Dynamics Day '11 - Using XRM to Extend CRM

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Rex Wessels, Intergen's CRM Technical Consultant presented at Dynamics Day'11 in Auckland on the 10th of August.

Transcript of Dynamics Day '11 - Using XRM to Extend CRM

  • 1. Extending CRM (XRM)Rex WesselsCRM Technical Consultant10 August 2011
  • 2. XRMAgenda Microsoft Partnership CRM 2011 Launch Demo Worldwide Partner Conference Demo Q&A
  • 3. XRMMicrosoft Partnership Microsoft Corporation engages Intergen to work on the early adopter, behind the scenes, bleeding edge technology projects and demonstrations. Weve built Training Material, SDK samples and keynote demos for Microsoft conferences around the world Working against fixed deadlines, often with changes requested during the last hours.
  • 4. CRM 2011 Launch Demo
  • 5. XRM
  • 6. XRMWhat it involved CONFIGURATION CUSTOM Dashboard Azure Portal Integration Graphs Bing Map integration Property Management Graphs entities Twitter? SharePoint Integration SharePoint document Lync Integration provisioning Workflow Dialogs Dependent Lookups Connections
  • 7. Worldwide PartnerConference Demo
  • 8. XRM
  • 9. XRMMicro Blogging PEOPLE RECORDS Your Wall System generated updates Follow People Record Wall Follow CRM Records People can follow, comment, Comments / Likes like
  • 10. XRMWrap up A lot can be delivered in a short period of time Dynamics CRM 2011 continued improvement Strong Microsoft engagement drives customer innovation
  • 11. Questions
  • 12. Thank you