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2. The faults which are visible after dyeing are called Dyeing faults . These faults descries the quality of the fabrics . So to overcome from this faults we have to know the causes and the remedies of these dyeing faults . 3. Faults in Dyeing Sector Faults in Dyeing Sector 4. Knit Dyeing Knit Dyeing Fault FaultKnit Dyeing Faults1122 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 10 10 11 111. Dyeing Hole 2. Running Shade 3. Dye Spot 4. Uneven shade 5.Batch To Batch shade Variation 6.Roll to roll shade Variation 7. Crease Mark 8.Softener mark 9.Soda Spot 10.Oil Spot 11.White Spot 5. 1Causes:223344551. Dye bath water hardness. 2. Deposition of ferrous or ferric ion on the fabric surface 3. Defective plaiting device of the machine.6677889911 0011 11 6. 11233445566Causes: I.Change in pick-up percentage along the length of the fabric . II.Improper fabric Speed. III.Machine over-loading. IV.Running at lower nozzle pressure . V.High bath draining temperature . VI.Improper cycle time . VII.Improper length of rope .77889910 1011 11 7. 1122344Causes: i.Operator negligence ii.Dye bath hardness iii.Improper Agitation of dyestuff iv.Dye molecule deposition on the fabric556677889910 1011 11 8. 112233455Causes:i)If uneven pretreatment is done, absorbency and whiteness of fabric will be different at different places and consequently uneven dyeing will occurred. ii) Very rapid addition of dyes and chemicals. iii) Lack of controlling dyeing machine like- Machine speed. - Temperature of the process. - Dosing time. - Circulation pump and reel speed. - Plaiting device. - M:L ratio. - Improper washing after dyeing.6677889910 1011 11 9. 1122334456677Sources & Causes:889910 1011 111.Fluctuation of Temperature. 2.Improper dosing time of dyes & chemicals. 3.Batch to batch weight variation of dyes and chemicals. 4.Dyes lot variation. 5.Improper reel speed, pump speed, liquor ratio. 6.Improper pretreatment. 10. 11223344Sources & Causes: I. Improper dyes solubility. II. Hardness of water. III. Faulty m/c speed, etc. IV. Poor V. migration property of dyes.55677889910 1011 11 11. 112233445566788Sources & Causes: I. Poor opening of the fabric rope. II. Shock cooling of synthetic material. III. If pump pressure & reel speed is not equal. IV. Faulty plaiting device. V. For 100% cotton, if GSM>180, unbalanced structure, presence of lycra, not properly heat set increase the tendency to crease mark formation. VI. Variation of heating & cooling rate. VII. - More cycle time, more time fabric will be in folded condition increase tendency9910 1011 11 12. 112233445566Sources & Causes: I. Improper mixing of the Softener. II. Improper running time of the fabric during application of softener. III. Entanglement of the fabric during application of softener.7789910 1011 11 13. 11223344Sources & causes: I.Soaping start before wash II.CaCO3 or MgCO3 in soaping bath.55667788910 1011 11 14. 1122334455667788Sources & Causes: I.More oil & grease use the wheel, roller bearing into place. II.To stay unclean the m/c. III.Be decay the roller. IV.Fabric waste.991011 11 15. 11223344Sources & causes: I.Hardness of the Dye house Water II.Improper Mixing of Dyestuff III.Temperature Up Down IV.Sedimentation of Dyestuff556677889911 001 1 16. 1. Long mark 2. Loop mark 3. Brush problem 4. Dhappa spot 5. Uneven even hairiness 6. Yellow spot 7. Water spot 8. Iron spot 9. soda spot 10.Out color 11.Lycra out 12.Enzyme dust 13.Fly we 14.Patta fault 17. Ballooning shape. Radish shade. Squeezer mark. Dia mark. Dirty spot. Compaction /Press mark. Compacting hole. Crease mark. Calendaring crease. Oil Spot. Improper shrinkage. Bowing Crease Streak 18. HAIRINESS = Re Enzyme / light Enzyme Wash /normal wash on the dye bath Oil SPOT= Use thinner and spot lifter for stripe or coloar BOWING= Use Weft Stratiner divice (Mahalo/Bainco /paliva ) before Stanter . SOFTNESS = Use good quality softner in every stage like Dyeing, stantoring , padder SOIL SPOT= Re Wash in the Winch dyeing Machine Dappa = Stripping of the fabric change padder pressure of Stanter SIDE MARK (Calendar) = Re Calendar or cut the fault area 19. GSM HIGH = Send it to compactor run the machine With under feed the fabric GSM LOW= Send it to compactor run the machine With overfeed the fabric DYEING HOLE = Stripe carefully for light fabric and demeniralized the slub fabrics COLOR SPOT = Stripping the fabric and re dyeing CREA SEMARK = Calander or Compaction UNEVEN SHADE = Stripping and re dyeing RUNNING SHADE = Use yellow softner or Blue softner or redyeing if reject DIA UP DOWN = Use compactor or Stanter