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  • SUMMER 2018

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    Life on the Dance Floor and Balcony

    This month I had the pleasure of meeting with a incredible young man who was seeking ordination to the Diaconate in the Episcopal Church. For the last few years he has served as a leader in the City Year program working at the Parker Varney Elementary School in Manchester. He shared with me a concept that city year uses to explain service that I felt mirrored how, as Christians, we understand the balance between discipleship to God and service to others. He said that City year likes to ask its volunteers to think about service like a concert hall; one that is made up of two parts: the dance floor and the balcony. The dance floor is where all the action is; it represents service to others and is where volunteers get their hands dirty as they “dig in” through service in their communities. I know we all have had experiences with our own dance floors, in one way or another, finding energy from those in sync around us. Wisely, City Year also emphasizes the need to spend time on the balcony. This is a space where one can get away from the hustle and bustle of an active life in service so we may find perspective and rest. They suggest it’s essential to step away from the action for a moment, so one can regroup, remind themselves of what's important, and refuel for the future to come. Isn't this what being the body of Christ should look like - a group of people that takes time both cultivating the relationship with God through worship and discipleship, and also maintain a lifestyle of service to their neighbor?

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  • Soup and Chili Cook-off & Spring Craft Fair This Spring we enjoyed the return of our annual Soup and Chili Cook-Off and another great Spring Craft Fair. With your help, our cook-off raise nearly $2000, half of which went to help fund research to help those struggling with Aplastic Anemia and despite a dreary morning and rainy afternoon, we were still able to have a VERY successful craft fair weekend—including the most Junk for Jesus has ever raised in one day! Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make these events so successful!

    Often times we can get caught up in one or the other. We might think that our consistent Church attendance and participation gives us a pass from community service and engagement; or possibly we think that helping at the soup kitchen on a Saturday means that we can miss church on Sunday. As I've come to learn, when it's our faith that's involved, the answer is never easy. Cultivating our relationship with God and our neighbor takes the same sort of care and constant attention as are marriages or an important houseplant.

    As we enter the summer months together, it is my prayer that we find ourselves constantly moving between the dance floors and balconies, strengthening our relationship with God and our neighbor.

    See you at Church. Fr. Colin+

    A New Quarterly Newsletter: Some have asked “where is the Newsletter?” It’s a good question. It’s still around, but moving forward with a small change. Starting with this issue, The Key will be published four times a year: June (before Summer), September (before Fall), December (before Christmas), and a floating Spring Issue (before Easter). This will allow more of a focus on upcoming events and also allow time for more events to pass so we can share pictures with you.

    Outreach Update: On Saturday, October 20th, St. Peter’s and other area churches will be

    joining forces with The Outreach Program for our first Outreach Food Packaging Event. Outreach, Inc has packaged over 260 million meals since 2004. Its mission is to provide safe water, food, medical care and education to children and those in need,

    both at home and abroad. You can learn more at

  • www.outreachprogram.org. Area churches in Londonderry have committed to raising a minimum of $2,900 to purchase and package 10,000 dried non-perishable meals (29 cents each). Meals will be distributed to local food pantries or other organizations of our choice.

    This will be a great opportunity to build community and empower others to change the world. We will be raising funds in the coming months to reach (and hopefully surpass) our financial goal . Please contact Lee O’Connor at 781-801-8161 or Colin Chapman. Stay tuned.

    Wednesday Evening Eucharist's Back by popular demand, this Summer we will gather for worship and dinner outside on Wednesday’s at 6:30 p.m. Bring a folding chair, and dinner for the family, and share a night with friends as we break bread together outside in our beautiful lawn. When it’s raining we’ll meet in the church. All ages and all pets are welcome!

