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Duct Cleaning Air Tools Matt Kelly and Tommy Gwaltney 2013 NADCA Technical Conference Atlanta, Georgia


Matt Kelly's presentation for the NADCA, September 2013

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Duct Cleaning Air Tools

Matt Kelly and Tommy Gwaltney

2013 NADCA Technical Conference Atlanta, Georgia

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• Matt Kelly

– Co-founder of AirTek Indoor Air Solutions

– NADCA member since 1999

• ASCS, VSMR and CVI-certified

– 18 years of duct cleaning experience

– HVAC contractor installing air condition systems

– IKECA-certified

– Certified Dryer Vent Exhaust Technician (CDET)

– Marine industry and building construction experience

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• Tommy Gwaltney– Owner of Air Quality Systems, Inc.

– Working in HVAC industry since 1966

– Licensed HVAC contractor for 35 years

– NADCA member for 23 years• Currently serving on the NADCA convention committee, regional

technical committee and education committee

• Served on the NADCA Board for nine years

• ASCS, VSMR, and CVI-certified

– Member of HVAC regional technical committee and regional coordinator for eight years.

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• Misuse of these devices can result in serious injury.

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Potential Dangers

• Compressed air accidentally blown into the mouth can rupture the lungs, stomach or intestines.

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• Direct contact with compressed air can lead to serious medical conditions and even death.

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Low Pressure

• As little as 12 lbs. of air pressure can blow an eye right out of its socket.

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To prevent accidental injury when working with compressed air.

• Always were your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

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Reverse Air Blast Assembly

•Air blasts back towards the operator.

•Lightweight hose and nozzle allows the hose to propel itself through the duct away from the operator.

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Forward Ball Assembly

• Air blast pushes debris forward, away from the operator and towards the vacuum system.

• Hose is flexible enough to navigate the curves yet rigid enough to prevent the nozzle from curling back towards the operator.

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Spinning Type Ball

• Most are used to propel and pull line around elbows with a spinning action.

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Whip Type Agitator

• Can be used in metal and insulated ductwork.

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Plastic Duct Plugs (seals access points)

• Make sure they are fire-rated plugs before you buy them.

• Great for getting your air tools to different sections of duct.

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Hand Held Blow Guns

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Pneumatic Engines

Reading manual provided with your pneumatic motor ensures:

• proper care• avoids maintenance challenges• decreases down time• peak performance of the motor

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Pneumatic Vacuums

Tank Size: 15 Gal.

Tank Construction: Stainless Steel

Static Lift: 150"

C.F.M. 90

Dry Pickup: Yes

Wet Pickup: Opt.

Filtration: 99.97% at 0.3 micron

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• Four types: 1) Rubber: Suitable for the home air compressor and in

agricultural and industrial applications.

2) Nylon: Not suited for high pressure applications, industrial applications, or extended use.

3) PVC: An economical choice and suited for general purposes like painting, inflating, and with tools.

4) Polyurethane: Material of choice for high pressure applications, extended use, and use in industrial situations.

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Inside Diameter

• Inside Diameter is very important to the duct cleaning technician.

• Most common sizes are 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” and 1”

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Riser Air Tool

• Cleaning of An Eight-Story Exhaust Riser

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15-Story Building

• Exterior Elevator

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Riser Tool

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Riser Tool used for horizontal duct cleaning

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Your project can even be on the water

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Thank You

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