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  • 7/26/2019 Duck Duck Goat


  • 7/26/2019 Duck Duck Goat


    DS1* Shrimp Toast 15

    DS2 Char Siu Bao 10 Steamed barbeque pork buns. 2 per order.

    DS3 Xiao Long Bao 11 Pork and crab soup dumplings. 5 per order.

    DS4 Crab Rangoon 13 Sweet & Sour sauce. 4 per order.

    DS5* Wood-fired Duck Hearts 12 Sesame-horseradish sauce.

    DS6 Duck Eggroll 9 Nom Wah style. 1 per order.

    DS7 Scallion Pancakes 9 Coleslaw and hoisin sauce. 2 per order.

    DS8* Chiu Chow Fun Gor 11 Shrimp and peanut dumplings.

    DS9 Sichuan Pork Wontons 11 5 per order.

    DS10 Veggie Spring Rolls 9 3 per order.

    DS11 Fu Pi Quan 10 Pork belly and tofu skin rolls.

    DS12 Jiaozi 11 Beef short rib and bone marrow potstickers. 5 per order.

    DS13 Ham Sui Gok 10 Glutenous rice dumplings with goat. 3 per or der.

    DS14* Wood-fired Char Siu Ribs 16

    S1 Shrimp Wonton 12 Blueberry shrimp broth.

    S2 Hot & Sour Eggdrop 11 Pork belly and tofu.

    S3* Lions Head Meatball 14

    *Dishes marked in red are chefs specialtiesphotos on page 3 !

  • 7/26/2019 Duck Duck Goat


    C1 Liangpi 9 Wheat starch noodles with chili sauce.

    C2 Boiled Peanuts 8


    Octopus, Cucumber, and Peanut Salad 14C4 Tofu Noodles Salad 12

    C5 House-pickled Veggies 7

    C6 Pickled Cucumber 7

    N1 Slap Noodles 17 Shrimp, goat sausage, eggplant, and mushroom.

    N2 Beef Slap Noodles 17 Short rib ragu, luobo radish.

    N3 XO Cheong Fun XO 18 Sausage and rice noodle rolls, grilled cuttlefish, shrimp, and XO broth.

    N4 Glass Noodles 15 Mixed veggies and egg.

    N5 Chicken Chow Fun 16 Mushroom rice noodles.

    N6* Silver Needle Noodles 17

    Clams and bacon.

    N7 Dan Dan Noodles 15 Egg noodles with peanut and pork.

    N8 Goat Belly Lo Mein 17

    FR1 Duck Fried Rice 15 Jas mine r ice with soft -bo iled d uck egg.

    FR2 Forbidden Goat 15 Black rice with pickled quail eggs.FR3* Seafood Fried Rice 17 Shrimp, bass, and smoked clams.FR4 Veggie Fried Rice 13 Brown and jasmine rice with almonds and glass noodle bits.

    FR5 Pork Fried Rice 15 Jas mine a nd sweet red r ice with g ri lled p ork bel ly and sausag e.

    *Dishes marked in red are chefs specialtiesphotos on page 3 !

  • 7/26/2019 Duck Duck Goat


    15Shrimp Toast

    12Wood-fired Duck Hearts


    Chiu Chow Fun GorShrimp and peanut dumplings.


    Wood-fired Char Siu Ribs 15Lions Head Meatball Soup


    Octopus, Cucumber, andPeanut Salad

    17Silver Needle NoodlesClams and bacon.

    17Seafood Fried RiceShrimp, bass, and smoked clams.

    16Chongqing ChickenSichuan-style chicken with chilis.

    15Sichuan Eggplant & GoatSausage

    22Crispy Frog Legs & Potato

    9Sichuan Potato






    DS1 DS5 DS8


  • 7/26/2019 Duck Duck Goat


    M1* Sichuan Eggplant & Goat Sausage 15

    M2 Moo Shu Pork 16Served with Mandarin pancakes.


    Sanbeiji 16 Taiwanese 3-cup chicken.M4* Chongqing Chicken 16 Sichuan-style chicken with chilis.

    M5 Grilled Beef & Broccoli 21

    M6 Hongshao Rou 16 Red braised pork.

    M7 Twice Cooked Pork 16M8* Crispy Frog Legs & Potato 22

    M9 Mapo Doufu 15 Sichuan spicy tofu and pork.

    M10 Grilled Shrimp 17Black bean garlic sauce and bacon.

    M11 Shui Zhu Yu 24 Sichuan-style grilled whole baby barramundi.

    L1 Peking Duck 58

    L2 Goat of the Day MP

    *Dishes marked in red are chefs specialtiesphotos on page 3 !

    S1* Sichuan Potato 9

    S2 Garlic Pea Tips 9

    S3 Green Beans in Black Bean Sauce 11

    S4 White Rice 3

  • 7/26/2019 Duck Duck Goat