    Update from Nathan McKay Wright Hi all! I hope this letter finds you all in good spirits and health. As I've been told the weather there has been steadily rising with humidity in the mix. I can say here it is the opposite with our days reaching the low to mid 50s and the nights drop to the 40s. I am currently on site in a place called 3 de Mayo, or 3rd of May. It's named after their patron saint. Since this is my permanent post for the next 20 or 21 months, I

    registration with the Enrollment code you will get from Jon Maltz), and fill out an order on the website, then as usual bring a check to St. Peter’s before the end of the month when the physical gift cards will be ordered. Visit scrip.stpeterslondonderry.org and have a look around. To get started, or if you have any questions, please see Jon Maltz after service, or email him at [email protected]

    Altar Guild Looking for new Members! So much of the beauty we witness at St. Peter’s on a Sunday is thanks to our incredible Altar Guild. Unfortunately, this Spring we see the departure of a few key members and are in need of help moving forward. The Altar Guild is an incredible way to get to know St. Peter’s and her community on a deeper level. If you are interested, even in the slightest, please contact Penny Sullivan (603.434.1124). Finally, the Altar guild would like to thank this springs departing members, Maryann Moeri, Marlene Thompson, Betsy Martin, and June Schall for their years of service.

    June 1 Lukas Moeri Jack Bailey-Gates 10 Sarah Leeper 12 June Schall 15 Seth Ford Marcia Rosse Nathan Sobol 21 Lee O’Connor Liam O’Connor 22 Natalie Chapman 23 Marilyn Bragg William O’Connor Eric Parthum 26 Justin O’Connor 27 Kyle Harris Laura Reinhold 28 Nathan Blow

    July 9 Justina Trevorrow 10 Mary Sobolewski 12 Jane Parthum 14 Colin Chapman 17 Kimberly Fraser 18 Roland Harris 19 Nancy Jerauld 20 Ethel Neusch 21 Peter Henry 24 Diana LaGasse Susan Marquette Paula Paciulan 25 Todd Sobolewski 27 Kim Pezzetti 28 Megan McLaurin August 3 Liz Lannigan 5 Michael Jasper

    8 Marie Mortimer 9 Timothy Whitehead 11 Kim Fusaris Joan Randall 12 Leila Bacho Carl Morlock 13 Paul Morlock Cody Wobrock 14 Robert Guaraldi 15 Richard Ford 17 Jackson Musco 21 Fay Morlock 23 Cathleen Stuart 24 Mandy Jasper 26 Amanda Harris 29 Chris Bacho Talia BarNoy Marinda Pezzetti

    Summer Birthdays

    http://www.outreachprogram.org http://scrip.stpeterslondonderry.org/ mailto:[email protected]

  • am sure you will all get to know some of the town. For starters, there are 560 people who live here in and about 100 houses or so. It sits on the edge of the "plains" I call them, looking south, flat for miles going south. Where I am is on the edge of the forested side. 3 de Mayo is a "compania" of the city of Quiindy. If you were ever to look it up on Google, you'd type that in. I am 8km away, so about 5 miles from the city itself. Luckily there's a road that goes from Quiindy to another city called Ybycui which makes for my site to be pretty adequate in terms of resources they have, not too many gardens though. The community has expressed an interest in gardening both family gardens and school ones. There is a strange idea floating around here that veggies are very expensive to buy, which is not true. Lettuce costs about 5000gs or just under a dollar. But rather than get into a money conversation which usually leads to, "You're American. You have money so buy it for us." I'll just do the gardens. We are currently working on compost piles or "Aboneros". That should keep both of us busy for some time. I can also tie in nutrition with this gardening once the vegetables become ready, something else the community needs. For a developing country they have their fried foods up to 1st world standards. We slaughtered a pig last week to which nothing went to waste. However that pig was very hesitant to that. The cooked "Asado" which is a pig barbecue. Just without barbecue sauce. We use lime juice instead, fresh from the tree. I pick them almost every day. I'm always happy to keep you all posted and hope the weather doesn't get too hot.

    All the Best


    Confirmation 2018 On May 1st, we welcomed Bishop Rob Hirschfel