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Adult Sunday Bible Study Apprentice Study Womens Spiritual Growth Discovery Class Pastor Daves Bible Study Disciple Bible I Class Finance Class Womens Evening Bible Study Methodism 101 Workshop Workship Service LV Rescue Mission Service Intro to the Bible Workshop and more...

EARLY FALL OPPORTUNITIES DSUMC ADULT ED & MISSIONGet Plugged In through classes, service activities and more!Volume 15 Issue 8 Desert Spring UMC OASIS NEWSLETTER Last Edition September 2013 1

Visit desertspringchurch.com For more information on weekly service times and our event calendar. Office: 702.256.5933



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Desert Spring UMC Purpose: Helping every person find and fulfill Gods purpose for LivingDesert Spring UMC OASIS NEWSLETTER Last Edition September 2013 2

Ephesians 4.12

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As Summer comes to an end and our lives become less focused on fun things like water parks, summer camps and vacations we look more at backpacks, pencils and trapperkeepers...errr, maybe that last one is a little dated. The start of a new school year is always a little scary and also very exciting. Those butterflies are not lost on those just in grade school though. For our church the fall means all of our hard work and planning is beginning to take shape. We have introduced a few new faces to staff, me being one of them, and if VBS was any indication this church is growing! Along with this growth comes new programing, learning opportunities and the blossoming of new ministries. Collectively we have been planning youth group events, setting up sermon series and looking at the next phase of construction of Sunday school classrooms. There is so much to offer and promote at Desert Spring United Methodist Church that we began the summer with a conversation about how it is we communicate everything that is going on. We have a few main ways of getting information and we wondered if these ways are the most effective they could be. It is with that in mind that Desert Spring will also be playing a little back to school of our own. This fall we will be building on many of the strengths of this congregation and enacting a multi-dimensional communication strategy that will encompass our monthly newsletters, flyers and posters, and electronic correspondence. We have already began these efforts by introducing our new website and social media presence but this will also affect our printed newsletters, business cards and logos. One of the most exciting aspects of this communication strategy is that it will involve everyone and will reflect how diverse our congregation is. What does this means for you? First and foremost this change is taking place to make things simple; simple to get information, simple to get involved and simple to share with friends and family. It will also mean greater opportunity to get involved in a creative way. We will be producing videos, taking photos, writing articles and all of this is important as we grow in the community and are more recognized in the valley. As Methodists we are called to equip and deploy disciples of Christ and this will be a vital role in our vision for the church. This fall is a very exciting time for the life of our church and we welcome all to be a part of it. God Bless Christopher Dodge - Devereaux DSUMC Staff Social Media and Communications Specialist


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Last Edition September 2013


The Oasis: The Monthly Newsletter of Desert Spring United Methodist Church http://www.desertspringchurch.com General Email address: desertspringumc@gmail.com Rev. David Devereaux, Senior Pastor: dkdevereaux@hotmail.com Rev. Larry Gerber, Part time Associate Pastor: larrymgerber@yahoo.com Rhonda Reeves, Childrens Ministry Director: dsumcsundayschool@gmail.com Julie Schreiber, Youth Director: julieschreiber69@gmail.com Marilyn Maki, Minister of Prayer: marilynmaki@juno.com Carolyn Wood, Music Director: torch451@embarqmail.com Andrew Devereaux, Hand Bell Director / Wed Worship: Andrew.devereaux8@gmail.com Ann Hardy, Outreach Director: thehardyparty4@yahoo.com Voltaire Verzosa, Accompanist: schimmeL213@embarqmail.com Donna Lawhead, Treasurer: donnavegas10@gmail.com Karen Gunderson, Custodian: desertspringumc@gmail.com Jean Akers, E-News: jmakers67@gmail.com Pnina Solomovici, Nursery/Child Care: desertspringumc@gmail.com Rev. Wayne Brown (retired): pw6771@cox.net, Rev. Art Gafke (retired) agafke@yahoo.com, Rev. Cameron Johnson (retired): camdak@aol.com, Rev. Thomas Mattick: tmattick@me.com, Rev. Phyl Nelson (retired): phylnelson36@hotmail.com, To become a part of the email prayer chain, please contact Linda Chapin at: chapins@cox.net Ph: 702.256.5933 - Fx: 702.256.0085

