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  • 1. A.S. DT COURSE WORKBy Charlie Hudson

2. POINT OF SALEThis point of sale was in M&S. this is a good point of sale as itclearly displays the product, it is eye catching to people (e.g.they just get a glimpse of it and they think its a person butthen when they look again they realise and by this time theproduct is already in there mind), it gives you the name of thebrand and all the items you can see are available next to thismanikin. However, it does not give you vital information suchas the price and the colour scheme is quite bland.This point of sale was in a jewellery shop in theglades. This is an example of a bad point of salebecause of a though things. Firstly it offers noinformation about the product(i.e. price, brandetc.) also you are unable to go and actually pick itup in the shop you would have to get a memberof staff( however this is understandable as it isprobably expensive jewellery). However it doesstand out with the features it has which do drawin customers.This is a point of sale in boots. I thought this was a verygood point of sale as it is a good size and eye level forshoppers, it has good colours that encourage people togo over to it, also the person on it is staring at thecustomer which catches there eye and makes themturn around and look at it. It clearly shows the brandand has a picture of the product. However it does notshow the price and the actual product is not on display(however you can see where it is suppose to be whichether means that it has run out and was being replacedof that it had been stolen as there was nothingattaching it to the point of sale.This is a point of sale in WHsmiths .this is a goodpoint of sale as it has bright colours, it was inthe middle of the shop and THE Sun is a wellknown newspaper. It has loads of productcopies that you reach in and take. However thispoint of sale does not have the price of theproduct but because THE Sun is a well knownnewspaper people who buy the sun regularlywould already know how much it costs thereforthe price does not need to be on the point ofsale as they are targeting there regularaudience. 3. POINT OF SALEThis point of sale was in Boots. This is a good point of salebecause it shows the brand clearly, it gives you the productthat is being shown by the design of the point of sale and alot of them, the design is eye catching as it is a big version ofthe product plus all the colours used in the point of sale drawthe potential customer in. also it was in a good position as itwas next to where people walked so they would have to walkpast it were ether they go.This point of sale was in Whsmiths. This is a good point of salebecause the brand, Coca-Cola, is shown clearly and also it is one of themost recognisable brands in the world and this helps the point of saleas people like what they already know about unlike new things whichpeople can be curious about. This point of sale doesnt show the priceof the product in big as it does not just sell Coca-Cola, however if youdo go up to it the price will be there under a Coca-Cola product. Eventhough this point of sale doesnt just sell Coca-Cola does not make itbad as the other products add colour to it drawing more customers inand because the is Coca-Cola written in large lettering at the bottommeans that the more suggestible people are more likely to pick up aCoca-Cola product because it has been shown to them, even if theyhave not noticed the sign.This point of sale was in JD. This is a quite good point of salebecause it stands tall ( if I was to guess about 6 feet) and hasan interesting design which help draw customers as theywant to look at it closely. It shows the brand well and has theproduct that they are selling on show, however it does notshow the price of the product and although the design canbee a good thing, it also stops customers from seeing theproduct if they are not at the right angle.This point of sale was in JD. This point of sale is goodbecause even though the actually unit is just white, ituses the colours of the different products to makecustomers notice it. It clearly shows the brand of theproduct, however it does not show the price apartfrom on a tad on each individual product. Also it doesnot sell a specific Lacoste product as it has twodifferent types of tops that is on display. But thepositioning of the product is good as it is very centralto the shop floor which means it can be seen becustomers nearly anywhere they stand in the shop. 4. POINT OF SALEThis point of sale was in Sports Direct. This is a good point ofsale because there is loads of bright colours that stand out aswell as a large picture (which you are unable to see all of itdue to the picture) of the product which is also in brightcolours. Also it has information on the boot as well as theprice and brand of the product. However in order to get theproduct you must check to see for your size which meansfinding a member of staff (although due to the product this isrequired but they could find a way to make to easier for thecustomer).This point of sale was in Boots. This is a good pointof sale because it shows the brand clearly, it givesyou the product that is being shown by the designof the point of sale as it is an enlarged version ofthe product (similar to a point of sale on theprevious sale) which stands tall which palls in thecustomers. However it does not show a price andalthough the colour is bright, gold normally putspeople off as it some times look tacky.This point of sale was in a shop window in the glades. Thisis a good point of sale as it clearly shows the product andhas models that would make people interested in theproduct. Also it shows prices under each product.However there is a lot of products on sale which meansthe customer would have to stand there deciding and itwas at the bottom shelf which means the customer wouldhave to keep bending over to look at the products.This point of sale was in Jack Jones. This point of saleis an example of a bad point of sale as it does notshow the brand (unless u actually pick up the productand look at it more closely), it does not show theprice on the product so you have to ask a member ofstaff. However the layout of the point of sale is quitegood as it could interest customers to look at it, plusthis display very big as it takes up the whole wall. 5. Mr Natty is aimed at older men as it is a more of a maturebrand for a man who knows what style he wants, thereforeMr Natty is the best brand for him as each product is for aspecific look or style, unlike a younger male as they mightstill be experimenting with there hair style and trying newlooks all the time. Also the web site gives you an indicationas to who it is aimed at because it is more of an older style.MR NATTYPOINT OF SALEThis point of sale was in Boots. This is a goodpoint of sale as it holds the products that theyare trying to sell, it clearly shows the brandand the size is good as it is eye level. Alsowhat is good about this point of sale is thedesign because the shape of it ensures a 180degrees view point which means the cover awide range of customers which means it hasmore of a chance of being noticed.This point of sale was in Boots. This pointof sale is good as it shows the product andgives you an opportunity to try theproduct, it holds information on theproduct as well as the cost of the productand the brand. However it doesnt reallyhave any bright colours to drawcustomers in which means it is relying onthe customer to spot the product ratherthan the point of sale drawing thecustomer in. 6. LOreal men expert would be for a wide range of age groups as itappeals to many different needs, for example you can get stylingproducts which would be for a younger male but you can also getproducts for older men such as a face wash or a hair product thatreduces grey hair. Also the website in terms of age group is mutual as itdoesnt really go towards a certain age group and all the models on theweb site ranges from younger men to older men. Because of this theage group would be between early 20s to late 40s.LOREAL MENEXPERTOld spice is a brand more for younger men as in theadverts it has strong men that look like they knowwhat they want and younger men see this and say Iwant to be like that. However the classic version ofold spice could be for 30 years old as they could lookat the adverts and think I want to be young andstrong again and then they would go and buy thisproduct.OLD SPICE 7. Lynxs is mainly aged at younger males because in most of theadverts there are men with attractive girls and then the moral isthat if you wear links that person in the adverts could be you. Thisthen makes the younger males want to buy it as they believe theadvert. So this would be aimed at men from the ages of 13 to 17.also when you are this age you are not worried about gettinggrooming products to help you, for example mensmoisturiser, because you just want to get things that make youlook and smell good which is what links does as many to all ofthere products are to style and give you a sent.LYNXFish is for a more younger generation because of thecolour and type of bottle that they use and also the waythey show that it is a styling product, which most of theyounger generation are concerned with. Yet the waythe web site is laid out more old fashion than the waythe product has been made which gives it a sense that itjoins the young with the old so it could also be aimed ata slightly older male but I do think that the majority ofthe consumer is of the younger generation.FISH 8. Hackett is more of a brand for a man who wants to achieve but also who wants tolook good. The style Hackett sells has got the business feel to it but also can be fora casual meet and greet which I think is that they have done with there malegrooming range. Because of this I feel that it is aimed at men between the ages of20 to 35 as those are the ages where men start undertake new opportunities in lifeand t