Dear Renita McElhaney, Thank you for your support with your gifts of service as the DSUMC Staff Oasis Editor since May 05, 2010. Your commitment and organizational skills have been a blessing to me as well as the entire church. We know your talents will still be felt in other missions here at DSUMC. We are blessed by you, - - Shelley Shumaker This September 2013 copy of the Oasis will be the last Oasis issue. Come December 2013 there will be a new quarterly Publication with a new look and purpose!


Last Edition September 2013


Reverend Devereaux is doing a great job in his sermon series teaching us about The Heart of a Methodist. Methodism 101 fills in the blanks and details about how this denomination developed from an Oxford study group becoming the worldwide United Methodist Church of over 11 million people. How is it and why have so many people claimed to be United Methodists? We trace the history of the church from its early beginnings through warts and all until it has become the church it is today. In Methodism 101 we will also look at how the church is organized from the Council of Bishops all the way to the local church. We will take an in-depth look at how Desert Spring UMC is organized and what opportunities are available to be a part of a current ministry or to begin a new ministry that has always been on your heart. We will discuss United Methodist beliefs the things we are confident all United Methodists believe and the things we are still debating. Learn how United Methodism is still evolving and what role you can play as the church prepares the way for the future. Methodism 101 Workshop is offered five times a year with the next class will be September 15, 12:15 - 4:30pm. There will be a light lunch offered in Room 9. Please let me now if you have any questions. Steve Chapin ~ 702.254.8187 or stevechapin@me.com.


Last Edition September 2013


Adult Sunday School 11:00amTime and Schedule Below are Tentative and are Subject to Change Participants Guides will be provided for each class section. Participants may also choose to read along in the book while working through the participants guide. A schedule to read along in the book will be provided with the participants guide. Books can be ordered through Amazon or any other service and the titles of the books are provided below.

Divine ConspiracyStarting: Sunday; September 8, 2013 and ending Sunday; October 13, 2013 Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 9 Book: The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life In God by Dallas Willard Renowned teacher, writer of the acclaimed The Spirit of the Disciplines, and one of todays most brilliant Christian thinkers, Dallas Willard now offers a new six -session DVD study and participants guidea timely and challenging call back to the true meaning of Christian discipleship. Gracefully weaving biblical teaching, popular culture, science, scholarship, and spiritual practice into one cohesive group study, Willard shows Christians everywhere the necessity of making profound changes in how we view our lives and live out our faith. This video -based group study masterfully captures the core of Christs teachings in a fresh, relevant light, revealing a revolutionary way to experience God by knowing Him as an essential part of the here and now, rather than only as a part of the hereafter. Based on the Sermon on the Mount, the author calls Christians into a more authentic faith and then offers a practical plan by which we can answer the call. In light of sales of the groundbreaking print book, thousands of Christians will enroll in Jesus Master Class for Life The Divine Conspiracy. The Divine Conspiracy session titles include: The Divine Conspiracy The Path to a Blessed Life Becoming a Good Person Treasuring What Matters Most Becoming a Community of Prayerful Love Living as a Disciple of Jesus

The Me I Want to BeStarting: Sunday; October 27, 2013, 2013 and ending Sunday; December 8, 2013 (no class during Veterans Day Holiday Weekend or Thanksgiving Weekend) Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 9 Book: The Me I Want to Be: Becoming Gods Best Version of You by John Ortberg If God has a perfect vision for your life, why does spiritual growth seem so difficult? Pastor and bestselling author John Ortberg has som